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Conservatives under Obama? Like Daniel in the Lions’ Den?


Cruising through Freeperville, I found this gem.  This writer thinks that the policies of Obama are crippling Christian people everywhere and the imperitives of the U.S. of A.

Some selected quotes [I swear, I’m not making this up]:

“I believe God will hear the prayers and pleas of the humble and righteous who are willing to get on their knees and ask Him to spare our country.”

“Public hate and disdain for people of faith have been allowed to fester since this administration swept into Washington. In fact, it is promoted by the ‘progressive’ ideologues within our legislative halls, public institutions, and the biased liberal media.”

“Obama has stated that he wants to convert the stock the U.S. government now owns in the nation’s banks from preferred stock, which is the case currently, to common stock. This modification in type of stock may seem irrelevant at first glance, but under further analysis it is the single greatest communist policy the U.S. government has ever adopted: It means that the federal government will control all of the currently publicly traded major banks and financial institutions in the nation which are currently in the hands of individual shareholders. Not only will the current shareholders’ rights be trampled, but the control of the nation’s flow of money is the first keystone of communism.” [Didn’t get that?  Me, neither.]

“Obama has given the GOP until October to approve his health care plan, which many experts have shown would be as socialized as Cuba’s. If the Republican Party does not meet his demands, the Democratic Party will simply change the very rules of the United States Senate to pass their legislation through simple majority, instead of the 60% which has been required by the Senate through history. Changing legislation to suit the leader is another common tactic of communist leaders from Chavez to Castro.”

“The man in the White House is being unfaithful to his country and to God. President Barack Hussein Obama thinks only of his own earthly ambitions and pernicious ideology — Marxism. We are admonished to pray for our leaders. Please place the president and his full cabinet on the top of your prayer list, and pray for God’s will to be done.”

This is just a small sampling of the raging going on over at Freeperville.  If you think that Scott Roeder is a rare and isolated case, reading in this place, might make you want to reconsider that thought.  There are scary and very crazy nuts out there.

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I am Rooting For the Criminal in this Story!

This man and maybe an accomplice have been responsible for robbing a number of payday loan businesses.  This dude even hit the same payday loan business twice;  a week apart.  In my view, this is just one of those beautiful ironies of life – sometimes criminals steal from other criminals – I just can’t feel unhappy about it.
Payday loan businesses can charge interest in excess of 30% in Kansas.  They can charge as much as 70% interest in Wyoming.  These businesses target poor and working poor individuals.  Their prevelence across the country rose steeply after welfare reform.  In fact, a Clinton era figure started a payday loan business – “Advance America – Cash Advance”.
As nutjobs on the BTSNBN used to tell me, “Donnelly, don’t like payday loans: Don’t get one.”  These robberies are really a free-market correction those clowns over there like so much.  May this robber practice his trade with a vengence, and may he roam free for a very long time.
I am going to have to figure out why these types of business piss me off so much.


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Neda And The Twitter Revolution

neda“RIP NEDA, The World cries seeing your last breath, you didn’t die in vain. We remember you.”

That Twitter post was from a man who said he is a guitarist from Nashville, Tennessee.

“Don’t be afraid Neda”, her friends and father are telling her as she dies. One blogger posted that Neda was protesting with her father in Tehran when pro-government Basiji militia opened fire and shot her.

“The final moments of her tender young life leaked into the pavement of Karegeh Street today, captured by cell phone cameras,” the unnamed blogger posted on “And not long after, took on new life, flickering across computer screens around the world on YouTube, and even CNN.”

With journalists in Iran being arrested, deported and generally shut down, kids on twitter have become the eyes and ears of the world. I see the world changing from the common man’s point of view. Government leaders here, and all over the world are clueless when it comes to the new networking. Not only do they not know how to use it to their advantage, they have no idea how to deal with those who do!

If twitter had been online during the Teinamen Square uprising, we would all know the name of the one brave Chinese sould that we only refer to as “The tank guy”.  Thanks to twitter, which suspended scheduled downtime to facilitate the protestors in Iran, the whole world knows about Neda. Shot dead in front of her father on the day we celebrate as father’s day. The most shameful actions brought into the world’s view by the younger Iranians who use modern networks.

On a slightly lighter side, I am thoroughly amused and can relate to the scramble in Washington DC to sign up for twitter. God help us if the congresscritters and lobbyists figure out what 16 year old kids already know.

I feel Obama’s response has been appropriate. I also feel deeply moved by the bravery of these common people. Being on twitter and watching the tweets from Iran while seeing video of Neda has deeply moved  me. Many twitter users have either changed or modified thier avatars to anything green as a show of support. I do the only thing that Obama can do. Watch, listen and comment in support. ~sekanblogger

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Okay this pisses me OFF! crazy 069
May 16 at 1:30 a.m. a drunk hit my daughter’s car parked in front of my house. Not just a fender bender, it shoved her car into and UNDER my car. The wife and the neighbor both went out and saw a car leaving. We called police who took a report. We heard nothing from them. Last Friday, reading the paper we find in the police notes that they found the car, owned by Wendy L. Long (driver unknown). So since Friday I’ve been trying to get the police report. Seems the filing clerk was on vacation and nobody else knew anything. Sheesh.

