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Opposing health care reform plans

The GOP Health Care Reform Bill

The President’s Proposal for Health Care Reform

So these are the two proposals that have been posted online for your perusal.  The Health Care Summit scheduled for this Thursday (two days hence) begins with these ideas.

Where will health care reform end up?  Will the American people benefit?


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The consequences

President Obama left his signature domestic policy in the hands of Congress, and now he is facing the consequences.  From the outset of his presidency, Obama invited Congress to devise the details of health care reform legislation — an apparent bid to avoid what happened when President Clinton tried to overhaul health care 17 years ago.

Leaving it to Congress put an unusually glaring spotlight on how Capitol Hill does business. The spectacle of Congress’ horse-trading, secrecy and gridlock has fueled today’s virulent anti-Washington mood. The public’s reaction was all the greater because Obama had campaigned on a promise to change the way Washington did business, and because health care reform engendered such personal high hopes and anxiety. Continue reading


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