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Thursday, 4/14/16, Public Square

not bigoted


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Friday, 10/16/15, Public Square

replace boehner


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Sunday, 4/26/15, Public Square

racial prejudice


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8 New Ways You Might Be Mentally Ill

dsm_ivLast week the American Psychiatric Association held their annual meeting in San Francisco.  One of the topics discussed was an upcoming revision of a book titled, “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.”  It was originally published in 1952 and is revised about once a decade.  This “bible” for the mental health industry has been translated into 13 languages and is recognized around the world as the authoritative text on mental health.  Some of the new “mental illnesses” under consideration for the next revision have been leaked, and are described here.

They got me on Internet Addiction.  No question.  I am fnord and I …

There are a couple of new mental illnesses I smiled about. Embitterment Disorder and Pathological Bias.  As if the Republicans didn’t already have enough problems!  Now the whole bunch needs treatment for these new mental illnesses!  Oh, and on that Pathological Bias — some are saying if bigotry makes the cut for the new DSM, it could have profound implications for our justice system, sparking more defense-attorney tactics that begin with, “Your Honor, my client suffers from…”



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Is Bigotry a Sin?

Greetings, all:

I know that I am somewhat fixated on this God-stuff, and I apologize for that… But, is racism/bigotry a sin?

My darling and precious spouse, who is a recovering Catholic, is certain that bigotry is sinful.  Being a Catholic, she knows little about the Bible – they let priests and other experts be responsible for the answers to those questions [which may not be true, and a reflection of my own bigotry]  –  so, she is unable to provide Biblical support for this assertion of hers.

I am no Biblical scholar by any measure, but I am sure that the Bible is silent on this subject.

My question:  Is bigotry a sin – not necessarily acts, but thoughts?

Thanks for your help & peace be with you…


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