So I read over the report, which basically describes my damages and then restates some apparent lies. Wendy L. Long tells the cops that she sold the Car to a Suzanne Diaconeslu. Now the report states that Diaconeslu says the car was stolen by person unknown. Google up the name Diaconeslu. ZERO HITS. WTF?

 Wouldn’t there be a record somewhere on the net with that name? Sounds pretty phony to me. So I talk to one of the officers. He basically tells me that it’s up to me to go after Wendy L. Long. WHAT? I was provided NO information other than the address for Ms Long, which I got from the newspaper. crazy 076

Should the cops have been in touch with me when they found the car?

Shouldn’t Ms Diaconeslu have filed a stolen vehicle report?

Shouldn’t the police be doing an investigation and trying to arrest somebody?

Wouldn’t your average Joe go confront Ms Wendy and risk being assaulted?

Is it really up to me to find these people and politely beg for their insurance information? What if anything is to be done here?

HELP! ~sekanblogger


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Moyers Comments On Recent Gun Violence

I never miss an episode of Bill Moyer’s Journal on PBS. I hesitate to blog about each episode because there’s just no “fluff” to the show. I never know what questions and quotes to pull out, generally it’s all ice cream and no bullshit.

 In any case, Moyers ending commentary this week just really hit home for Kansans. Especially for my Wichita friends here who are passionate about Women’s rights. ~sekanblogger

BILL MOYERS: Finally, you know by now that in our nation’s capital on Wednesday, an elderly white supremacist and anti-Semite is alleged to have walked into the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with a rifle and killed a security guard before being brought down himself. 88 years old!

You will know, too, of the recent killing in church of Dr. George Tiller, one of the few doctors in the country still performing late term abortions. It was evidence that violence works. His family has now announced that his Kansas clinic will not be reopened.

You may be less familiar with the June 1st shootings in an Army recruiting office in Little Rock that killed one soldier and wounded another. The suspect in question is an African-American Muslim convert who says he acted in retaliation for U.S. military actions in the Middle East.

Soon, however, these terrible deeds will be forgotten, as are the three policemen killed by an assault weapon in Pittsburgh, the four policemen killed in Oakland, California, the 13 people gunned down in Binghamton, New York, the eight dead in a North Carolina nursing home. All this year alone. Continue reading


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Yelling “Fire!” in a Crowded Theater Filled with Pyromaniacs

I saw some op-ed on the internets that compared right wing hate media’s (O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc.) take on abortion providers as being akin to “yelling fire in a theater filled with arsonists.”  I thought that was an amusing line, but wondered when we’re talking about folk like Scott Roeder, if “pyromaniacs” might be the better choice.  Arsonists can, after all, have fairly rational reasons for setting fires – collecting insurance, etc.  pyromaniacs are a different breed as I understand it.

I have been told that pyromaniacs will often visit the fire they have set and will, either at the time of viewing, or shortly after, masturbate.  Their urges toward crime have been eroticized – in other words, strongly reinforced and thus prone to happen again.

Scott Roeder’s crime, while not apparently eroticized, was driven by religious certitude.  He was “doing God’s will”.  Another variety of very powerful motivation for engaging in and repeating a crime.

So, while I think every person is ultimately responsible for their own behavior, it does seem to me that those who would incite into action people like Scott Roeder share in some of that responsibility.  Yelling “fire” in a crowded theater filled with pyromaniacs is serious business and not at all funny.

Iggy Donnelly


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Legalize Weed And Speed?

While I’m on a roll (pun intended) about pot, Republicans and Jokes, we must discuss one more huge republican fiasco. The ‘war on drugs’.

As I’ve posted here: I already believe in legalizing weed, but speed too? Heroin? LSD? I’m not sure I want that. But this post is not about me, It’s about what law enforcement wants. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, or LEAP. Apparently some want to spend their resources on real, violent, actual ‘bad guys’. Not some pot smoking, or even crank snorting. As one former police chief puts it in today’s New York Times; “I had arrested a 19-year-old, in his own home, for possession of marijuana,” he recalled. “I literally broke down the door, on the basis of probable cause. I took him to jail on a felony charge.” The arrest and related paperwork took several hours, and Mr. Stamper suddenly had an “aha!” moment: “I could be doing real police work.” zigzag

Oh the gall of that guy, not wanting to enforce the law. Not only could he be doing real police work, what about the teenage ‘criminal’? He had his door broken down, he’ll hafta pay for that. Probably got evicted, lost his job, got demonized by the local gossip mill, and will never be able to get a decent job because he’s a FELON. He can’t even own a gun because sherrif Stamper broke down his door and ruined his young life! Was he that dangerous to himself and others? I think not. I also feel that the millions of “Johnny with a joint” prosecutions of the past should be wiped off the record. Being a felon for smoking pot is not an appropriate level of punishment.

