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pay for him with our taxes


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  1. Rick Liebst

    Is anyone else noticing that Facebook is getting more into censoring posts? It seems that several of my political post according to facebook have been deemed offensive and have been either censored or deleted all together. Interesting.

  2. From Jim Wright, Stonekettle Station —

    I listened to reports of North Korea’s latest weapons test as I drove across country yesterday.

    I listened to conversation in various gas stations and truck stops when I stopped to get gas. The TVs were all tuned to news stations and the news was North Korea.

    No one seemed particularly concerned.

    I suspect that most of America has gotten used to the idea that North Korea is a nuclear nation.

    I suspect that most Americans are smart enough to realize, crazy as Kim Jong Un is, he’s not that crazy. He’s not going to nuke America, or South Korea, without some provocation. Providing we don’t give him one, we’re probably all safe enough.

    I suspect that most Americans understand neither China or Russia are interested in stopping North Korea from achieving its nuclear ambition. Kim is not pointing his bombs at them. And the more the US shits itself over North Korea, the more it’s to their advantage. If they DO take some action, THEY end up the peacemakers on the world stage, not us.

    North Korea is nuclear nation.

    We’re just going to have to accept that.

    Like it or not, we’re going to have to start treating them that way. Threats of force will no longer work — and really haven’t worked at all, ever, anyway. If we want to ensure the safety of the world, we’re going have to use intellect, reason, diplomacy, and treat North Korea like equals.

    Or we could murder a couple million people and wreck the world pretty much forever to prove we’ve got the biggest dick.

    Those are the options.

    The only people who don’t seem to understand this are … well, the same people who think carrying a gun tucked into their pants to the supermarket makes them superior.

    • Agreed 100%

      But let’s not forget – North Korea got those nuclear weapons under Republican George W. Bush’s years in the White House.

      How much you want to bet all those people who think carrying a gun tucked into their pants to the supermarket are blaming the black guy in the White House?



    Looks like Germany comes down hard on Neo Nazis and White Supremacists – but is this going too far in restricting their freedom of speech and – perhaps – giving these Nazis and White Supremacists even more potential power?

    What is interesting in this article is how these Nazis and White Supremacists are using the issues of globalism immigration and Islamic terrorism as their main talking points..

    How there it is again – that word – globalism. So – the ‘real’ problem are these Muslims who are moving around the globe and starting their shit?

    pray tell me – how many Muslims were immigrating to America when those Confederate people declared war on their own country and started the Civil War.

    Which – BTW – these same Confederates LOST.

    If Trump hates losers so much – then why is he and his fellow Confederate Loser descendants so damn proud of their statues to their LOSER leaders?

    NOW we know why Trump’s core base – White Evangelical Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives are also those folks who spread their known – vicious lie – about Obama’s birth. And why these same folks still insist that Obama is a Muslim.

    This fits so well into their political agenda – and keeping that hatred pot stirred really brings in the tax free millions from all those ‘good white people’ that Trump referred to being in that Charlottesville rally.



    So – it appears Mega Preacher Joel Osteen is still defending his church’s decision to turn away their fellow Houston citizens when they needed help from the flooding?

    I still don’t buy his explanation. And he is STILL blaming the government for not asking him to use his building as a shelter.

    I wonder if Jesus would have turned away those people pleading for help?

    But it does give me a ray of hope that his attendance at his service was way, way down – and then he only preached for 6 minutes.

    WOW – hit the hyprocrits where they hurt – in their gold-lined pockets.

    BTW – there were news reports of much smaller churches in the Houston area that did take people into their churches – and they also had their people out with boats to rescue more victims of the flood.

    Why didn’t Mega Preacher Joel Osteen then get his church members to actually go out and rescue people? Surely – that government would not tell him NOT to do that – would they?

    Oh – wait a minute – I do remember watching the government officials begging for average citizens with boats to come and help with the rescue.

    Hmmm…..something to think about – huh?

    BTW – pay close attention to Mega Preacher Joel use the defense that when they bought this arena – it had flooded previously. But the church installed flood gates around the church.

    So – why was he so damn worried about the church being flooded so badly they could help people?

    Oh – and just a thought – isn’t that building huge and has more than one floor? Why not just put the people up on the top floors?

    But isn’t it interesting to see Mega Preacher Joel sound just like Trump when he said – I know you love me. Ya’ll need to get on social media.

    What a P.O.S. – IMHO



      I heard about this fake Texas Hurricane Harvey story on the National Public Radio station today. And guess what – here it is from the BBC news site.

      Hmmm…..I wonder if this FAKE story about the Muslim Iman refusing to take in victims of the hurricane had anything to do with Mega Preacher Christian Joel Osteen’s defense of why his church turned people away during the same hurricane Harvey?

      BTW – according to Mega Christian Preacher Joel Osteen – his church could not be a shelter because the city had not asked them to do be one.

      But yet these Muslim mosques opened their doors to be a shelter. I wonder if the Muslims got permission from the city officials before hand?



    Well – here is another story of people from Illinois that took their hovercraft boats down to Houston rescue victims.

    And then the Coca Cola Company called up the city officials and told them there were trucks filled with bottled water and other soft drinks – all for the taking – which is why the Illinois man with his hovercraft was needed.

    I wonder if that Illinois guy knew he had to had to check in with the government officials before he could offer any help?

    As you can tell – I have STILL not forgotten how Mega Christian Preacher Joel Osteen responded to this hurricane in his OWN city. And how this Man of God (?) still blames the city officials for his church locking their doors?

    OH PLEASE GOD (the real one) – if there as ever a time to hurl down lightning bolts and hell fire – throw them in the direction of certain ‘evangelical christians’.



    So – are these Dreamers the violent criminals that Trump promised to concentrate on and deport them?

    As I understood from a news report this morning on the Public Radio station, these Dreamers are the children of illegal immigrants that brought them to the US when they were young – and have already passed background checks, are either currently in school or working.

    So – NOW I guess these 800,000 Dreamers are standing in the way of Americans that Trump wants to put ‘first’ into gainful employment?

    If that is the case – then why did Trump’s Mar-a-Lago apply for even more HB-1 visas for foreign workers? I’ll need to look for that article about Trump’s ‘real’ actions when it comes to putting Americans first.

    Oh – and when Trump uses the defense that these Mar-a-Lago jobs are jobs that no Americans are willing to work – WRONG. There was also a news report of a local Job Fair in area were Mar-a-lago is located and Trump’s Mara-a-Lago refused to participate. The reason they gave? They prefer to use foreign workers on the HB-1 visa program.

    Well…imagine that…

    Actions speak louder than words. But – what else can we expect from a FAKE Evangelical Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Messiah?