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The Man Who Changed Glenn Beck’s Life (via The Glenn Beck Review)

I’m just checking out WordPress’ new “reblogging” feature.
I’ve always maintained that I’m not “anti” anything, but rather “pro” other things.
Sooo….this is my disclaimer. I’m not anti-Glenn Beck, I’m PRO-REALITY and TRUTH!

The Man Who Changed Glenn Beck's Life Cleon Skousen was a right-wing crank whom even conservatives despised. Then Beck discovered him. W. Cleon Skousen By Alexander Zaitchik (reprinted here with permission of the author) On Saturday, I spent the afternoon with America’s new breed of angry conservative. Up to 75,000 protesters had gathered in Washington on Sept. 12, the day after the eighth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, sporting the now familiar tea-bagger accoutremen … Read More

via The Glenn Beck Review


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Mother’s Rule…

A suggestion of my mother’s that I try to remember is the old saw:  “if you can’t say something nice, it is best to say nothing at all.”  Having read on other blogs what posters who post here are saying, I am wondering if that very old advice might not, in fact, be helpful.

People can blog where ever they want.  They can say whatever they want, but it does bother me that these humble pages are sited in their protracted animosity toward one another.  I worry that the foregoing does not represent this blog well. 

As always, do what you wish.  But please remember, your actions can have effects on others.



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Dan Froomkin Fired???


Popular blogger at the Washington Post, Dan Froomkin, was given his walking papers today.  He was told that his widely viewed blog White House Watch “wasn’t working any more.”

I personally find this action by the WAPO deeply disturbing.  Every time I would post to Froomkin’s blog, he’d include my remarks, and comment on them.  He was the epitome of what blogging is supposed to be about.  I think he loathed G.W. Bush even more than I did, which is truthfully hard to conceive.

I think I will boycott the Washington Post website from now on…  Please join me in this protest.

Iggy Donnelly


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New Earth Creationists are Linking to Our Place


 Why won’t they leave us alone?  Is there a sign on our foreheads?

Check out this dude:

Dude, the earth is VERY, VERY OLD!!!

We read Richard Dawkins books to our infant children.*  Please go elsewhere!

Iggy Donnelly

* At least, I used to…


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ARE WE WORTHY? ~sekanblogger

In my never-ending search for under-rated ‘common man’ blogs, I got stuck commenting here and that’s not a bad thing. They also are BLOGGING FOR CHANGE.

Kiersten and her guests there have been fun and courteous. Even sheriff Joe and I kinda’ accepted each other. Their blog, although from Rhode Island, is surprisingly parallel to ours. (Rhode Island is 1/2 way to Ireland from here isn’t it). They do have regular local content, which I have no idea about those issues, but for the most part many of our posts echo each others. In any case, I find it comfortable commenting there. You may too. Iggy and Kiersten may have psychology discussions….

I found this little list on the blogroll page:

What are Worthy Blogs?

My concept of a worthy blog is one that:
1. Contains meaningful writing, not just propaganda;
2. Uses potty talk sparingly and effectively;
3. Is designed for ease of use;
4. Is not overrun with advertising;
5. Is thoughtful and timely;
6. Is careful in its use of language, showing appreciation for grammar and spelling;
7. Is accepting of diversity;
8. Recognizes and responds to new voices participating in the blog;
9. Contains original writing, along with posts to other people’s writing.

Want your blog listed on this page? Send me an email at and I will be happy to consider your inclusion.

I like the list! I thought about ‘borrowing’ it for our humble little blog. But then again, maybe I’ll just do the right thing and write this post for Kiersten. The list above did appear to describe PrariePopulistsAndProgressives!


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 WE’RE NO.1, WE’RE NO.1 !! Here’s an article that pretty well sums up my reason for blogging, and validates PrariePop’s purpose, as stated on the ABOUT page.  We are a mob, or rather a swarm, as Salzman puts it. ~sekanblogger

  I picked up Eric Boehlert’s new book, “Bloggers on the Bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press,” because I wanted to find out how a journalist like Boehlert shows that bloggers have a real-life impact on politics.

I mean, we all know there are who-knows-how-many bloggers out there, posting political opinions, facts, corrections, and errors of their own on the Internet for all to see. But what do they actually achieve, beyond talking to each other? Or should I say, linking to each other? How does their work affect mainstream politics?

That’s the beauty of “Bloggers on the Bus.” It captures the tactics used by blogging activists, who have writing skills but often-minimal political experience, to move a lefty notion out of fantasyland and into the mainstream consciousness.

One way bloggers do this is by using cyber fundraising tools to steer political donations to promising underdog candidates, like unknown Elwyn Tinklenberg, who came inches away from unseating Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachman, a GOP rising star, who stirred the ire of bloggers when she suggested that Obama was anti-American.

The book also explains how a “blogswarm” (many blogs focusing on the same topic) creates a wave of actions by blog readers. For example, bloggers mobilized their minions to inform the Democratic presidential candidates that planned debates on the Fox Network would have given undue legitimacy to Fox as a news source. The Democrats eventually agreed, and the debates were canceled.  Continue reading


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Attack of the Zombie Republicans

img-hp-main---batchelor-republican-zombies-01_233036905191The GOP’s living dead won’t stop haunting their party, says lifelong Republican John Batchelor. Now Rush, Newt, and Dick are doing what zombies do best: laying waste to everyone’s brains.

Woo Hoo, if you think Democrats are critical of these guys, think again. We could take lessons from this guy!  His op-ed piece is a must read.