Okay, let me turn the soapbox over to the professionals. Read the Times article here Continue reading


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Obama Is For “Preventive Detention”?

In a national security speech Obama indicated that some detainees at  Guantanamo who cannot be prosecuted would pose a risk to the U.S. if they were to be released.  Thus for these detainees our president stated favoring “preventive detention”.  Obama did not state the reasons these detainees could not be prosecuted, but a reasonable assumption would be that they were tortured.  I would sure like to see the evidence that torture worked, so that we might feel better about being in this legally ugly double-bind.

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Do those hopelessly dumb Dimlibs want to import terrorists and terrorism to U.S. Soil?


House minority leader John Boehner (gotta love that surname) thinks that the answer to the above question is a resounding “Yes!”

Read more at politico.

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Tiller’s Clinic to Close

Days after the murder of Dr. George Tiller, the out of state M.D.s who practiced with him vowed to keep Tiller’s clinic open after a week of mourning.  Then it became less clear if the clinic would re-open.  From today’s Wichita Eagle:

“Lee Thompson and Dan Monnat, the family’s lawyers, said in a statement that the clinic, Women’s Health Care Services, will be permanently closed, effective immediately.”

In addition to reassuring the clinic’s current patients of continuing care, I assumed that Tiller’s colleagues quickly announced the clinic’s ongoing operation as a way of stating that the tragedy of Tiller’s death would not result in a “victory”, as it were, for pro-life factions prone to such violence.

Abortion is still legal in the United States, obtaining one has become more inconvenient for women in Wichita, as this article from the WE states.

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UBS Recruiting American Investors

01-money-colours Apparently UBS, the same outfit with the major commercial package going for it, has been sending recruiters to this country, trying to get investors to deposit money in their Swiss bank, in direct violation of United States law. They are doing so for no other reason than to avoid taxes here in the states. U.S. Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat, estimates the cost in unpaid taxes to the U.S. Treasury is $100 billion a year.

So far two individuals,  Igor Olenicoff and Bradley Birkenfeld, have been convicted of tax fraud, but there are still as many as 52,000 other American investors who may be guilty of the same thing. This could blossom into the biggest tax fraud case in history. But it depends on the Federal government obtaining release of the investors names.  UBS is fighting it, saying it conflicts with the Swiss secrecy laws, but the federal government is threatening prosecution of banking officials if it doesn’t get its way. So far, it appears to be a game of chicken, but the odds are on our side. The main problem seems to be will the government want to take a chance on bringing down a bank of UBS’s size?  This whole thing has some serious implications. There’s no telling who it could bring down, but my feeling is it’s something that must be done. We, the people, are being cheated out of billions yearly because of nothing more than greed.


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Immigration  – Makes me yawn; Long as someone, Mows my lawn.


Illegal immigration, fueled by desperation back home, is common and risky the world over. Senegalese and Nigerians die in open boats heading for the Canary Islands. Haitians do the same en route to Puerto Rico. Mauritanians likewise perish aiming for Italy. And it’s no picnic even when they arrive safely. Abuse and death await Tajiks in Russia, Zimbabweans in South Africa, and Pakistanis in London.

Rewards, however, are alluring. While citizens in receiving countries may respond brutally to foreign competitors angling for their jobs, employers love them. There is nothing like cheap, vulnerable labor to increase profits. Thus, sweatshop and plantation owners everywhere become natural allies of human rights activists in seeking amnesty for the undocumented.

If this sounds to you a lot like the United States, you win. We’re little different from the rest of the world in this age-old dilemma, and in some ways we’re worse. Our own trade policies with Central America foist on those sad lands cheap subsidized American agribusiness corn. This has put their farmers out of business and forced them to sneak up here under cover of darkness. Continue reading


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sponge_bob2Are any of you aware of how much water you use every time you sit down for dinner? Well, me neither, until I read “When the River Runs Dry” by Fred Pearce.  Here is a partial list of that:

One portion of rice= = 25 gallons, two pieces of toast = 40 gallons, two egg omelet or small salad = 130 gallons, glass of milk = 265 gallons, one serving of ice cream = 400 gallons, one pork chop – 530 gallons, one hamburger = 800 gallons, one steak = 1320 gallons, cup of coffee = 37 gallons, one teaspoon of sugar = 50 gallons.

