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Chris Hughes: Obama’s “Internet Man”


Twenty-five year old, Chris Hughes, who helped develop the sensation site, Facebook, was also the person Obarack Obama called his “Internet Man.”

During the campaign he worked on the general website, but his biggest contribution came in his networking site My.BarackObama.com, or MyBO for short.  MyBO allowed supporters to organize meet-ups, form 35,000 groups, post 400,000 blogs, and raise $30 million with personal fund-raising pages.

Obama was not available to comment on this article, but the ever present campaign manager, David Plouffe, noted “We were very lucky that Chris gravitated to the campaign early.”  The importance of social networking took on new meaning after the campaign’s loss to Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.  Plouffe continues, “We were there to support the people, but that simply would not have been possible if we did not have a set of online tools that enabled us to do that.  It wan’t just a tactic.  Chris made that possible.”

Chris was the developer that made Facebook “work”.  His role there was described as “part anthopologist, part customer service rep, and part media spokesperson.

For more info read the article linked above.

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