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Oh, how I wish. . .

My friend Jay could remove his head from the terminal end of his digestive tract.  That is, by the way, a sincere wish – not “abuse”.  Fnord answered Jay’s post already, but I think it is worthy of a thread.  Here’s what T.C. said:

December 7, 2009 at 1:53 am · Edit

“You folks are needed on the WEBlog. You don’t win a fight by running away.”

I think my rebuttal is more parsimonious:  I never saw anything accomplished at the place Jay refers to.  See fnord’s statements here and here.



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Woe is me…*

Please, God, forgive me [us] for making fun of these “people “.  I [we] know it is wrong.  But then again, their silliness can be gist for some reasonable thought – as hard as that is to believe…

As noted below, yesterday we hit a daily view record.  This happened with the likely help of a conservative blog sewer at which some of us used to post.  This blog is the frequent subject of comments there.  The “people” there contend that we don’t post there because we are “close-minded”.  This accusation comes from “thinking humans” who contend the planet earth is 8,000 years old,  that global climate change is some liberal ploy to deny them their SUV’s, and that the government exists to attempt to deny them access to their firearms.  Don’t these “thoughts” sound like material one could naturally be drawn to?

In regard to one blogger there [oko], I used to contend that if she had a half-way responsible family, they’d do an intervention and take her keyboard away.  But, I think it is likely they would rather hear her keyboard clicking up in that locked attic room over hearing her incoherent yelling and slobbering.  Another open-minded confederacy apologizing fool, abandoned a friendship of his because the offending party had the gall to post on this blog – doesn’t he sound like a “friend” one would hate to lose.  The list of idiotic ravings and rantings could go on and on… But hopefully, these examples provide a window into what I am talking about.

I am recalling the words of a supervisor who once told me, “When those folks disagree with me, I know I am on the right track.”  I believe today, that I know what he was talking about…

* This occurs in the Bible, Job 10:15 (King James Version) in the form ‘woe unto me’.

Job is one of the oldest books in the Old Testament, early versions of which date from about 1200BC, making the phrase in the original language 3,200 years old. The first occurrence of it in English would have been Wycliffe’s Bible translation in 1382.


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A Conservative Sewer Clogged up with Feces of the Most Acrimonious kind

I used to refer to the blog that many of us came from as TBTSNBN (The Blog That Shall Not Be Named).  Today we are naming them.  Some of us still post over at that place, though I would say our visits there are less than in the past.  I am betting that it would not be difficult to identify who from here posts over there.  (It does amuse me how often those people miss on our dear Lilac).

The conservative posters at the WE Blog are pretty interesting folk.  One could not convince some of them that fire is hot, even after you set their pants on fire.  They’d respond, “that’s NOT my underwear going up in smoke and my pubic hair emitting cracking sounds, No!, by God!, that is some liberal lie!”

This blog is mostly unmoderated.  They have ‘bots that identify profanity, but these are not hard to work around.  It is the “Old West” in terms of lawless anonymous blogging.  An environment that attracts the most “honorable” of characters.

Conversing with people with whom one has no shared reference of reality can be fun for a little while.  For me, it grows old very fast.

Here’s the address:  “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter There” – apologies to Dante’

I think I have been reasonably fair and accurate about the “Blogging in Hell” experience, but  I’d love to hear comments from veterans of that campaign (and any incredulous others).  I anticipate fnord will remind me that I have met many people whom I’ve liked from that encounter – which is true.  “Sometimes there are some roses amongst the thorns” (copyright – iggydonnelley).



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