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A Celebration of Life for Steven

I am reposting this as a reminder for some of you, that like me, tend to be a little forgetful. Fnord will be off to the land of blue-bloods and yachts for a bit, but she assures me that the exposure to the upper-crust of society won’t change her and she will be ready for an invasion of Pop Bloggers. See you on the 12th!

Remember, attendance is mandatory!

Okay, it’s a bit more than a month, but Fnord has to attend some wedding thingie in Boston (lame excuse) and there are other commitments I have in the weeks proceeding.

So, mark your calendars:

June 12th – a Celebration of Life for Steven. Two PM.

Griffin and Fnord have graciously volunteered (?) to host this event at their home.  It is going to be a hella party to honor Steven.

Be prepared!

I will be bringing a couple of slabs of my world-famous ribs and a pot of my even more famous Smoked Scrapyard Baked Beans.

Attendance is mandatory – that means you, Roxie and Pondy! If you fail to show up, we will hunt you down and drag you to the celebration. You cannot hide from the “evil liberals!” Liberals are very violent, don’t cha’  know!

Please contact me at with questions, directions, comments or whatever.

Also, please note on this thread what you will be bringing. If you can’t bring anything, that’s cool, too. Everyone knows that liberals are socialists and we SHARE.

Be prepared to laugh, cry and sing.

And stuff your face!

We all will.

William Stephenson Clark


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Who paid for this?

If you drive along I-35 in Wyoming, Minnesota, you might see a billboard with a picture of George W. Bush and the words, “Miss Me Yet?”

No one seems to know who paid to put up the billboard, but guesses range from some person or group who isn’t thrilled by President Barack Obama’s performance so far, to it being a more ironic message from those who didn’t think too much of Bush and want to remind voters about him.



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I’ve seen it all now…….

Is this really what our society has come to need?  Do we value actual connection to another living human being or are we content to fill our need for companionship with  something like this?  Is there a real need for this product, as  some in the article suggest?  Maybe it is just me or I am truly changing into my mother and grandmother’s generation.  But I guess I could see some people needing this product.  It’s probably the only action some CONS will ever see. – LOL



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Rewarding Kim Jong Il’s behavior?

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton (R) meeting with North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il (L) in Pyongyang
By meeting with Kim Jong Il, and negoiating the release of American journalists, did former president, Bill Clinton,  reward Kim Jong Il’s misbehavior?  If you think “yes”, tell us why;  same request to those of you who think “no”.  Shades of grey will be tolerated and read as well.
Thanks, all
iggy donnelly


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The Lost Works of L. Ron Hubbard in Wichita?

L. Ron Hubbard lived in Wichita, KS from approximately 1950 to 1952.  Hubbard was invited to our fair city by a wealthy oilman whom had sought out Hubbard’s “therapy”.  Hubbard came to believe that this oil man wanted to take ownership of “Dianetics” – the original work that started Scientology. I hear word that wealthy Scientologists are very interested in knowing where L. Ron lived during his Wichita years because there are persistent rumors among them that undiscovered work may still be in Wichita.  I would think finding out where Hubbard lived would be fairly easy to determine.

Who knows, maybe some entreprenuer could type up some seriously strange drivel on an old Remington type writer and walk off with some serious cash. 🙂


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spooky2 Imagine walking down the road at night: moon hidden behind black, shape-shifting clouds that give you a fleeting glimpse of the creatures so evil, the very thought of them is enough to stop a beating heart. Once in a while the clouds part just enough to let a sliver of moonlight through, winged serpents silently screech and jet away, looking for darker places.  The lone tree, sitting in the middle of the just burnt field, entices you with its empty branches, which move as if by a lovers spirit, and yet there is no wind. The rustle of something large moving through the weeds next to the road; the sound of a small creature, crying out as the crunch of tiny bones reach your ear. You wonder whether you should stand still, or run for your life.

And then the lights show up. The Hornet Spook Lights. The lights that have been mystifying those who have had the fortune to see them since 1866, long before the automobile ever traversed that corner of Missouri.         

Roughly twelve miles Southwest of Joplin Missouri lies a paved road, about four miles long, and in the middle of nowhere. It’s near the old border village of Hornet. Walk, or drive, down this road at certain times and one, if lucky, will see the Hornet spook light, also called the Seneca Light, Devil Light and Indian Light, among others. People have myriad tales of the light. People like Dr. George W. Ward, who investigated the light in 1945. He spotted a large bright light, six to eight feet across, moving toward the group he was with. As it got closer, George locked himself in his car and drove away, never to return again.

When I first moved to Joplin many moons ago, a lady I was seeing told me about them. I scoffed, and told her I wasn’t born yesterday. Wrong: she convinced me to see for myself, so we drove out there, waited and lo and behold, here it came. A single light, floating down the road and about the size of a basketball. I said headlight reflections; she said since 1866? I said moon in just the right place; she said show me the moon.

Anyway, after investigating this phenomenon via books, I came to the conclusion this is one nobody can explain, even though many have tried, including the corp of engineers. If your ever in Joplin, ask about it, and be sure to visit, if you dare.



