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Monday, 6/11/12, Public Square


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One Year Later, Results Of Stimulus

A year later, the economy is working again. But millions of Americans are not.

Private economists largely agree the stimulus has helped to cushion the recession’s blow.  But the general public is not convinced.  A poll by the Pew Research Center found more people think Obama’s policies have worsened the economy than made it better.   And Republican lawmakers, who almost unanimously opposed the stimulus, happily encourage those doubts.  In fact, those Republican lawmakers are fine with encouraging the lie that the stimulus bailed out banks and insurance companies.

Here’s what the stimulus bill included:

  • Largest item —  $116 billion — tax cuts for workers
  • Aid to states — $87.1 billion — Medicaid and Education
  • Cover alternative-minimum taxes — $69.8 billion — benefited middle-income Americans
  • Extend unemployment benefits — $35.8 billion
  • Bridge and road construction — $27.5 billion
  • Extend COBRA to unemployed and their families –$25.1 billion
  • Food assistance to low-income Americans — $20.9 billion
  • Expanded child tax credit — $14.4 billion
  • Aid to seniors and disabled veterans — $14.4 billion

The above items account for 60% of the stimulus spending!  Most of the remaining stimulus spending was for business tax cuts, Pell grants for college students, public transportation systems, upgrades to the electric grid.

States are having difficulties balancing their budgets, but imagine the difficulties they would have faced without the stimulus spending.  Teachers kept their jobs.  America didn’t sink into a depression.  Seldom is credit given for what didn’t happen, but think long and hard about how much has been prevented and how much has been improved in the space of just one year!  When President Obama took office the recession was already more than a year old!  Before he took office the only bailouts that had been given were to insurance companies and banks.


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Goal: Students leave high school “college or career ready”

Obama Wants ‘No Child Left Behind’ Overhauled

The president will seek to change the way schools are judged as successes or failures and will eliminate the law’s 2014 deadline for bringing every single American student to academic proficiency. Sources say he’ll seek to replace the law’s binary pass-fail accountability system with one that divides schools into more nuanced categories, and that he’d replace the 2014 deadline, which Education Secretary Arne Duncan has called a “utopian goal,” with the goal of having all students leave high school “college or career ready.”

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