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Addiction: Disease or Choice?

addiction[1]Dr. Somov grapples with the question as to whether addiction is a disease or a choice.  He summarizes his position by saying:

“The key humanistic challenge of recovery from substance use and other compulsive spectrum disorders is the Recovery of one’s Sense of Freedom to Choose, to act freely, to determine one’s behavior, and to control the controllable aspects of one’s life.”

This discussion keeps recurring it seems to me.  I have always wondered what is wrong with the position that addiction is a disease AND a choice.  Is it not useful to arrive at the position of:  “If I continue this behavior it will become out of control (as it has many times before), thus the correct course is to choose not to use and to pursue what I need to recover from my illness.”

Dr. Somov later states: “Open your mind to the possibility that you are not sick with an incurable disease – but just stuck in ineffective coping.”

I think this argument is a false dichotomy, but I would enjoy hearing the views of others…  I would tend to speculate that with addictions that have not had a chronic course, Dr. Somov’s approach may have merit.  Data would be useful in clarifying this, though.



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