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Sarah the Instant-Pundit Urges Obama to Boycott Copenhagen

I swear, Palin is posting under a nickname on the WEBlog.  If one reads her rants about the “Climate-gate Emails” – one can’t help but wonder if several conservative posters at the WEBlog are her ghost writers.

I know conservatives complain that global climate change folk are frightened “Henny Pennys”.  I think what is much more frightening is that Palin has been given a national stage to spew her stupidity.  Exhibit One:  This WashPo Editoral.

Just to clarify, I am not here to stifle the free speech rights of one Sarah Palin, rather I am here to encourage their expression.  Despite her best intentions, Palin has done more for the adoption of informed policies than any Republican in a long, long time.



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Republicans counting on Climate Change Bill to save them

Renewable environmentRepublicans have long ago given up having ideas or solutions of their own, and set their fortunes on the Democratic Party messing up badly enough that voters will turn to them. Yesterday when the global warming energy legislation narrowly passed the House, the GOP members began chanting, ““B.T.U., B.T.U.” and seemed almost in a celebratory mood. Always the Party to look backward instead of forward, they are counting on 1993.

According to an article in The New York Times, Friday’s vote will be the ‘way back’ for the Republican Party.

“House Democrats, in the early months of the Clinton administration, reluctantly backed a proposed B.T.U. tax — a new levy on each unit of energy consumed — only to see it ignored by the Senate and seized as a campaign issue by Republicans, who took control of the House the next year. A lot of Democrat members got burnt on that vote,” warned Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the House Republican leader, who called the climate change measure the defining vote of this, the 111th, Congress.”


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New Climate Change Report Alarming

imagesA new report from federal scientists does not mince words in demanding action on climate change. Though the info in the report, titled “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States,” is nothing new, the size of the report, its timing, and the clear language used are all notable, The Washington Post reports. “Climate change over this century will challenge the ability of society and natural systems to adapt,” the report says, which was released as Congress begins to consider a bill that would include drastic measures such as the first national cap on emissions.



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Ken Salazar, Interior Secretary, don’t ignore science, please!

polar bearPolar bears are in danger of becoming extinct, and the reason for this is the alarmingly fast melting of sea ice in the Arctic, and when you know that the reason the ice is melting is because of climate change, you can’t just keep ignoring science.

Sadly, that’s what happened under the Bush administration.

Now we’ve got President Obama and he understands and wants to address protecting our environment, right?  Well, evidently not!  Here’s what his new guy, Ken Salazar, says:

“We must do all we can to help the polar bear recover, recognizing that the greatest threat to the polar bear is the melting of Arctic sea ice caused by climate change,” Salazar said in a statement. “However, the Endangered Species Act is not the proper mechanism for controlling our nation’s carbon emissions. Instead, we need a comprehensive energy and climate strategy that curbs climate change and its impacts — including the loss of sea ice. Both President Obama and I are committed to achieving that goal.”

Is he saying something like, “We know what the problem is, and we know this is a vehicle for making those changes happen sooner rather than later, but we’re not going to take it.   We’ll find some other way, somewhere down the road.  Some day.”

There are going to have to be rules and reform.  I’m truly disappointed!



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Cicadas: Latest Evidence for Climate Change

Since I know that many of you are missing the inane arguments from the other place, I thought I would do my civic duty and report on what the Cicadas are saying.  They, according to this scientist, are thinking that their underground homes are getting too hot and they are leaving them early.  This has been a consistent pattern and attributed by this scientist as more evidence of climate change.


More information here.

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Planet Earth: Too Big to Fail

Some thoughts from The Nation that you won’t see on the other blog.



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