All that water, and little that can be done to recoup it. Hydroponics has come a long way, but feeding millions using that method is just not practical. The grain glut on the world market is a problem that can be addressed, though. For every pound of wheat we export, we are exporting 130 gallons of virtual water. That is what it takes to grow that pound of wheat. And we lead the world in exporting virtual water, make no mistake about that.

All that means we have to do a much better job of conserving the one precious resource  we can’t live without. Take the Ogallala aquifer, that vast underground storage system spread beneath eight states. The aquifer leading water experts say if no water was drawn from any more, it would take two thousand years to replenish. That same aquifer T Boone Pickens wants to own so he can sell its water to Dallas/Fort Worth.  One day, if the powers that be don’t realize the importance of the aquifer for all eight states, it could run dry. If that happens, God help us all. The following is a link to a map showing the declining water level in the aquifer. I might add the map is fourteen years old, so water levels are even less today.



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It’s not Al Qaeda that scares me

It’s another week of bits and pieces. Although really, as I write this, my heart is singing the Stone’s “Shattered” more so than Joan Jett’s “Bits and Pieces”.

My heart is splintered into millions of pieces contemplating the cold blooded, religiously motivated murder of Dr. George Tiller. The American Taliban has won another round of domestic terrorism. Like it or not, Tiller was performing legal, and constitutionally protected medical procedures when a religious wacko assassinated him. And it was an assassination meant to intimidate other doctors performing other legal, constitutionally protected procedures. That’s terrorism, no matter how you slice it up.

Don’t like the laws? Think they are immoral, unconstitutional? Fine. In America, we have a process to change the laws. And despite winning the presidential elections 5 of the last 8 times, and conservative republicans being in control of Congress from 1994 until 2007, and republican presidents appointing the majority of the US Supreme Court, conservatives have not been able to change the laws that make abortion legal, or overturn Roe v Wade.

So what’s the next step for this lawless bunch? Assassination. Tiller is the FOURTH doctor gunned down by a religious bigot since 1993. I guess for those folks, imposing THEIR will is more important than the rule of law. Could someone tell me why these people hate the US constitution?

I’d also like to ask a question of the bigots that aided, encouraged, and supported these political assassins and terrorists over the last 16 years. My question is, how does it feel to successfully become identical to Al Qaeda? Brothers in blood and terrorism. The American Taliban “don’t need no stinkin’ laws”. They have guns and a network of domestic terrorists to support them. Welcome to the land of the “free”, the home of the brave, and the rule of domestic terrorism over law.

Chris Rock, a comedian I am sure is not popular in Bleeding Kansas, said one time that as a black man, he wasn’t nearly as afraid of Al Qaeda as he was of Al Cracker. Meaning that redneck, gun totin’ religious bigots were far more likely to be a danger to his safety than any foreigners. I’m quite sure Matthew Shepard would agree. So would James Byrd. And so do I, having had experience with the WaKeeney Taliban. So chalk up another violent win bigots. The real threat to the safety and welfare of many Americans is not coming from foreign soil. When it comes to pure terrorism, nothing stops these religious zealots determined to force their will on everyone, laws and courts be damned.

And could someone remind me when the last time a “liberal” shot up a church or assassinated someone with whom they disagreed? Yeah. I don’t know of any incident of that either. Why are those behind the guns always conservatives? The guy who shot up the church in Tennessee said he wanted to kill every Democrat in Congress. But instead, he bloodied up a church that was a reconciled congregation and accepted openly gay members and their families. That was such a crime to this bigot, spurred on by Bernard Goldberg’s book “100 People Screwing Up America” that he entered the church and killed in cold blood. And before you bring your pitchforks and torches after me, those were the killer’s words, not mine. HE said he wanted to kill every Democrat in Congress, and everyone listed in Goldberg’s book.

I don’t think you have to think too hard to understand the truth as stated in this bumper sticker: “Jesus, save me from your followers”.

Those of us who believe in religious freedom and the rule of law must not allow domestic terrorists like Scott Roeder, Operation Rescue, and the Army of God to win by murder. To do so would dishonor every American soldier who ever went into battle to defend the constitution, religious freedom, and the rule of law. People gave their lives to protect the constitution and the laws it guides. Allowing domestic terrorists to win is a slap in the face to anyone who loves democracy. Without laws, and respect for them, even when you disagree, America is no better than Afghanistan.

Anyone looking to quote scripture during this sad and blood soaked period of American history should look no further than the shortest verse in the Bible.

”Jesus wept.”

And so should we all.



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Roeder’s Family Surprised By His Actions


As the title of this article says Scott Roeder’s family share his history.  From the above photo, he doesn’t look a lot different than those of us who lived through the time.  He had some odd ball ideas about the government.   Who didn’t know people at the time who had similar odd ball ideas? 

The Freemen have largely declined as a recognized anti-government hate group.

Except for the fact that he was arrested with bomb making equipment, would it have been possible to see this coming?  It should have been, in my humble opinion.

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