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deport bring back


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illegals or refugees


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white babies


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republicans have no clue


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Illegal Immigration……………………


There are probably few topics that get more people hopping mad than the issue of illegal immigration. The recent “Stop and show me your papers!” law in Arizona has thrust the debate to center ice. There are critics of the law on both sides of the aisle, as well as supporters both red and blue.

Everyone, it seems, has a “solution” for the problem, some rational and some clearly idiotic. Estimates of the number of illegals in country range from official estimates of 10.8 – 12 million to insanely inflated totals of 30 million or more.

Solutions for dealing with those that are already here range from total amnesty to a mind-boggling round ’em up and bus them to Mexico, as if that were practical or all are Mexican nationals, for that matter.

Ideas regarding  border security include such thoughts as landmines, fences – real and virtual, machine gun nests, calling out the National Guard or the Army  and armed patrols of citizens.

There is no question that illegal immigration is a serious problem and it seems that damned near everyone has their own thoughts on the possible solutions.

These are mine……………………………………………………………………….

One, put some serious teeth into the penalties for knowingly hiring illegal workers. Teeth, as in “buckle-your-knees” jail time.

Two, provide a date certain by which those already in country,  for at least a year, can apply for and and receive for a Green Card without repercussion. At that time, they could begin the process of applying for citizenship under current rules.

Three, national ID cards, if there is a way to make them counterfeit proof.

Four, after that date certain, anyone found to be in country illegally would summarily deported to their country of origin.

Five, allow our president to use every option available to our military to protect our borders as he or she deems necessary.

Those are my thoughts. The pot is boiling and the lid is about to be blown off. What are your thoughts?

William Stephenson Clark


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A look to the future

Political scientist Alan Abramowitz has written an interesting piece on demography and politics. Briefly summarized, usually the Republicans win among white voters, although the margin varies from year to year, but Democrats always win the nonwhite vote in a landslide.

Projections out to 2020 are fairly accurate because anyone who will be of voting age in 2020 was born in 2002 or later and those data are known. In addition, if immigration continues unabated, the percentage of nonwhites is only likely to increase because many of the immigrants are legal and nonwhite and they tend to become citizens 5-10 years after arrival.

The Republicans’ base of (older) white voters is shrinking and the Democrats base of (younger) nonwhite voters is growing. This means that unless the Republicans can figure out how to capture a larger piece of the nonwhite vote, they have a big problem coming up. And poll after poll has shown that the Republicans main policy positions–lower taxes and smaller government–are extremely unpopular with nonwhite voters, who want a larger, more activist government. If the Republicans don’t change their policies, they are unlikely to pickup many new voters in the nonwhite demographic, but if they do change their policies, they may alienate their base. If they win big in 2010, as seems likely now, they may fall into a trap of thinking they are doing the right thing and just continue doing it, when the real reason for a possible big win in 2010 is the historical near-certainty of the voters being disappointed with the Party in charge.


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