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Friday, 7/20/12, Public Square


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Oops….I did it again!

I have to wonder about this guy.  Is he simply following the latest GOP strategy of claiming to have not been  there so they are not responsible – or is he just stuck on stupid?

Is this strategy working for the GOP ?




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The house on C Street and its secrets

Recently Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Senator John Ensign of Nevada made news with their sexual indiscretions.  The private emails between Sanford and his Argentine mistress, and his childish protestations of finding his soul mate probably kept him in the news longer than a run-of-the-mill affair might have.  The payments from Ensign’s parents did the same favor of keeping him in the news longer.  Then Michael Jackson died and news outlets were distracted by this new bright and shiny object.

Underlying the Ensign affair was news of a C Street House, a Capitol Hill townhouse inhabited by an all-male group of right-wing Republican congressmen belonging to The Fellowship, an evangelical group.

Greater detail about the people and activities of The Fellowship could come from a diary Max Blumenthal tells us about in his piece — The Secret GOP Sex Diary.

While former Rep. Chip Pickering of Mississippi allegedly carried on an extramarital affair with Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd, he recorded details of his exploits in a secret diary, including the dates and locations of his adulterous encounters.

Pickering, a Republican, described several assignations he had with Creekmore Byrd inside the C Street House, a Capitol Hill townhouse inhabited by an all-male group of right-wing Republican congressmen belonging to The Fellowship, an evangelical group, according to a person familiar with the diary’s contents.

And according to a divorce filing by Pickering’s estranged wife, Leisha, the former congressman’s diary reveals the identities of several men who enabled his adulterous trysts and helped him cover his tracks.

After serving 12 years in Congress, he announced his intention not to seek re-election suddenly in August 2007.  Chip Pickering’s wife had announced she would divorce him by the time he resigned from Congress, but her motivation for the divorce was unknown at the time, leaving Pickering’s resignation shrouded in mystery.  When she attempted to introduce her husband’s diary as evidence during a divorce hearing in Mississippi, Pickering’s lawyers demanded Judge Cynthia Lee Brewer keep them under seal.

His affair only came to light when Leisha Pickering sued her husband’s alleged mistress, Creekmore Byrd. Mississippi is one of four states that allow such lawsuits, justifying them on the grounds that sabotaging a marriage represents deliberate interference with a legally binding contract. To represent her, Leisha Pickering has tapped two high-powered local lawyers who are both former state Supreme Court justices.

A source close the case told me the judge presiding over the lawsuit could rule to make the Pickering diary public, thereby voiding Brewer’s decision in the divorce court. So long as the judge’s decision is pending, the diary represents a ticking time bomb—with the potential to rock corridors of conservative power from Jackson, Mississippi, to C Street in Washington.

Stay tuned!  This diary kept by one of the C Street adulterers could shed much light on The Fellowship. We may yet learn many more details about this C Street house, the people there and the activities they keep so secret.



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The BIG difference in Democrats and Republicans

OK, ONE of the big differences — there are many!

Democrats are human and accept that every other person is human also. This means we know we say and do things that are wrong and we regret them, we pay the price, however high. But we don’t act like we’re above other people, we aren’t hypocritical because we know humans fail and make poor choices, act downright stupid and get caught.

Ensign AffairHere’s Senator John Ensign (R-NV) admitting his adultery. Oh, he was sad and he was sorry. Probably really sorry that his lover’s husband was going to go public unless Ensign paid him not to. But here’s the deal — Ensign has been very outspoken and his actions and his words make him not just human, not just stupid, but a hypocrite!

He called for President Bill Clinton to resign because of his affair, saying, “He has no credibility left.”

“Marriage is the cornerstone on which our society was founded,” Ensign proclaimed from the Senate floor. “For those who say that the Constitution is so sacred that we cannot or should not adopt the Federal Marriage Amendment, I would simply point out that marriage, and the sanctity of that institution, predates the American Constitution and the founding of our nation. It predates the founding of our nation and even the landing at Plymouth Rock. Marriage, as a social institution, predates every other institution on which ordered society in America and the world as a whole, has relied, including even the church itself.”

Ensign concluded, “It is not right to mold marriage to fit the desires of a few, against the wishes of so many, and to ignore the important role of marriage.”

I could find many other examples of this human being who thought he was so special and so above other human beings. I could nudge our memory of Gingrich who was conducting his own liaison while blurting out stupidities. In fact, we could list examples of Republican hypocrisy all day long.

The big question in my mind is — Will they ever learn? Will they ever even recognize that they are humans, less than perfect, and karma really will bite them in the butt!?



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