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  1. Rick Liebst

    The contradictions within the Trump administration is brighter then the sun on the summer day. These Neocons are an insult to the very idea of what is meant to be an American. Yet they stand Holier then thou, Proclaiming to be the outstanding example of of patriotism. Total lack of souls, it takes a total lack of a soul in order to be such a person.

    • Which is why Trump is their boy – IMHO

      Trump is not the cause of all this political division and hatred.

      Trump is just the reality t.v. star that saw these Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives for what they really are and has ridden their hypocrite horse into power.

      Which is why – Trump tweeted late yesterday that if Congress does not act on DACA – that he will ‘revisit’ his decision to rescind the current DACA.

      And why is Trump doing this? He says it’s because these DACA people are ‘beautiful people’ and he truly cares about them.

      Please – pass the puke bucket now..



    I wonder how many people will read this article and feel sorry for Trump and blast Richard Branson for promoting that hoax of climate change?

    Sad to say – more people than we would imagine..



    Would it be perfect karma for Hurricane Jose to take out Trump’s precious Mar-a-Lago.?

    I know – I know…I suspect I am headed for the bowels of Hell to even think that thought – let alone say it out loud.

    But if there is one thing Trump can take the real credit for – Trump has taught me to never be politically correct again. And if I think something like this thought of a hurricane with a Mexican name taking out his precious Mar-a-Lago – then to be true to Trump, I’ve gotta say it out loud – don’t I? đŸ™‚


      Just a thought – now that Trump has set a precedent of giving a million dollars of his own money for disaster relief to Texas – will he continue this gesture with every disaster that hits any part of America – which includes Puerto Rico.

      Or will he just give to Florida because he wants his Mar-a-Lago to benefit?



        Speaking of Trump’s $1M personal donation – did you see the list of recipients?

        Samaritan’s Purse got $100,000 – this is Franklin Graham’s group.

        Operation Blessing got $25,000 – this is Evangelist Pat Robertson’s group.

        Hmmm….I wonder what Brother Pat thinks about this? After all – Brother Pat did his best to spread that known malicious Birtherism Lie about his President Obama for 8 years – which Trump happily signed on to be their Pied Piper to spread that particular lie for years.

        This may sound like a petty question – but I know these Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives from first hand experience.

        There is nothing more vicious than a bunch of self-righteous, sanctified, holified and glorified people who truly believe they are the favorites of Jesus. Especially when it comes to getting MONEY.

  4. Serious question :

    Perhaps the two women who refuse to be groped – aka Mother Nature and her twin sister Lady Karma – are doing their best to force Trump and Trumpublicans to spend taxpayer money for disaster relief on our own Americans.

    So there won’t be much more money to spend on nuclear weapons to start the Holy War and/or World War III?

    Life has a way of smacking people down – doesn’t it?



    what’ the surprise?

    IIRC this is the same fat boy that used that evil Liberal ACLU to get him out of legal troubles when Rushbo got caught with that suitcase filled with all those prescription pills – remember?



    So – Steve Bannon is going after Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell? HOORAY..

    I listened to a few minutes of this man’s spewing on The CBS News this morning (as much as I could stand looking at him and hearing that damn voice of his).

    Anyway – all I got from Bannon is that EVERY American should give BLIND LOYALTY to Trump.

    Excuse me – but isn’t forced to give blind loyalty to one leader means that leader is the KING?

    Excuse me again – but didn’t the Founding FAthers start the revolutionary war because they wanted to create a country where there was NO KING?

    But hey – if Bannon wants to give McConnell and Ryan hell – that is fine with me. Pass the popcorn.


    Just another Wealthy White Evangelical Kristian (intentionally misspelled) telling us that God has sent Harvey and Irma to teach American humility.

    Wow – I wonder if this Kirk dude has take an objective look at his God-chosen Messiah in the white House – the dude they call Trump?

    Excuse me – but does the word – humility – even cross your mind when you hear the name Trump?

    But – what this is better than what other Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives have said about how past hurricanes were God’s punishment for tolerating homosexuality.

    Come to think of it – since Harvey and now Irma are targeting the Bible Belt people – of course this dude Kirk Cameron is not going to say God is punishing those holified and sanctified Kristians for tolerating gays. And Trump – well he is certainly getting rid of all those homosexuals .

    NO KIRK – hurricanes are getting worse and more destructive – and occurring more often because of climate change.

    Mother Nature is pissed off and her twin sister Karma has her ass-kicking boots on.

    So – get ready KIRK and fellow Wealthy White Evangelicals.. It appears your Bible Belt is the chosen target for the two women who REFUSE to be groped.



    So – the drop in gun sales – aka drop in gun stocks – is due to the fact HIllary lost the election and Republicans both House and Senate?

    OK – so this explains why so many Republicans and their paid media mouthpieces – were on a 24/7 tirade over Obama for 8 years and then started on Hillary.

    But the iron yis the fact these same GOP paid mouthpieces also manipulate their targeted audiences into believing climate change is a hoax that is driven by the evil LIberal media and retailers to stoke the fear and panic when they tell Americans to evacuate and take cover due to oncoming hurricanes?

    Rush Limbaugh spewed his climate change hoax B.S. right up to the day he -himself – evacuated his Palm Beach property.

    Rush was the first swamp critter that needed to be drained by Trump – but I noticed Rush and his fellow swamp critters are still there ..


    While Trump and Trumpublicans proudly do their cock strutting dance over how much money Wall Street and their Corporate CEOs are making – let’s take a good look at these Americans – hooked on opioids.

    When are we going to get honest and see who the ‘real’ drug addicts are? IMHO – Big Pharma and this insane for-profit health care system has a lot of blood on their hands because a lot of these addicts have stated they started abusing prescription pain pills.

    Imagine that….

    What does it profit a man (or country?) to gain the world but yet lose their own soul?


    Is this really what Americans have become? A 22-yr-old dude posts this ‘event’ to Facebook telling me to shoot at Irma – and then he is shocked some people took him seriously?

    American’s own stupidity will be the start of our downfall – but our arrogance will seal the deal.

  11. A new week – a new opportunity for Americans to choose to believe the hogwash that came out Bannon’s mouth last night during his interview with Charlie Rose?

    Excuse me – but where in the Bible does it say Steve Bannon never tells lies?