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Jerry Hahn’s Tab of Alice’s Restaurant

alices-restaurant1[1]After a quick search at the WSU website, I found that Jerry Hahn was at WSU as recently as 2007.  I don’t know if he is still teaching there or not.  He was (if he is not currently) a full professor of Jazz Guitar.  A friend of mine told me that Professor Hahn had something like 12 hours of college credit.  His professorship was awarded to him based on what he could do rather than academic hoops he had jumped through.  This seems a lot more egalitarian than I usually think of academia as being.

You’ll note that I added a page – which has the same title as this thread.  On this page is Hahn’s tabulature for Alice’s Restaurant.  This tab is a Wichita guitarists’ phenomenon.  My copy, I am guessing, is pobably a 100+ generation xerox copy.  Because of my scanning skills, it is not p0ssible to cut and paste the tab.  If you are motivated enough to try this challenging version, you should be motivated enough to hand copy the tab.

Hahn was a jazz guitar master and a very demanding teacher.  My short story favorite about Jerry Hahn was that in the 60’s he played in a jazz band in San Francisco.  For a two year period of time during his San Francisco residence, he did not wash his hair.

Some of you will remember Hahn’s 1970’s rock band, The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood.  Their song “Captain Bobby Stout Done Found me Out” played on KEYN exclusively in the early 1970’s.  Captain Bobby Stout was a real person and was the head of the Wichita Police Dept’s vice squad.  Stout was also the unofficial foster father of a young man named Don Johnson – who would later gain fame on the television show Miami Vice.

Wichita is so small that everyone and everything connects together in at least a tangential way.  I will try to answer any questions on the tab.  Since I bought my Epiphone, I think playing this song is remotely possible for me now.


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Hardware, peanuts and friends

I’ve got a sad task in this column today. I scrapped what I was writing yesterday when we received word this morning that a much-loved WaKeeney icon has left us. Mike Dreiling, our own “Mr. WaKeeney” passed away Monday night. It was a day we always knew would come, but somehow, I just wasn’t prepared, and I kept hearing the Beatles sing “I heard the news today, oh, boy”. And when I heard the news, a whole bunch of thoughts and memories came flooding back, along with a few tears.

When I was little, on our weekly visits into town, there was no place I was more excited about visiting than the hardware store. One reason was because I never failed to convince my Dad that I NEEDED some peanuts from the red and chrome 5-cent machine located on the counter. They were always the good kind of Spanish peanuts, slightly oily and very salty, with the red skins that slipped off and fell to the bottom of those little, tiny, brown paper sacks Mike would always give me. I’m not sure if it was the nuts or the cute little sacks that made me insist on peanuts at every visit.

When I was really small and scrawny (yes, there was such a time) Mike would have to help me up to reach the machine, where I carefully deposited my nickel and turned the handle. I had to hold that mini-sack exactly under the spout so as not to lose any of the precious peanuts it dispensed, and sometimes, I just wasn’t tall enough, but I could always count on Mike to help me out. Then, and only then, could I walk around the store, peanuts in hand, and look at all the stuff on the shelves.

I was never impatient to leave when we visited Mike’s store. Oh, I liked Mr. Jeffries when he was the proprietor, but it was really Mike I wanted to see. He always talked to me like I was an adult, never, ever like I was a pesky kid, which was most likely the case.

I liked to look at the pocket knives on display, always wishing and hoping that one of them would go home with me, but that never happened. Knives were not for girls, my Dad would scoff, but Mike never treated me like just a girl. He would patiently answer all of my questions about the various tools and gadgets to be found on the shelves. I especially loved the ropes of all sizes and materials that magically sprouted from a hole in the floor. Some of those ropes became leads for my 4-H steers, and some became leads for my horse, and some were just used by Dad for unknown but always interesting farm things. I knew that we could always count on Mike to give us just what we needed. He always knew things that fascinated me and he showed me how to tie knots and which rope was used for every task. Continue reading


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Boo: More Scary Kansas

stull4Imagine waking up. You open your eyes, and it’s dark . . . so dark, no light filters in. You reach over to turn on the night light next to your bed, only to  find your movements restricted. You figure you’re just a bit tied up in the sheets, but further checking finds no sheets on you. You reach up and find the space above you stopped by something both soft and hard.  Hmmm . . . soft, like silk, and above that hard, like wood.

Okay, you say to yourself, this must be a dream — a nightmare, in fact. No way could you be trapped in something resembling a coffin. But fear starts creeping in. You struggle to move, and the struggling intensifies your fear; the more you try to move, the less movements you can make. Suddenly, you are finding it hard to breath. Panic sets in as you try to rip the casket apart, but the more you attack the coffin, the deeper the realization that you are buried, and all your struggles are for not.

But you continue, because inside every living thing is ingrained that most ancient of instincts: self-preservation. You feel your fingernails tear as you rip, punch and scream, all to no avail. In that moment just before you feel your essence slipping away, you find yourself slipping into total peace. There’s that light everybody talked about. Your moving towards it, as it gets brighter and brighter. You see the faces of your parents, long dead, reaching out for you. You smile and extend your hand to join them, when a voice in the background says, “‘Mornin’  mom. How ya want cher eggs?”

