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Write letters — to incredible kids!

Last week I learned that the third Thursday in March — the 18th this year — is set aside as “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day.”  Camp Fire USA began this annual, award-winning, national call to action, asking adults to write letters of love, encouragement and inspiration to the children of America.  What a worthwhile idea!  At their website (linked above) Camp Fire USA gives letter-writing tips and encouragement on this day set aside to offer positive reinforcement to the incredible kid(s) you know!


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Saturday, 08/15/09, Public Square

encouragement002I’m not going to let the turkeys get me down!  The Democratic Party has the votes to get meaningful health-care reform done!  I suppose even President Obama must be discouraged by all the hateful misinformation, all those fighting against what would prove to be best even for them.  OK, I think we can, I think we can…  Let’s help each other stay positive and get to the point we can say, “I know we can!”

Big plans for the weekend?  Those with school age children are getting everything together for the big day.



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