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Truthful or Agenda Driven?

Does Joan Walsh have a point about these unnamed sources?   Is this another book that is clearly one of those that people will see what they want to see and disregard those parts that don’t fit their personal agenda?




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Harold Meyerson: Obama in the Failed Liberal President Group?

Harold Meyerson reviews the liberal Democratic presidencies of the 20th century.  He finds two who succeded (Roosevelt and Johnson) and two who failed (Carter and Clinton).  (Read the editorial here.)  The primary difference between the two categories is that under Roosevelt and Johnson there were influencial movements on the left, whereas this was not true during the Carter and Clinton terms.  In fact, especially under Clinton, there were successful right-leaning movements.

Can a left movement be created that will benefit Obama.  That is not clear and the mechanisms of h0w these movements start and develop is not clear either.

Maybe Obama is correct it is more up to us than we had believed before.  What say you all?



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Rewarding Kim Jong Il’s behavior?

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton (R) meeting with North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il (L) in Pyongyang
By meeting with Kim Jong Il, and negoiating the release of American journalists, did former president, Bill Clinton,  reward Kim Jong Il’s misbehavior?  If you think “yes”, tell us why;  same request to those of you who think “no”.  Shades of grey will be tolerated and read as well.
Thanks, all
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