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10 things we didn’t know last week

BBC has this list and all the details on each of the news stories here.

Snippets from the week’s news, sliced, diced and processed for your convenience.

  1. Heavy metal in Morocco is regarded as devil-worship.
  2. Monkeys notice bad grammar.
  3. Trousers used to be called unmentionables.
  4. Neil Armstrong took Dvorak’s New World Symphony and theremin music to the moon.
  5. The best place to put a wind turbine is in Orkney Islands.
  6. Dinosaurs were couch potatoes.
  7. Ice fallen from the sky is due to leaking plane ventilation systems.
  8. Clothes could take photos.
  9. Ringo Starr’s mum wanted him to work in a bank.
  10. Sir Jimmy Savile once saved the day by directing traffic.



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Lobbyists Scolding the WaPo for Its Ethical Practices?

“For $25,000 to $250,000, The Washington Post is offering lobbyists and association executives off-the-record, nonconfrontational access to ‘those powerful few’ — Obama administration officials, members of Congress, and the paper’s own reporters and editors.”

Newspaper adopts novel approach for bringing in money during financially difficult times.  Read more here.


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Conservatives under Obama? Like Daniel in the Lions’ Den?


Cruising through Freeperville, I found this gem.  This writer thinks that the policies of Obama are crippling Christian people everywhere and the imperitives of the U.S. of A.

Some selected quotes [I swear, I’m not making this up]:

“I believe God will hear the prayers and pleas of the humble and righteous who are willing to get on their knees and ask Him to spare our country.”

“Public hate and disdain for people of faith have been allowed to fester since this administration swept into Washington. In fact, it is promoted by the ‘progressive’ ideologues within our legislative halls, public institutions, and the biased liberal media.”

“Obama has stated that he wants to convert the stock the U.S. government now owns in the nation’s banks from preferred stock, which is the case currently, to common stock. This modification in type of stock may seem irrelevant at first glance, but under further analysis it is the single greatest communist policy the U.S. government has ever adopted: It means that the federal government will control all of the currently publicly traded major banks and financial institutions in the nation which are currently in the hands of individual shareholders. Not only will the current shareholders’ rights be trampled, but the control of the nation’s flow of money is the first keystone of communism.” [Didn’t get that?  Me, neither.]

“Obama has given the GOP until October to approve his health care plan, which many experts have shown would be as socialized as Cuba’s. If the Republican Party does not meet his demands, the Democratic Party will simply change the very rules of the United States Senate to pass their legislation through simple majority, instead of the 60% which has been required by the Senate through history. Changing legislation to suit the leader is another common tactic of communist leaders from Chavez to Castro.”

“The man in the White House is being unfaithful to his country and to God. President Barack Hussein Obama thinks only of his own earthly ambitions and pernicious ideology — Marxism. We are admonished to pray for our leaders. Please place the president and his full cabinet on the top of your prayer list, and pray for God’s will to be done.”

This is just a small sampling of the raging going on over at Freeperville.  If you think that Scott Roeder is a rare and isolated case, reading in this place, might make you want to reconsider that thought.  There are scary and very crazy nuts out there.

iggy donnelly


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We have several PrariePops Authors gone into meatspace right now, so bare with sekan while we try to get through this. I know I’m not that entertaining. Rest assured that Iggy, fnord and others will be back! ~sekanblogger


 These are hard times for debt collectors. After all, who can pay their bills these days? Not Wall Street, Detroit, millions of homeowners, the rising number of jobless folks – not even several states and cities.
But, wait – here are some lively prospects for debt collectors: the dead. Yes, there’s a boom in dunning the deceased!
We’re not talking about collecting from big time debtors who still owe several hundred thousand dollars on their yacht. No, these are workaday people who died while still owing maybe a couple of hundred bucks on their bank credit card, health insurance, or utility payment. It’s not possible, of course, to squeeze money out of a corpse, so the target becomes the bereaved next of kin. “Hello, I’m very sorry for your loss, but there’s this $211.36 balance on your mother’s Visa, and we wondered who will be covering this?”
By the way, there is no legal requirement whatsoever that the debt of those who’ve passed on must be paid by relatives out of their own pockets. Thus, what the industry calls “deceased collections” requires a delicate dance to cajole money out of the family without actually demanding it. The industry actually rationalizes its work as a service to those who have departed. As one insider  asserts: “We want the dead to rest easy, knowing their obligations are taken care of.” How benevolent.
The actual work is done by a corps of specially trained agents working from cubicles in companies that specialize in this rather macabre fishing for cash. The job is so distasteful that about half of those hired quit within three months. Those who stick it out get such on-the-job stress relievers as yoga sessions, foosball games, free snacks and neck massages.
They tell us that we can’t escape death and taxes, but it appears that one more thing we can’t escape are debt collectors.


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Fastest Soap In the West

Mark Sanford

But her ASS is this small....

  I must say that of all the soap operas I’ve ever seen, whether or not it’s a real life politcal scandal like Gov. Mark Sanford or any daytime soap, they usually all move painfully slow. Slow for the constituents, families, viewers, pundits and anybody else that is entertained/employed by these all too human events.

