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    • I don’t care how many times Trumpbulican Kompassionate Kristian Konservative try to convince me their boy is God’s messiah to save America – I will NEVER believe them.

      Any country that continually fights against health care for all its citizens is NOT a Christian country – IMHO

  1. Trump’s U.N. Speech
    The president made misleading boasts about his record on the economy and foreign issues.

    • Trump is just throwing raw red meat to his base – White Evangelical Kristians – aka Kompasionate Kristian Konservatives – who truly believe every time their little bully spews his threats – the rest of us shiver and quake in our shoes.

      Excuse me – but Trump is like the boy that cried wolf too much. I’ve come to the point where I don’t even take anything Trump says as serious. This is a very small man, with a small mind but a very big mouth.

      But one thing should be made very clearly – if Trump does start war with North Korea – then every single Trump voter needs to pack their bags and volunteer to go do the actual fighting and dying this time.

      Don’t use the National Guard – send in EVERY single Trump voter. Don’t even give them any training – or guns for that matter. I don’t even care how old or fat they are – these folks can stand in the front line of combat and block some bullets.

      • BTW – did North Korea get their nuclear weapons under the George W. Bush years in the White House?

        Excuse me – but isn’t GWB a Republican and all those Republicans in Congress that love Trump were also in Congress at the time the North Koreans got those nuclear weapons?

        Just asking..

      • This is what Jim Wright says on his Facebook page:

        The President of the United States this morning fixed blame for North Korea’s nuclear weapons program squarely on Hillary Clinton.
        Now, you have to assume that the president wouldn’t make such a statement unless he could back it up with facts. I mean, right?

        Thus, logically,


        The North Korean nuclear weapons program began in the 1950s at the end of the Korean War (or ceasefire, depending on how you define “end.”)

        Domestic North Korean nuclear weapons development ramped up in earnest in the 1980s during the Reagan administration with the completion of a five-megawatt USSR-designed nuclear reactor at Yongbyon in 1986.


        North Korean nuclear weapons development then went into high gear under George H.W. Bush after North Korea’s nuclear sponsor and supplier, the Soviet Union, collapsed in 1991.


        Bill Clinton attempted to strike a deal with North Korea, halting nuclear weapons development in 1994. Under the deal, North Korea would agree to shut down the plutonium based Yongbyon reactor in exchange for two US built uranium reactors that could only be used to produce electricity and not weapons-grade radioactives. Ultimately that fell through — though development was paused for several years.


        In 2002, the new US President, George W. Bush publicly designated North Korea as part of the his “Axis of Evil.” North Korea then withdraw from the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty and resumed weapons development at an accelerated pace. In 2005, North Korea announced it had functional nuclear weapons, and on 9 October, 2006, they detonated their first nuclear weapon — 5 years into the George W. Bush administration.


        Barack Obama became president on 20 January, 2009. Hillary Clinton was appointed Secretary of State on January 21st.

        For the Creationists, that means Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State NEARLY FOUR YEARS AFTER North Korea detonated its first nuclear weapon.

        Now, again, according to the current president of the United States, somehow, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is responsible for North Korea having nuclear weapons despite that having happened BEFORE she actually took office.


        Somehow, Hillary Clinton would have had to have been able to influence North Korean weapons development beginning the 1950s.

        Now, it’s unreasonable to believe that Clinton, who was born in October of 1947, would, as a 10 year old girl, have that sort of power and influence.


        The ONLY logic conclusion is that an adult Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State MUST have had access to some secret US government time travel program.

        Which brings to me at last to Clinton’s only real failing: Why in the hell are we dealing with a nuclear armed madman in the first place?

        Seriously, why didn’t Hillary Clinton use her magic time traveling capability to get rid of Trump BEFORE he became a problem?

        Didn’t this woman ever see Terminator?

  2. In all seriousness – Jesus Christ (the real one) could come down from the Heavens and tell Trumpublican Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives that Trump is a wannabe Hitler – and these KKK folks would spit in Jesus’ face.

    Go back and see what world leader was quick to praise Trump’s U.N. speech yesterday – can we say the Jew Benjamin Netanyahu?

    Hmmm….now I wonder why Bennie the Jew celebrates Trump who seems hellbent on starting World War III?


    Why don’t these two Republicans pick up the damn phone and call JImmy Kimmel to guarantee there will be NO American left out of health care coverage due to their ‘brilliant plan’?

    The only thing I see from their plan is the same old GOP crappola – block grants to the states so the STATES can do as they please.

    Which means – there is NO guarantee that STATES have to offer health care coverage to all Americans.

    Jeezus Almighty – are all Republicans this stupid – or do they expect us to be that stupid to dare confront their highnesses?



    Jimmy Kimmel – Thank God for your pedestal in the media world so the TRUTH can come out about the GOP health care scam they are trying to pull.

    I must confess – I had to laugh when Jimmy said Sen. Cassidy got caught with his G-O-Penis out.

    I damn near spilled my cup of tea from laughing so hard…

  5. Rick Liebst

    Well it seems I am not winning new friend or influencing old one.. IN fact I have been informed that if I do not stop on Trump and the neocons. some relatives are going to stop the receiving of facebook updates and messages from me. It is just that serous. But don’t seem to have it in me to remain quiet. The damn fool is not going to be happy until the neocons and he have their war.

    • That particular damn fool simply wants to make a name for himself – IMHO – so he will do whatever the NeoCons want from him.

      But the more dangerous part to this equation is how these Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives – aka Far Right Wingers – are the folks who are there encouraging him to start World War III – so they can get their lily-white butts to Heaven – even if it means their Messiah Boy has to blow up the world to do it.

      What is rather ironic – is to watch Bennie the Jew War Mongerer get his panties in a twist over his BFF Trump acting all macho at the U.N. and knowing these Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives all believe the Jews are not saved and will NOT be in Heaven with all the ‘right people’.

      I’ve often wondered why would their God send his own son to Earth as a Jewish Man just to ‘save’ a bunch of White Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives in America – and doom all the Jews to Hell?

      Religion is a set of man-made rules to control people.

      Faith in God is Spiritual.

      NEVER confuse the two.

  6. Excuse me – but I need a score card to follow Trump’s logic in his vision of the world.

    Communists are bad – but just the Cuban Communists? The Russian Communists are okay?

    Muslims are bad – but just the Iranian Muslims. The Saudi Arabia Muslims are okay?

    North Koreans are bad – well, I agree with that statement. But why should the North Korean nutjob leader feel the need to bow down to Trump? China and Russia is there to help the little nut job leader.

    Wait a minute – isn’t China also Communists? So – they are good people or bad? Or is the answer to that question depends on which Trump kid wants to get their Chinese trademarks approved so they can make more money?



    OUCH – McCain (that Vietnam War hero that Trump infamously said was NOT a war hero -remember?) is voting against the GOP health care plan to get rid of Obamacare.

    McCain – Rand Paul and Susan Collins have now come out in opposition to this particular GOP bill.

    Perhaps Jimmy Kimmel’s stance on this issue is making people think?

    Or – like in McCain’s case – McCain told the Republicans last time that he wanted to see a health care bill that will be proposed on a bipartisanship and then debated by both sides – like legislation used to be done – in the good old days.

    And speaking of good old days – isn’t that what Trump promised in his campaign speeches that he wanted to take America Great Again by going back to the good old days?

    Well – Trumpie – bipartisanship in the Congress is how legislation is made.