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“Conservative” vs. “Mainstream” Media

Politico published this story on the differences in coverage between mainstream media and Fox News.  Notably, Glen Beck indicates that Fox News had from beginning to resignation 51 stories on Van Jones, while CNN had 9 stories, MSNBC had 2 and the New York Times had 1.  On the ACORN corruption case (where ACORN advised reporters posing as a prostitute and pimp on how to avoid housing laws) Fox reported on it 133 times, CNN 90 times, MSNBC 10 and ABC 2 times.

Major network spokespersons indicate that they have to be more selective when filling 20+ minutes of time as opposed to cable’s 24 hours.  It was noteworthy to me on how the many conservative posters on the BTSNBN knew about the ACORN story while I had not not heard anything about it.  I don’t have cable and when I spent three nights in a motel with cable recently, I was exposed to cable news.  I think my quality of life would suffer if I had to listen to that crap more often.



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