Think about it. How long did Bill Clinton’s witch hunt carry on? What about your favorite soap? I mean really, on the daytime soaps you can quit watching while someone is in bed dying, you pick the story up six months later and the poor soul is still dying! Not so for this efficient former 2012 hopefull. He’s moving faster than Obama did from Freshman Senator to the Presidency! ~sekanblogger

AP- South Carolina GOP Gov. Mark Sanford admitted Wednesday to an affair, and resigned his position as chair of the Republican Governor’s Association following a strange week in which the governor dropped off the grid and could not be located.

Later in the day, Sanford’s wife Jenny released a statement saying the couple had begun a trial separation two weeks ago. continued….FAST FORWARD, just a few hours.   Statement from First Lady Jenny Sanford; Continue reading


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I am Rooting For the Criminal in this Story!

This man and maybe an accomplice have been responsible for robbing a number of payday loan businesses.  This dude even hit the same payday loan business twice;  a week apart.  In my view, this is just one of those beautiful ironies of life – sometimes criminals steal from other criminals – I just can’t feel unhappy about it.
Payday loan businesses can charge interest in excess of 30% in Kansas.  They can charge as much as 70% interest in Wyoming.  These businesses target poor and working poor individuals.  Their prevelence across the country rose steeply after welfare reform.  In fact, a Clinton era figure started a payday loan business – “Advance America – Cash Advance”.
As nutjobs on the BTSNBN used to tell me, “Donnelly, don’t like payday loans: Don’t get one.”  These robberies are really a free-market correction those clowns over there like so much.  May this robber practice his trade with a vengence, and may he roam free for a very long time.
I am going to have to figure out why these types of business piss me off so much.


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INFOTAINMENT SOCIETY: JUNK FOOD NEWS – 2008/2009 by Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff

Does my ass look big?

Does my ass look big?

The late New York University media scholar Neil Postman once said about America, “We are the best entertained least informed society in the world.” From Jessica Simpson’s weight and Brangelina’s escapades, to Britney Spears’ sister and the Obamas’ First Puppy, Americans are fed a steady “news” diet of useless information laden with personal anecdotes, scandals, and gossip. 

Since the middle of the 1980’s, Project Censored at Sonoma State University has annually researched this phenomenon. We have found that topics and in-depth reports that matter little to anyone in any meaningful way are given massive amounts of media coverage in the corporate media. In recent years, this has only become more obvious. 

For instance, CNN’s coverage of celebrity Anna Nicole Smith’s untimely death in early 2007 is arguably one of the most egregious examples of an over abused news story. The magnitude of corporate media attention paid to the event were clearly out of synch with the coverage the story deserved, which was at most a simple passing mention. Instead, CNN broadcast “breaking” stories of the event uninterrupted, without commercials, for almost two hours, with commentary by lead anchors and journalists. This marked among the longest uninterrupted “news” broadcasts at CNN since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Anna Nicole Smith and 9/11 are now strange bedfellows, milestone bookends of corporate news culture.  Continue reading


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Okay this pisses me OFF! crazy 069
May 16 at 1:30 a.m. a drunk hit my daughter’s car parked in front of my house. Not just a fender bender, it shoved her car into and UNDER my car. The wife and the neighbor both went out and saw a car leaving. We called police who took a report. We heard nothing from them. Last Friday, reading the paper we find in the police notes that they found the car, owned by Wendy L. Long (driver unknown). So since Friday I’ve been trying to get the police report. Seems the filing clerk was on vacation and nobody else knew anything. Sheesh.

So I read over the report, which basically describes my damages and then restates some apparent lies. Wendy L. Long tells the cops that she sold the Car to a Suzanne Diaconeslu. Now the report states that Diaconeslu says the car was stolen by person unknown. Google up the name Diaconeslu. ZERO HITS. WTF?

 Wouldn’t there be a record somewhere on the net with that name? Sounds pretty phony to me. So I talk to one of the officers. He basically tells me that it’s up to me to go after Wendy L. Long. WHAT? I was provided NO information other than the address for Ms Long, which I got from the newspaper. crazy 076

Should the cops have been in touch with me when they found the car?

Shouldn’t Ms Diaconeslu have filed a stolen vehicle report?

Shouldn’t the police be doing an investigation and trying to arrest somebody?

Wouldn’t your average Joe go confront Ms Wendy and risk being assaulted?

Is it really up to me to find these people and politely beg for their insurance information? What if anything is to be done here?

HELP! ~sekanblogger


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I Wish I Could Go Back Home… And Stay…

Phillip Brownlee

Phillip is one of the nicest people I have ever met.  I know his heart is in the right place, but I can’t understand the WE Blog’s current course.  It could be, that Phillip doesn’t understand it either.

Rhonda Holman

Rhonda Holman is a great writer.  She is one of the most impressive editorial writers I have ever met.  She is just brilliant.

I will never forget the night that TC’s son had to climb through a window to get Rhonda’s coat on a cold January night.

Back to the topic of this thread:  I’d like to go home, but I am thinking that such a journey is no longer possible for me…  I am sad, but accepting of this truth.

Iggy Donnelly


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