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Secrecy is More Patriotic?

Liz Cheney joined her parents on a trip to the Middle East in March 2008.

From CNN:

“Liz Cheney is picking up where her father left off when it comes to taking aim at the Obama administration, saying Tuesday the new commander-in-chief appears to be siding with terrorists.”

Later in the piece:

“‘I have heard from families of service members from families of 9/11 victims this question about when did it become so fashionable for us to side, really, with the terrorists,’ she continued. ‘You know, President Obama has a lot of rhetoric about support for American military families, support for our men and women who are fighting for us overseas. But if he really cares about them, then he wouldn’t be making such an effort to release photos that show them in a negative light.'”

What is it with those Cheney’s?  Now Liz Cheney is saying that the Obama administration are terrorist sympathizers.

Are these some sort of orchestrated acts of desperation designed to keep dad out of prison?  I think our main stream media is at fault for even acknowledging the psycho-ramblings of this family.  Enough already.  I don’t care what Dick Cheney or any of his enablers think about anything.  Thank you very much..

iggy donnelly


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