Tuesday, 9/12/17, Public Square

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by | September 12, 2017 · 7:51 am

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  1. Rick Liebst

    The hypocrites are coming out in force aren’t they? For eight years the me-me of Obama was not an American. The Keynan and the like, now seem totally offended when someone compares trump and the Neocons to Hitler and the third reich. At first I thought I was the only one doing it so openly. But lately and as he does more and more. Others seem to be seeing the similarities.

    • What makes me want to vomit is how these same Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Trumpublicans now claim they did not like their President Obama but they NEVER disrespected him.

      OH PLEASE – just pass the barf bag now.

      • If Trump and his fellow Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives really wanted to unite our country – the first step should be for them to all apologize to their President Obama for pushing that damn Birtherism LIe – and not just apologize- but to ask for Obama’s forgiveness.

        After all – the Bible I read tells believers that in order for God to be able to bless us and use our talents for his good – is for us to be right with God is for us to confess our sins and then to REPENT of those same sins.

        When the hell did any of these Trumpublicans ask for Obama’s forgiveness – let alone apologize to the man?

        I listened to HIllary Clinton this morning and shew as was asked if she thought Joe Biden would have won in 2016. Hillary quickly said – ‘but he did not run’ – so why talk about that what ifs?

        Personally I think TRump would have won regardless because it was the Far Right’s -payback – for Obama being elected twice – and winning both Popular Vote and Electoral College votes both times.

        Winning both the Popular Vote and Electoral College is not something Trump can truthfully claim – is it?

        Trump in the White House is payback by the Whites as surely as O.J. Simpson acquitted of two murders was payback by the Blacks – IMHO

  2. Think about what Trump did by signing one of his many Executive Orders when you watch many politicians – and yes, Republicans – demonize and gnash their teeth and vowing to investigate – even criminal action(s) – against the nursing home down in Hollywood Florida – that is the nursing home where 8 residents died from heat-related conditions.

    I have yet to hear one news journalist bring up this fact that back on August 8, 2017 (a month ago) – Trump proudly signed his Executive Order that makes it harder (If not impossible?) for nursing home owners/corporations to be sued.

    Hmmm……what a man does means a hell of a lot more than what a man says – IMHO

    BTW – when these Republicans are spewing their feigned outrage at this nursing home and are asking how this could have happened – check those regulations. There was a report this nursing home was using portable AC units to keep the place cool. If there is a regulation that only states the nursing home is to maintain a certain level of cool air in the building – perhaps those portable AC units were within that temp range?

    And if that is the case – then are these same Republicans going to demand more regulations be put onto the nursing home industry?

    Hmm….Republicans have made it known how they HATE all Regulations and want to get rid of every single one of them.

    This will be interesting to watch – or will this story be just like all the tragic news stories – it is news for the day and then suddenly, nobody even remembers anything about it…

  3. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/disturbing-details-emerge-about-school-shooting-alleged-gunman/ar-AArUK3U?li=BBnb4R7

    When will enough be enough? This article asks the question – why do people in our society think it is okay to turn to guns to solve their problem?

    Well – let’s review what Trump and his fellow Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives have screamed about for years – shall we?

    These are these are the same ‘good, fine people’ that Trump was referring to in his Charlottesville rally speech – remember?

    These are those fine God-fearing Kristians that love to scream about how it is their God-given right to own as many guns as they want.

    Where in the Bible does it God has given man the right to own guns??? PLEASE – enlighten me as to Book, Chapter and Verse.

    This article also speculates about the motive might be due to bullying.

    Hmm…let’s see how that issue has been a major thorn in our society’s side – shall we?

    Which bunch of KKK Republicans just voted for the biggest bully they could find? After all – those KKK Republicans had to get their payback for that black man being President for 8 years.

    I fully believe that Trump’s election to the White House was the White’s payback – just as OJ Simpson’s acquittal of the two murders was payback by the Blacks.

    It’s the same side of the same damn coin- IMHO

    • BTW – REpublicans are also the ones that voted to allow mentally ill people to legally buy guns. These are people who were found to be mentally ill by the courts – and yet Republicans still fought to have these people legally guy guns?

      Oh – and these same Republicans also voted to allow suspected terrorists on the No Fly list to legally buy guns also.

      Excuse me when I don’t listen to one word these Republicans spew about how they are so law-and-order abiding citizens.

      What bunch of KKK bull sh_t…..