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A New Shakespeare Play Discovered?

New evidence that Double Falsehood was, as 18th-century playwright Lewis Theobald claimed, based on Bard’s Cardenio.  According to The Guardian, it has thrills, spills, sword fights, violent sexual assault and – to modern ears – a terrible ending, but the little-known 18th century play Double Falsehood was propelled into the literary limelight today when it was claimed as a lost Shakespeare.


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Poetry . . . That wonderful world where anything goes!


Budding poets rejoice. You now have a thread devoted to you and you alone. Written any poems or sonnets? Let us read them. Poetry can be about anything, anytime or anybody. Don’t be shy. Make us laugh, cry or smell something wonderful.

I wrote this after Katrina smacked down New Orleans:

New Orleans

This world around me’s changed;

My youth’s been lost in pain.

What I thought sweet and righteous;

Was washed away by rain.

The reign of evil sordid men;

Looking only for their kind.

While innocence begged them stop;

It lay twisted and maligned.

“Stand up,” I shrieked aloud;

My legs collapsed in vain.

Still they gathered all around me;

and laughed with sheer disdain.

I sat there lonely, empty;

feeling myself turn to rust.

The colors that ran through me;

had slowly turned to dust.

I feel anger growing;

Within this body mine.

But can I overcome my fear;

and let my colors shine.



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Share Your Writings


Apparently, we have a few who write once and awhile. How about posting something? I’ll start it off with a poem I wrote called, The Carpenter.

The old carpenter shuffled slowly to the park bench.
He placed his wooden tool box reverently on the ground.
He had to put his hand on the bench to support himself,
While he lowered his creaking frame down to sit.

He surveyed the area, hoping to find a friendly figure
With whom he could converse, to pass the time,
But it was late November, and the park was empty.
And so it should be, he thought, so it should be.

A crow, with shiny black feathers, landed on the bench.
It cocked its head, and looked up at the carpenter
With an expression that brought to mind the words,
Have you been here before?

Many, many times, the carpenter said to the crow,
Though his voice was silent as the long dead leaves
That were still scattered about the park’s broad expanse.
I have been coming here since ‘fore this place’s time.

I am the carpenter. I am the one who built the Cross.
I am the one who watched on the mount as the man
They called Jesus was nailed to what I had built.
I am the one who helped Him down, and laid Him to rest.

My penance for carving out the wood, and making the cross,
Is to wander the world until such time as I find that
I can forgive myself for what I have done.
I have many more years to wander, I fear.

As the carpenter turned to gaze at the crow,
The bird gave a squawk, and flew off to seek less noisy things.
The carpenter looked again over the park, with eyes
That contained no joy, no light…only the pain of ages.

The old man slowly reached for his tool box.
He stood up, wincing at the pain it brought,
And shuffled down the park path towards places unknown.
The crow watched, with a coal black eye, from a barren tree.



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