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This deals with before 9-11 and before 12-25-09, the efforts and mindset of both that were present.
Not so much blame, as much as the efforts and the outcomes.


The Clinton administration did take the threat posed by Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda seriously.
Devoting resources and man power to it and suffered opposition from the Pentagon and CIA.
The President asked the Pentagon for a plan of action against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.
But was told it would take a large military response involving several hundred thousand troops and a full fledge invasion. While President Clinton wanted a small surgical strike and capture.

The CIA did not want to put human assets into Afghanistan and refused to have a CIA operation similar to a military strike also saying it would take far too much manpower then was reasonable to do.

One of the problems faced by Clinton was that without human assets the reports that were received would be dated. Reports of Bin Laden’s where about would come in generally days later then where he was on the date. Cruse missiles would take over an hour for the gyros to spin up to be used.

And Bin Laden never stayed in one place long enough to use the cruse missile on.

Clinton always wanted to have a small surgical strike on Bin Laden but got objections from the military and the CIA.

The task force assigned to Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda did an advisory that was presented to the newly elected G. W. Bush in August of 2001. Warning that there were indications of a plan to attack the United States homeland. That the increased chatter was systematic of a growing threat and of it being in the near future.

It also indicated a focus on commercial aviation, though not a specific threat.
No one actually saw the happenings of 9-11 or that the focus was using planes as weapons.
They saw the likelihood use of a bomb or highjacking within the U.S. Continue reading


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The Dept of Homeland Security, Sans Confusion, Anxiety and Fear?

napolitano2[2]Janet Napolitano, Head of the Dept of Homeland Secuity, on Wednesday said, “For too long, we’ve treated the public as a liability to be protected rather than as an asset in our nation’s collective security.  This approach, unfortunately, has allowed confusion, anxiety and fear to linger.”  Well, Janet, your points are exactly 100% true.  Do you not get that sowing confusion, anxiety and fear was the express purpose of the Dept of Homeland Security.  George and Dick had a good thing going with this schtick, too.  They won the presidency in 2004 after allowing the worst attack in history on American soil.  They won that contest by convincing voters that they would be better at keeping America safe.

So, you’re talking about educating U.S. citizens on recognizing terrorism precusors, working with foreign governments in processing their intelligence data, and improving the communication among local and federal law enforcement in this country.  All that sounds good, but what about this self-defeating plan of reducing confusion, anxiety, and fear?  Do you need a job, or not?



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