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My Father’s Apparent CVA…

Well, it has not been a good year for me, or for those I love.   I think my father has had a stroke.  He seems frozen in a time where what he believes to be true, is no longer true.  As an example to the foregoing, my mother’s older brother was my father’s best friend in high school.  He had difficulty believing my mother and me when today (02/25/10) we told him this relative died over ten years ago.  He had difficulty believing us when he brought him up to date on the fate of several relatives.

I am grateful that he his not mean or angry like many people get when told such things by their families.  My dad seems to have a recognition that he is not doing real well right now.  It is odd, and I am not sure why I thought so, but I always believed my father would be around to take care of my mother, not the other way around.  Statistically, the foregoing would seem unlikely – but, I thought it would be true, none the less…



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