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  1. Republicans hate government in charge of health care – but these same Republicans don’t seem to give a fat rat’s ass when a Corporate Pencil-Pushing DYCK gleefully denies payment for a health-insurance covered procedure, lab or even seeing the doctor the patient wants to see.

    My son and granddaughter had to change their insulin diabetic pens they used because their ‘health care insurance’ decided to not cover the brand they have been using for years.

    OH – and there was no notification of this change in what their ‘health care insurance’ would pay for – they found out about this change when they tried to refill their prescription.

    Which meant – their doctors had to be consulted to sign for the change – and you know what that is like in some doctor’s offices to try to get anything done.

    They were also told that the doctor could not – under any circumstances – insist on their insulin brand they had used for years (which, BTW, was most effective) because the health insurance Pencil-Pushing DYCKS decided it was in their best financial interest to go with their preferred insulin brand.

    Hmm….I wonder if that health insurance company also owned stock in a certain pharmaceutical company???

    Isn’t it nice to know government can not tell us what we can and cannot do with our health care.

    • This is purely a personal pet peeve of mine – but this Huckabee-Sanders woman grates on my nerves every single time I see her stomp up to that podium.

      Listening to her makes me miss Sean Spicer. At least he was more enjoyable to watch and he did not have that nasaly and whiny voice that Huckabee’s kid has…

      • I agree! Huckabee-Sanders also has a perpetual scowl on her face and a chip on her shoulder.

      • fnord – she has that same chip on her shoulder that her daddy has on his – and his penchant for daring anybody to knock it off.

        And then when they do knock it off – Mikey screams how ‘persecuted Christians are’.

        What a bunch of losers – IMHO

        Which is a mystery to me as to why Trump kisses every white Kompassionate Kristian Konservative’s lily-white butt. These are the folks who claim they are not racists but they are proud of their Confederate Heritage.

        Excuse me – but the Confederates LOST the Civil War – so these good fine people are proud to be LOSERS???

        And they worship Trump who constantly says he hates LOSERS?

        It does not make any sense to me – not now, not ever!



    Did anybody else know the US has an annual $5 billion business in shipping US waste and ‘junk’ to China recyclers?

    I had no idea this was going on. And the reason the US is made is because – China did not give us enough warning this ban was coming?

    Hey – why should China give the US waste/junk senders any warning they want to stop accepting this waste ‘junk’ when the US health care Corporate Pencil-Pushing DYCKS are not mandated to give their patients a warning they change to their ‘preferred’ insulin brand pens?

    Just asking…

    BTW – does it bother anybody else that the US has this much damn waste and ‘junk’ that we it is an annual $5 Billion business?

    here’s a thought – let’s stop buying a lot of that Chinese junk products that work for a day or two and then Americans have to ‘junk’ it because they can’t be repaired – like the good old days?

    I believe it was during the Reagan years that Americans became the ‘disposable’ society. We just bought and bought and then if something broke – we just junked it to the landfills – without a second thought.

    Perhaps those environmental roosters are coming home to roost?


    • I was aware of this. It is less costly to ship it to China for recycling, etc., than to dispose/recycle it in the U. S. Many reasons are put forward for this, and the one I give the most credence to is that there is so much recyclable junk in the U.S. that there are not sufficient recyclers here to handle it, and disposal of same in the appropriate landfills is too costly or nearly impossible. Just a FWIW.

      • I understand why the US is shipping our waste junk to the China recyclers. My problem is why do we have so much of this crap in the first place?

        I remember the good old days (the days Republicans claim to want to take us back to) – when products were made with self pride and quality – IMHO

        Most of the products we bought – if they did break, we got them repaired. I remember the old shoe repair shops – the fix-it shops where you took any appliance and if they could fix it, that was what we did.

        We never thought about just throwing the broken product out in the trash can and going out to buy a new one.

        But that brings me to another pet peeve of mine – how Americans seem to love to demolish old buildings (even if they can be restored) and choose to build a modern building that has no character – IMHO

        You don’t see the rest of the world doing that crap. How many old buildings in Europe, China, Japan or even Russia has been maintained?

        And then Trump called the White House a dump? Trump is infamous for his gold-blinged Trump Tower penthouse – and yet he calls the White House a dump?

        That is the mindset of Americans that I find to be totally offensive.

  3. Bob White – Still thinking about you and hoping you and yours are safe and able to get back to normal life ASAP.



    Read this article very carefully – and notice how many of these Evangelical Kristians are justifying their blind loyalty to Trump because they have unprecedented access to this Trump Administration – aka money to be made at the expense of taxpayers??

    Hell – these Evangelicals even say outloud that Trump is not a religious man (which is an understatement – IMHO>

    So perhaps their blind loyalty to Trump is because he is the the man who will give these Evangelicals what they want the most – access and power?

    Politics and Religion should NEVER mix – IMHO



    I guess I am not like the people around Trump. I don’t like any person who has a ‘volcanic’ temper – throws hit raging fit and drops the F-bomb like it is candy eggs from the damn Easter Bunny. But not only that – Trump intentionally singles out one person to heap this volcanic rage on to in front of everybody.

    But read this article carefully – there are people who try to justify Trump’s rages as his being ‘engaged’ and they would rather have him yell at them than to be dismissive of them.

    WTF….where is a person’s self pride and dignity when they are willing to tolerate this behavior from Trump?

    I had a supervisor just like Trump and I tried to get along with her. My health was even being affected by this JERK.

    That was the day I decided to tell this supervisor what she could do with her rages, insults and threats.

    That was the best day I ever had on that job. Funny thing – after I blew up at her – the owner of the company asked me to continue working for him and that if I could ‘make things work’ with her – then he was confident that this supervisor would change her ways.

    My reply to the owner? OH HELL NO…..

    Leopards don’t change their spots. My dignity and self pride was more important than any damn job.

    Maybe I am along in my thinking that there are people in this world that purely enjoy being the rage-throwers and bullies? I learned a long time ago – get away from toxic people.



    I did not know about this Nashville Statement signed by 153 (?) evangelical leaders – which several of those that signed this statement are on Trump’s advisory council – and they all try to convince us that Trump is a God-fearing Kristian and that God chose Trump to save America?

    OH PLEASE – just pass the barf bag now.

    BTW – Evangelical Kristians – just stop embarrassing yourselves. We all know what your true beliefs are – follow the MONEY and that tells all we need to know.

    And – if homosexuality is a sin – how about adultery, liars, thieves, thugs, bullies and child molesters – and for those sinners, look in your own church pews and your own damn mirrors.



    Is this Trump aide correct when he said that retweets are not endorsements?

    I had an ex-friend – that Catholic Far Right Republican that used to send me all kinds of email crappola from her side of the Far Far Right view of the world.

    I would usually reply with my copy and paste job from which would usually be rating whatever story she set with the most Pinocchoi noses – which means they were outright damn lies.

    But then this woman had the nerve to tell me that she did not believe in those stories – she was simply sending them to me as her way of sharing the news.

    Sharing the news? When I told her multiple times to stop sending me that junk emails – she calls it simply ‘sharing news’??

    I guess she had to tell her something like that to help her sleep at night…



    If these football players for this Christian College is what Heaven is filled with – why the hell would anybody want to be next to these embeciles for an eternity?