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The MoDo and her Femme Fatale with Conservative Men: What’s up with that?

No one can dispute, the MoDo is smart.  She writes well; her fiction is especially good and enjoyable (which happens to be most of her op-ed columns).  The problem with her fiction is that she often falls prey to the redundancy of “satirizing satire”.

She knows and parties with the world’s elite and is invited back even though she tells all about their various Freudian slips , e.g. Condi Rice referring to GWB as her “husband.”

The problem with Dowd that has bothered me the most, anyway,  is why are so many conservative men so hot and bothered about her?  True:  She is of Irish descent and was raised Catholic (I’m pretty sure at least); her dad was a D.C. cop; she is attractive;  she seems to be pretty angst ridden a lot of the time… I am still not getting it, however, and I am sorry for my failing.

Are there answers to this particular riddle in life?  I can accept it, if there are not.


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Some Non-Clues as to Whom He Might Pick

A summary of Obama’s thoughts from his teaching, and other experience, as to whom he thinks would be a good Supreme Court Justice.  Pretty refreshing stuff, actually.

The NYTimes report here.

Before I saw this photo, I was not aware that Obama was left handed.  Hmmm…

iggy donnelly


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