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Evangelicals in Mexico? Watch Out Virgin Mother!

I was accosted tonight by one of the most aggressive door-to-door marketeers I have yet experienced.  She was a young, attractive hispanic woman who had a very noticable accent and she was trying to get me to take various “books” she had, which looked more like Oprah Magazines than anything else.  These books would be given to me for a donation that I would make to help her “school”.  I declined several times and her last pitch was that she wanted to pray with me.  I declined that, too.

As this McClatchy article indicates there has been a troubling time for the Catholic Church in Mexico.  More young people are drawn to evangelical worship services which feature more music and, let’s face it, are more fun.

From the above article: Eduardo Dominguez, a 23-year-old college student who acknowledges the attraction of evangelical Protestantism even though he’s reluctant to sever his ties with the Catholic Church.

Eduardo elaborates:  “I would never change my religion because of the tradition of my family and my culture,” he said, “but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized there are a lot of things in Catholicism that I don’t agree with. For instance, it’s very conservative, and instead of focusing on God and worship, a lot of things end up becoming political and about money.”

Hey Eduardo, Dude, the Evangelical church got real big in this country the last 8 years and “a lot of things ended up becoming about politics and money.”  Sorry, Dude, you haven’t found a winner, yet…


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Is Bigotry a Sin?

Greetings, all:

I know that I am somewhat fixated on this God-stuff, and I apologize for that… But, is racism/bigotry a sin?

My darling and precious spouse, who is a recovering Catholic, is certain that bigotry is sinful.  Being a Catholic, she knows little about the Bible – they let priests and other experts be responsible for the answers to those questions [which may not be true, and a reflection of my own bigotry]  –  so, she is unable to provide Biblical support for this assertion of hers.

I am no Biblical scholar by any measure, but I am sure that the Bible is silent on this subject.

My question:  Is bigotry a sin – not necessarily acts, but thoughts?

Thanks for your help & peace be with you…


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