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Friday, 9/15/17, Public Square



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Saturday, 7/22/17, Public Square



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Saturday, 7/15/17, Public Square

things we can afford


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Saturday, 6/1/13, Public Square

nra logic


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Monday, 8/13/12. Public Square


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The Partisan Divide

I hear the terms ‘center-right,’ and ‘center-left’ often.  Without settling the argument of which describes America’s populace, let’s say the common denominator is ‘center.’  Are most Americans political philosophies at the center?  It would seem not!  It would seem Americans are ready for their Party to be truly conservative or liberal — none of this middle of the road stuff.

Are we moving toward an even greater divide?  If we acknowledge the gridlock now and elect members of Congress who are more conservative and / or liberal will less be accomplished?

What did the results of the contests yesterday tell you?


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Is Healthcare Delayed, Healthcare Denied?

A large healthcare insurer in Kansas started taking payments for healthcare January 1st.  The only problem is that healthcare benefit cards won’t be available until late January.  The insurer is asking that one talk with one’s doctor about not filing any claims until the insured has a card.  It is possible that one will be charged for the services and later reimbursed.  I think the company has taken a page out of the old segregationist plan that was summarized with the old saying “Justice delayed, is justice denied”.  I think most people like me will put off care until after the card is received – and I think that was the intentioned plan by the company.

Are healthcare recipients becoming the chattel of the 21st century?


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Close to a Record Tonight…

cheney_short_of_breath[1]Given that we are close to beating a record, thanks to the very great work of one fnord, I have a poll shamelessly devoted to that goal:  Would you bloggers rather 1) see Dick “Darth” Cheney violently sodomized by an angry alien, or 2) all U.S. citizens having healthcare?  One or two?

Love you all…


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Catholics Against Health-Care Nuts…

kubrick2-9910[1]Dr. Strangelove and opinionated Catholics are kind of a troubling combination.  Are they not?

Well maybe not, opinionated Catholics contend differently.

The OC folk think that getting healthcare reform passed as soon as possible is the way to go.  Their site says:

“There seems to be a line of logic that those that have concerns over health care reform should be engaged. In fact we have even been treated to the spectacle of some United States Senators (who on our side) saying that those that have such concerns are SANE AMERICANS.

“Thankfully this counterproductive pandering to the mob that represents what is worse in America (Click here for pictures of the usual suspects) is still a minority approach. Rep. John Dingell does the Lord’s work in reminding us that Health Care reform opponents are like Klan & White Supremacists. We must never forget who we are dealing with. As Rep. Brian Baird (D., Wash.) so well puts it Health-Care Opponents remind him of Tim McVeigh.

See the site here.

iggy donnelly – btw, Dr. Strangelove is one of my all time favorite movies…


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Obama on Healthcare: “A Moral Imperative”

I think few  people would disagree that having healthcare options for all Americans is good social policy.  The AMA might disagree, but they represent very few people, actually,  and we must remember that.

President Obama is insistent that health care reform include a “public insurance option”; not that he wants the government to take over healthcare, but instead he wants the involvement of a public player to help lower costs.  See this politico article for more information.

There will be an incredible amount of resistence to Obama’s plan.  I think he expects that.

The current system is broken.  Let us try other things.

iggy donnelly


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Sick Kids and Parents with No Paid Time-Off

This article in The Nation indicates that 9 of 10 employees in “food handling” positions do not have paid sick leave from their jobs.  The salaries for these jobs are not such that workers can easily afford unpaid days off to care for their sick children.

Obama has recently encouraged parents to keep their kids home if it is necessary because of the flu epidemic, but is not time to at least think about employment benefits that will make such good advice doable for working poor employees?

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