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Anthony Adams: A Case-Study of the “GOP Soul Identity Disorder”

Case-studies are not useful for evaluating theories, but they are quite good tools for illustrating a particular problem.  The recall effort directed against Assemblyman Anthony Adams is an illustration of what I am calling the “GOP Soul Identity Disorder”.  Adams went against a pledge to never raise taxes by voting for a tax increase given the unique budgetary problems faced by California.

The GOP purists in California Republic pounced on Adams for his vote like a duck on a June bug.  Supposedly 58,000 signatures were obtained to start Adams’ recall.  Later, many of those signatures were called into question, temporarily halting the recall action.

In this WashPo article one commentator opines that not even Ronald Reagan could win election in California today due to the demands of the far right purists.

Where will the soul of the GOP wind up after this interesting journey?  Share your thoughts, please…


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