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Wednesday, 11/25/09, Public Square

“Cardinal, give the rack a turn!”  Have a great day and as much fun as you can manage.  🙂



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Where was Michael Moore’s Gift?

041298earn-michael-moore.1[1]I saw  Michael Moore’s Capitalism:  A Love Story this evening.  It was not my favorite Moore film in any way. 

Michael Moore’s gift is his  ability to see the comedy, and extract it out of, any tragedy.  He was unable to do that with this movie.  Or, as a reasonable alternate hypothesis, there is just nothing funny about our current national tragedy.

A touching moment of the film was when Michael and his dad visited the remains of the factory where the elder Moore worked.  It was a nice reminiscing journey for both of them.  Kinda felt like one of those “good moments” with one’s own family.

There was depressing scene after depressing scene of people being unfairly dislodged from their homes.  Moore even found a U.S. Representative willing to encourage people to break the law by staying in the homes they can no longer afford.

I recommend the film not because of the light-hearted moments (there were none of those for me), but because of our duty to face what we have become as a Korporate-Kontrolled-Kapitalist nation.



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