The picture is of the Stull Cemetery, and the old stone church that was mysteriously torn down on Friday, March 29, 2002. The owner of the property said he did not authorize its destruction, and no one has owned up to the deed. Stull Cemetery, located near the abandoned Town of Stull, has been said to be one of the Seven Gates of Hell. Rumors abound of how the devil appears there on the last night of winter, or the first night of spring, to honor a witch buried there.  Another rumor has it Pope John Paul II ordered his plane not to be flown in the area, so he wouldn’t have to fly over unholy ground. An old oak tree was felled years ago, as it was said to be the tree witches were hung from. Further info: Stull


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Newman. You’re invited to leave town…

TroyNewman2[1]It is interesting that Scott Roeder is saying that Operation Rescue took over $1,000 in donations from him.  Newman is denying finding Scott in their data-base.

I wonder if Troy Newman (pictured) will decide that now might be a good time for him to get out of Wichita.  What purpose does the scum have here now that Tiller is deceased?  Please join me in inviting Mr. Newman to leave Doodah, ASAP.  And, Troy, don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you go…


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BOO! Haunted Kansas!


A house is never silent in darkness

to those who listen intently;

there is a whispering in distant chambers,

and earthly hand presses the snib of the window,

the latch rises.

Ghosts were created when the first man

woke in the night.

— James Matthew Barrie, “The Little Minister”

How can one go through life in Kansas without remembering waking up in the middle of the night, sweat streaming down our face, goose bumps mountainous on pale skin and fearing the ghosts of those long lost rising from the depths to claim our shivering souls? The forbidden space under the bed, where evil demons lie in wait for an unsuspecting, innocent soul to place an easily snatched foot on the floor; the closet door that opens into another dimension, where the most vile of creatures hide amongst  the clothes, hoping we forget to close the door, thus feeding their insatiable hunger for us, who lie in uneasy sleep on our safe, warm beds.  Mom said, “Here’s some warm milk; it’ll help you sleep.” But you knew it was really a poisoned potion made to paralyze you, making it easier for nightmarish entities to lift you up and deposit you on some obscure island, with hooded creatures lifting enormous, razor sharp, knives to sacrifice you to Unknown, and long forgotten, Gods.

Atchison, Kansas, has the reputation of being the states most haunted town. The Glick Mansion, pictured here, is just one of many places one can visit there. A trip to the town is guaranteed to elicit nights with the light on and the closet door firmly shut.

Sleep well, my friends . . . . muahahahahahaha!!!



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Give Us Your Disabled, Your Criminal, Your Kodachrome….at least for now

  The End of an Era, again, for Southeast Kansas and the world. Southeast Kansas is no stranger to ‘End of an Era’ stories though. Endings that I’m familiar with? The M-K-T railroad, the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant (KAAP), and that’s just a couple of the larger ones from one town, Parsons. At one point those two comapanies together would have employed around 5,ooo people between them. You would be hard pressed to find people in the area without a connection to one or both industries. Parsons, of course, is not alone. It’s not a good time to be looking for work anywhere.

A couple of remaining area employers (that are always on the Kansas State budget chopping block), are the Parsons State Hospital and Training Center (PSHTC)and the Labette County Community Corrections (LCCC) military style boot camp.

The PSHTC has suffered budget cuts again and again, as well as depending on government grants for research. The LCCC is already slated to close, even though it is cheaper to house these young offenders there. A last ditch effort to teach state legislators basic accounting and common sense is ensuing.

So what’s left here? We still have some area employers doing well in niche’ markets. With today’s announcement from Kodak, one of those niche’ markets is dissapearing also.

“On June 22, 2009, Kodak announced the final manufacturing run of Kodachrome 64, the last remaining Kodachrome film. Dwayne’s Photo plans to continue processing Kodachrome films through the end of December 2010. As long as supplies last, Dwayne’s will continue to offer Kodachrome film for sale. This is a sad occasion for us, as we’re sure it is for many of you. While we understand the business realities driving Kodak’s decision, we are still sorry to see the film go. Kodachrome was truly an icon of the 20th century and has certainly been a very important part of Dwayne’s business for many years. Once it’s gone, nothing will ever capture “those nice bright colors” in quite the same way. We want to say thank you to all the customers who have been loyal to Kodachrome and to us over the years.” –  Dwayne’s Photo

 Dwayne’s Photo, Parsons Kansas is the last certified Kodachrome processor IN THE WORLD.

So for now at least, Parsons still offers an excellent destination for criminals, mentally retarded wards of the state (including sex offenders) and….KODACHROME.

We want all three, lots of it. At least for now.  ~sekanblogger

Those of you who were surfing for Paul Simon music and actually read all this crap anway?…….. – click here Continue reading


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Why Do People Add One to Their FaceBook Page?

There was a guy whom I really liked from my General Psych class this semester, who did not get as good a grade as I would have hoped for – who none-the-less added me as a friend to his FaceBook page.

What is the general criteria for this honor [i.e., facebook addition]?

I am middle-aged, and don’t always get these things…

Will George W. add me to his face book page?

I hope not, life is hard enough already…

iggy donnelly


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