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BOO! Haunted Kansas!


A house is never silent in darkness

to those who listen intently;

there is a whispering in distant chambers,

and earthly hand presses the snib of the window,

the latch rises.

Ghosts were created when the first man

woke in the night.

— James Matthew Barrie, “The Little Minister”

How can one go through life in Kansas without remembering waking up in the middle of the night, sweat streaming down our face, goose bumps mountainous on pale skin and fearing the ghosts of those long lost rising from the depths to claim our shivering souls? The forbidden space under the bed, where evil demons lie in wait for an unsuspecting, innocent soul to place an easily snatched foot on the floor; the closet door that opens into another dimension, where the most vile of creatures hide amongst  the clothes, hoping we forget to close the door, thus feeding their insatiable hunger for us, who lie in uneasy sleep on our safe, warm beds.  Mom said, “Here’s some warm milk; it’ll help you sleep.” But you knew it was really a poisoned potion made to paralyze you, making it easier for nightmarish entities to lift you up and deposit you on some obscure island, with hooded creatures lifting enormous, razor sharp, knives to sacrifice you to Unknown, and long forgotten, Gods.

Atchison, Kansas, has the reputation of being the states most haunted town. The Glick Mansion, pictured here, is just one of many places one can visit there. A trip to the town is guaranteed to elicit nights with the light on and the closet door firmly shut.


Sleep well, my friends . . . . muahahahahahaha!!!



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