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Reverse Discrimination: A Talking Point the Right Cannot Give Up

cagle00The BTSNBN served as an important inspiration for me today.  On a thread at that place there was a discussion about how “racist” Rev. Wright, Obama’s former pastor, is/was.  My point to the many intellectual giants that frequent that blog was that it seemed to me that the damages done unto whites because of racism were pretty minor compared to the results of racism practiced (and codified in law) against black people in this country over our history.

Needless to say my position did not match up with the conservative talking points.  One conservative blogger who, before today, I did not necessarily consider stupid, argued that racism against whites resulted in them being denied entrance into college in California.  My first thought was the expression made famous by P-mom – “boo-fucking-hoo!”  Slavery and Genocide vs. having to apply to a community college or a private college – I was, and still am, having a hard time seeing the moral equivalency.

Does anyone understand why those dudes over there and white dudes like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, want to hold on to the argument that white men are victims of minority racism and discrimination?  It honestly bewilders me.

This is how I relate to the conservative position (not very well, actually):  where I work we have a pretty ardent feminist CEO.  I think it is empirically true that if you are a woman, you have a better chance of being promoted than if you are a male.  Do I go around griping about that?  I’d  be too embarrassed to, quite frankly.  Who cannot argue that the tables were tilted in the opposite direction for far too long in this culture?

I’ll conclude by saying:  conservatism – it’s better than thinking… (for some people any way).

Iggy Donnelly


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A Banned Clown: Makes Ya Feel Sorry For Him

The one blogger we banned, has less than positive opinions about us – imagine that!  This dude makes Nathan P. from the other place look like a master debater or a masturbator – well, maybe, they both share that honor.

He still links to us.  We’ve forgotten about him, the reverse direction, maybe not.

iggy donnelly


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Where To Go From Here…

I thought this subject deserved a dedicated thread:  What can we individually, and/or as a group, do that would be helpful in responding to the tragedy of Dr. Tiller’s death?  As part of the foregoing reflection, I have been thinking about what can I do to better respond to people of  conservative ideology.  As I posted earlier, Krisof had an editorial in the NY Times which contended listening to opposing views does not change one’s  position, in fact it can entrench one’s position.  I believe this entrenchment  happened to me as a result of posting and reading on the blog thatshallnotbenamed.  I don’t want to be the person that I think I chose to be as a result of my BTSNBN (an abbreviation) experience.

One action I am going to take is to write an email to Phillip and share that I think hosting an unmoderated hate fest is not an especially good idea.  I think that he and his corporation have a responsibility to not do that.

Also I am going to endeavor to follow one of those mother’s rules that was always difficult for me:  “sometimes it is best to say nothing, if you can’t say something pleasant [or at least something non-confrontational].”

In re-reading this plan, it doesn’t seem like very much, but maybe it is better than nothing.

What do you bloggers think?

Iggy Donnelly


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Puzzled about Jumps in Blog Traffic…

We tend to have increases in our traffic toward the middle of the week.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are our big days.

Anyone have an idea why this might be?  My dear and precious spouse says that people are bored at their j0bs on those days and check in as a result.

Myself:  I have no idea.

Your theories are welcome.  Let us know…

Iggy Donnelly


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In connection with fnord’s excellent post about religous extremism, I must post this link. Really for no other reason than I love the picture (and the whole site is a hoot, unless you’re sensitive). MY JESUS has a sense of humor, and has approved occasional visits to the General. Your Jesus may be offended, check with him first. I think Turdblossom may hang out with Rummy over here:



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Thank Goodness Trump Did Not Strip Prejean, After She Stripped…


Carrie Prejean and Gov. Sarah Palin 

Sarah Palin backs up her bff Carrie Prejean:

“‘What I find so remarkable is that these politically-motivated attacks fail to show that what Carrie and I believe is also what President Obama and Secretary Clinton believe — marriage is between a man and a woman,’ Palin said.

“The Alaska governor went on ‘applaud’ Donald Trump for not stripping Prejean of her Miss California crown after risque photos of her emerged following her answer in the pageant.

“‘I respect Carrie for standing strong and staying true to herself, and for not letting those who disagree with her deny her protection under the nation’s First Amendment Rights,’Palin said.”

Read more:

iggy donnelly


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Moran v. Tiahrt: The Freepers Share Their Thoughts [sic]

I found an interesting summary and comparison of Tiahrt [man, spelling that name always bothers me] and Moran on this Free Republic site.  They see the two candidates as  essentially equal in terms of conservative credibility.  I contend that Tiahrt wins on conservative ideology hands down over Moran – so I see this GOP primary race a little differently.

The Freeper folks were starting to lead me into questioning my position until I read this sentence:  “At the same time, Tiahrt has written fundraising letters claiming that he will not run or hide from a tough challenge, while strongly inferring that his opponent will.”

Anyone who has ever read anything I ‘ve written will  know that I fall way short of qualifying for a position on the grammar/spelling police force, but  even failing undergraduates know the difference between “imply” and “infer”, do they not?

Iggy Donnelly

What to you fellow bloggers think? …  any non-monitary wagers on how this race will come out?


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Big Pharma and their Cuckoo’s Egg in the Nest of Science

Our fellow blogger, James Ridgeway, has been looking into the fuzzy boundaries that exist between pharmaceutical companies and psychiatry. See his reporting here.

The reporting by James prompted me to look into this matter more extensively. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been to trainings put on by pharmaceutical companies in backwater places like Orlando, Florida [where one could presumably bring along the family to do the Disney Experience while you, the participant, toiled away]. These trainings were held in hotels where they asked $30 for a glass of wine and I couldn’t detect that they felt any shame in doing so. Though wine wasn’t supplied, many a not too cheap meal, and lavish hotel rooms were provided by the international pharmaceutical giant whom I won’t name.

Continue reading


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