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59 Percent: Palin Can’t Be President

Yes, it’s a silly poll.  Maybe all polls are.  But it gives me hope that Republicans really could nominate her.

Sarah Palin may be on a hot streak with her congressional endorsements, but 59 percent of Americans think Sarah Palin is not fit to be president of the United States, according to a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll. Meanwhile, 26 percent say they think she would be an effective commander-in-chief. The poll also shows Republicans splitting 47-40 on the question of whether Palin can lead the country.

Will Republicans continue to employ their litmus tests, ignore who might be electable, and nominate the person who passes all their tests on ‘conservative enough?’



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Run Sarah Run, See Sarah Run

This newly released SarahPAC video has already had almost 400,000 views.  As of June 30, SarahPAC had more than $1 million cash on hand.  It all hints that Palin plans to run for POTUS in 2012.

She stands a good chance of winning the nomination of the GOP.  Can she win the general election?  If she decides to run and doesn’t win the nomination, will her fervent fans support another nominee?  If Palin runs, wins the nomination and then loses the general election, she could leave the Republican brand in pieces.

If Palin is smarter than she is ambitious, she will not run in 2012 — she has fame, fortune, and multiple platforms to leverage for years to come.  Who wants to speculate on whether she is more ambitious than smart?



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“Cries From The Gulf” by Lea Morris

This is the description from YouTube:  Written and narrated by Gulf Coast native Lea Morris, this open letter captures the raw heartbreak of the millions impacted by the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Gulf Coast native Lea Morris wrote and narrated this angry open letter to Sarah Palin. Raw heartbreak or a politically-laden attack?


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Palin, the TV star

Coming soon to a television near you: Variety reports that Sarah Palin is near a deal for her TV project about Alaska, which Mark Burnett will produce. A&E and Discovery are the front-runners for the show, which is expected to cost about $1 million per episode. Variety says the show “will center on interesting characters, traditions, and attractions in the 49th state—with the ex-VP candidate as guide.” Palin and Burnett pitched the show to the four major networks, before moving on to cable. A decision could be made in the next day or two.

The ex-nearly-half-a-term governor may have found her cash cow!


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Sarah Barracuda

Matthews: Palin is ‘Frightening’

A Gallup poll found that more Republicans wanted Palin to run for president than any other potential candidate. If she’s serious about seeking the presidency, here’s what Palin needs to do now according to Matt Latimer, a former Bush aide.

GOP leaders may turn up their noses at Sarah Barracuda, but Palin could easily be the Republican nominee in 2012.



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Can’t they just be appointed?

An actual election isn’t necessary, is it?  Can’t the beauty queen and the centerfold simply take over as president and vice president?  They can decide who gets which office between them, or maybe they’ll rotate on a yet to be determined schedule.

What we do know for absolutely sure at this point is that when Brown won his Senate seat in Massachusetts that win had national importance that went far beyond simply winning a single seat in a single race!  🙂  At least that’s what everyone is telling us, so it must be true!



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There’s that liberal media again – making things up!


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Sarah Palin’s Debut on Fox – Hit or Miss?

Here is one person’s critique of Ms Palin’s Fox debut.   Did it help to have Bill O’Reilly be the first Fox talking head to have Ms Sarah on or should she have held out for Glenn Beck?



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Stuck on stupid

It was inevitable. Fox News confirms to the New York Times today that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will become a regular contributor to the cable news channel.

In a multi-year deal, Palin will appear on the channel regularly. A source told the Times that while she will not have her own regular show, she will host an occasional series.

Don’t you know this will add credibility to this so-called news network.  /sarcasm

Oh, and btw, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow just in case you didn’t have that one figured out yet.  🙂



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Now we know…

Here’s a little chuckle to start your weekend.



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Sarah Palin BANS bloggers

Remember all the flap about the so-called ‘war on Fox News”?  President Obama was called all the ‘ism’ words, and worse, without any evidence to back any of the complaints.  Along comes the GOP’s darling Palin — Sarah Palin banned four local bloggers from attending her Going Rogue signing in Wasilla, according to one blogger who was apparently on the list. The Immoral Minority’s Gryphen and blogger-friend Dennis Zaki found themselves escorted off the premises of the Wasilla Sports Center by a police officer who informed them that they were on the “banned list.” Gryphen says that, in addition to him and Zaki, Alaska radio-host Shannon Moore and an unknown fourth person were also banned from the event. About 1,000 people turned up for the Wasilla event.

That she would ban them from her book signing indicates a person who has no intention of being open-minded and inclusive of those who do not agree with her. This bodes badly for her image if she honestly thinks that she can have any political clout.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the GOP is sure to defend Palin.


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One Palin Comment Stands Out…

As Bad Biker pointed out recently, Sarah Palin’s “Death Panels” distortion was cited by as the biggest political lie of the season.  I bet her parents are proud…

What say you folk?


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Sarah the Instant-Pundit Urges Obama to Boycott Copenhagen

I swear, Palin is posting under a nickname on the WEBlog.  If one reads her rants about the “Climate-gate Emails” – one can’t help but wonder if several conservative posters at the WEBlog are her ghost writers.

I know conservatives complain that global climate change folk are frightened “Henny Pennys”.  I think what is much more frightening is that Palin has been given a national stage to spew her stupidity.  Exhibit One:  This WashPo Editoral.

Just to clarify, I am not here to stifle the free speech rights of one Sarah Palin, rather I am here to encourage their expression.  Despite her best intentions, Palin has done more for the adoption of informed policies than any Republican in a long, long time.



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Palin-Beck 2012?

The end of the world as we know it? In an interview with Newsmax, Palin says that she’d consider Glenn Beck as a running mate if she ran for president in 2012. “I can envision a couple of different combinations, if ever I were to be in a position to really even seriously consider running for anything in the future, and I’m not there yet,” Palin says. “But Glenn Beck I have great respect for. He’s a hoot. He gets his message across in such a clever way. And he’s so bold—I have to respect that. He calls it like he sees it, and he’s very, very, very effective.”

She has no brains!  She sets back the goal of women being respected as equal.  She embarrasses women with critical thinking skills.



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What Would Levi Say at the Thanksgiving Dinner?

Palin Wasilla HeartthrobIn an effort to reduce “the drama” that has been part of her family’s conflicts with Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin supposedly invited him to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner

I am sure this was done with a sincere interest in resolving the problems, but if he showed up, can anyone imagine what Johnston would say to the future First Family members? Talk about awkward family gatherings…


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