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Thursday, 09/03/09, Public Square

kindness_isKindness breeds kindness. Every act of kindness builds you up, strengthens relationships, and adds value to the group.

“Nice” is when you are polite to someone in person, but you may criticize them behind their back. “Kind” is when you treat people with respect and compassion regardless of who they are and what they do. Kindness includes empathy and care. Kindness is not something you give to people who deserve it. Kindness is a mindset that you choose and develop. You either express it or you don’t. Being kind to another person is a statement about you, not about them.



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Friday, 05/29/09 Public Square


A commitment to all who blog here:  at Prairie P & P’s we find the above cartoon sad beyond description.  If you found it funny or identified with it, this blog won’t be a place you’ll enjoy.

Tell us what you’re thinking, what you’re wondering about.



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