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How Obama plans to lose in 2012

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Latest Con E-Mail . . . “The 5 Most Important Sentences You’ll Ever Read”

The reich-wing is famous for its zombie e-mail propaganda . . . zombie because no matter how many times the lies are killed, they spring back to life again, marching on to eat the brains of conservatives . . . or what’s left of their brains anyway . . .  Continue reading


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Wichitans on front page of NY Times

Dr. Mila Means, right, at a rally with Kari Ann Rinker of the National Organization for Women.

July 9, 2011
Wichita Doctor Takes Up Fight for Abortions


WICHITA, Kan. — Not long ago, Dr. Mila Means, the physician trying to open an abortion clinic in this city, received a letter advising her to check under her car each morning — “because maybe today is the day someone places an explosive under it,” the note said.

There was reason for concern: the last doctor to provide abortions here was shot to death because of his work. But rather than lower her profile, Dr. Means raised it by buying a car that nobody could miss: a bright-yellow Mini Cooper, emblazoned, appropriately enough, with lightning bolts.

“It’s partly an in-your-face response,” she explained. “You’re looking for me. I’m here.”

Two years have passed since this city, for decades the volatile epicenter of the national fight over abortion, was shaken by the murder of Dr. George R. Tiller — a controversial figure because of his willingness to perform later-term abortions — by a man who said he wanted to stop the killing of babies.

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Could a general strike happen here? Experts say maybe

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Show Gov. Walker he’s an April Fool

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787 Dreamliner teaches Boeing costly lesson on outsourcing

The airliner is billions of dollars over budget and about three years late. Much of the blame belongs to the company’s farming out work to suppliers around the nation and in foreign countries.

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When did you first realize a lot of it was propaganda?

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American Prospect runs special section on saving the middle class






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GMC claims we don’t tolerate dissent here

February 11, 2011 at 1:48 pm — posted to the Wednesday, 2/9/11, Public Square:

Careful, JR. They don’t like dissent here. It really is the “I walked my dog today, and the weather was nice” blog.


Enjoy it if you like. And too bad these voices are gone elsewhere. Like Freebird, I have no problem enjoying a person’s company and still disagreeing with them, but some here apparantly cannot separate political differences and personal friendships. Too bad. The result is the “I walked my dog” blog.”



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Fox News: “We just make stuff up . . .”

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DFA Meeting Today . . . also become an organizer?

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A Message from Howard Dean

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Bomb Targets MLK Parade in Spokane

Now for more news you won’t hear on FOX. A backpack bomb was discovered along the parade route of residents celebrating Martin Luther King Day.

AP reports

“The bomb had a remote detonator and the ability to cause mass casualties, according to an official familiar with the case who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release information about the investigation.

“The bomb was defused without incident Monday but unnerved residents of Spokane, especially those who took part in a parade whose theme was steeped in peace and nonviolence.

“The attempt on the day set aside to honor the slain civil rights leader raised the possibility of a racial motive in a region that has been home to the white supremacist group Aryan Nations.

“‘The confluence of the holiday, the march and the device is inescapable, but we are not at the point where we can draw any particular motive,’ Harrill said.”


Another bomb was found a few weeks earlier near a court-house.

Remember when Janet Napolitano announced the finding that right-wing extremists posed the greatest threat of domestic terrorism, and the right-wing erupted in OUTRAGE!

Well . . . she was right.

And on the media front, this event got about as much coverage as the mosque bombings, e.g., hardly any.


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Sign Move On’s petition “No Cuts to Social Security”

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Has Class War begun?

CNBC reports that over 200 members of the Sheetmetal Workers Union, wearing hard-hats and carrying bull-horns, stormed past security at a meeting of mortgage bankers.

The union workers were protesting 900 million in federal funds given to bankers to create jobs.

“Where are the jobs,” they demanded.


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