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The Palinite Putsch?

sarah_palin_5[1]Eugene Robinson comments in his column today that recently there has been some good news and some bad news for the GOP.  The good news is that with tea bag parties, the base has been riled up and they are active.  The bad news is 1) the base is too small to pull off any national or many regional election victories, and 2) the far right led by such rightwing stars as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are helping the GOP cannibalize their own.

A state congressional district election in a solidly Republican part of Upstate New York, elected a Democrat Bill Owens.  This occurred because rightwing GOP operatives ran, their candidate, Dede Scozzafava, out of the race due to her unacceptable positions on gay rights and abortion.  Erick Erickson [not the famous psychoanalyst, but instead with the conservative RedState.com] said, “This is a huge win for conservatives. . . . We did exactly what we set out to do — crush the establishment-backed GOP candidate.”

Here is to hoping for more “huge wins” like that for the GOP.

Speaking of “huge”, I have heard [Not that I have any first hand knowledge…] that there are a number internet porn actresses posing as Sarah Palin-like characters.  The above photo [I don’t know if it was photo-shopped] helps me see why this phenomenon might be happening.  I am no expert on such matters, but if that image wasn’t photo-shopped, those have to be fake.


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