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Wednesday, 11/18/09, Public Square

What makes a friend worthy of the name?

Not asking you to place the friendship before your principles.  A true friend won’t ask you to compromise your principles in the name of your friendship or anything else.  Ever.

A good influence.  A true friend inspires you to live up to your best potential, not to indulge your basest drives.

What do you bloggers think makes a friend?  History?  Common values?  Common interests?  Is it true you need to be the friend you want to have?  How important is friendship?



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Monday, 08/10/09, Public Square

9Do you push yourself, try to discover a little more about what you’re good at?  How about other people — do you try harder to find out something new about them, learn what they value, what their challenges are, how you might be a better friend?

How was your weekend?  Are you ready to start a new week?



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