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Saturday, 6/7/24, Public Square

Something terribly wrong here

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The Essential Libertarian Fallacy…

I think free market competition is great for producing the best computers, but I am not so sure it is the answer for everything.  This interesting blogger thinks that the “availability bias error” is what leads Libertarians astray in understanding the issues at stake: “Because the shrinkage of government is an end unto itself for them, they assume the expansion of government is an end unto itself for liberals. Liberals are just libertarians, but backwards, and without the ‘rtarian.'”

Yes, give me computers and flat screen TVs that have been improved by free market conditions.  But, let’s be reasonable and question if unregulated free-market dynamics can give us optimal [for consumers] housing markets, day care for pre-schoolers, care for the elderly, and health care for the rest of us? 

Please folks, put your thinking caps on.  It is not difficult…



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