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The World is Really One Place

Desmond Tutu – 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner has shared a few thoughts.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all thought like this man?


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Religion + Money = Godliness?

Interesting little article about some polling results.   White Evangelical Tea Party Republicans (Religious Right) seems to be group that believes unregulated businesses will act ethically.  This is also the group that prefers their preachers to speak out against abortion and homosexuality rather than economic  issues.  This also seems to be the group that beleives the free market is guided by the hand of God.

I also believe this is the group that will ultimately bring down the Grand Old Party.   This group has already hijacked trure Christianity so the GOP is their next victim – IMHO


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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.



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Mixing Politics and Religion

It seems that God has been speaking mostly to Republicans when it comes to the call to serve in public office.  Sharron Angle who hopes to unseat Harry Reid in Nevada joins other Republicans who say God called them to serve.  She says, “I believe that God has been in this from the beginning and because of that, when he has a plan and purpose for your life and you fit into that what he calls you to, he’s always equipped people.

God, if you believe His messengers, also spoke to Sarah Palin, George Bush and Norm Coleman, calling them to public office.  Why God let Al Franken win Coleman’s seat is another matter.

What other politicians or leaders have you seen claim divine endorsement?  Is God a Republican after all?  In the past when we mixed politics and religion, people got burned at the stake.  Is that where this will lead?



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Of Dogs and the Cross and Tolerance

In recent news, there have two events that I feel are intricately linked. One occurred in Sweden and the other in the United States.




The Swedish cartoonist, who had drawn Muhammad as a dog,  was attacked as he began a university lecture on free speech, by a group of presumably Muslim young men. Islam considers any image of Muhammad to be an insult.

In California, thieves, possibly with a motive prompted by the recent SCOTUS ruling, stole the Veterans memorial cross in the  Mojave National Preserve. Despite a $25,000 rewards, the cross has not been recovered nor have the thieves been apprehended.

(The thread photo is not of the stolen cross.)

Much of Europe is struggling with Muslim immigrants and several nations have passed or are considering laws to restrict their behavior in public, such as France’s and Finland’s (?) proposed ban on burkas in public.

In the United States, Judeo – Christian symbolism has been used on public buildings since the beginning of the nation. Recent SCOTUS rulings allow said symbolism that it of a historical nature. The cross (or it’s replacement) have been on that site for over 75 years.

To me, no one should ever be condemned or attacked for practicing free speech and no one has the right to steal property, regardless of the motivation.

Both situations anger me greatly.

“Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs.” – JFK

What are your thoughts?

William Stephenson Clark


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What is Meant by the Statement that “America is a Christian Nation”?

This Washington Post article examines the question of what is meant by the assertion that America is a Christian nation.  They cover the 1790s treaty that asserted we were not a Christian nation, Andrew Jackson’s efforts to resist the starting of a Christian political pary, and Lincoln’s burying of a Christian amendment to the constitution.

The article also describes the statements made Obama that led to him being seen as a non-Christian.  Sarah Palin’s assertions that we are a Christian nation are described as well.

The article finally asks the question what do we mean when we say America is a Christian nation?  What are your thoughts?



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Tweet Justice For Beck???

Starting at 9:00 this morning the Jewish Funds for Justice will start sending twitter messages to Glenn Beck; one every minute to the television host.  Their reasons for doing so: “to confront Glenn Beck about his bizarre and incongruous opinion that there is no place for social and economic justice in religion.”

An example: 

 And Jesus said to
All his hungry disciples
Hands off my fish, chumps.

Will this attention be helpful or a problem for Beck?  I think ignoring him is better.

Read more here.



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