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  1. Rick Liebst

    Now the question is, who is more delusional? Him or his supporters?



    Interesting reading…

    Did I miss the memo when Trump ordered all the victims of Hurricane Harvey to be loaded on buses and scattered throughout the United States – like they were in Hurricane Katrina?

    Remember that – when so many people were physically relocated – and how many never returned to New Orleans to rebuild their homes?

    BUT – those Casinos and high-priced luxury condos and corporate buildings got theirs rebuilt and first.

    Trump is going to be the very same way – only worse – IMHO



    On my way home this morning after doing errands – I was radio station-surfing and recognized an old – very old and obnoxious voice – it was Rush Limbaugh.

    I forced myself to listen to this bag if wind and he was spewing his hot air about how climate change is a hoax and for proof of his knowledge – he referred to the 1900 Galveston Hurricane.

    BUT – Rush’s nugget of wisdom was that we’ve always had climate change and what was the difference between 1900 Galveston and Hurricane Harvey? For Harvey – we have rescue helicopters, boats and trucks – all powered by fossil fuels.

    So – this was supposed to be 100% proof that climate change is NOT caused by man’s use of fossil fuels.

    Can somebody please explain this to me?

    From that nugget of GOP bull-sh_it – Rush jumps to the ‘real’ man-made disaster and that is liberalism.

    He went on to say how proud he was to be the leader in destroying the ‘real’ man-made disaster called liberalism.

    Then he threw in something about how the media just tells lies about Trump because Trump NEVER said that good white people are KKK White Supremacists.

    GOD – this big bag of hot air is so FAKE that I could smell it through the airwaves.

    If I can smell – why can’t his followers? And if people listen to this 24/7 drivel of Rush-wisdom – no wonder they are all NUTS.

    Oh yeah – when he talked about how the liberal media spreads their lies about Trump – Rush threw in how Liberals think for themselves and need liberal media to tell them what to think.

    WOW – is this what Trump means about FAKES News – that B.S. coming out of Rush’s big bag of wind mouth?

    • BTW – There’s always been severe storms and hurricanes throughout history – but the mere fact that they seem to be occurring more frequently – does that not cross Rush’s feeble mind?

      Oh – and if Galveston was destroyed and 6000 people died in that Hurricane in 1900 – then why was the city allowed to rebuild in the same damn place?

      Just like they’re going to do this time around – taxpayers pay for stupid people to rebuild their houses where they should have NOT built it in the first place.

      Oh – and build it using cheap materials and using illegal immigrants for the laborers – so the developers and politically-connected ‘right’ people will all make their millions – yet again.

    • Rick Liebst

      I can so relate, turning through the channels I seem to land on Fox for abit. I swear I will not, too many times of ending up cursing at the person on the screen. Asking those questions that will not be answered or I could not believe what I would get back. It would be so nice though, if truly one day I could heard to what level of stupidity they have or believe their listener has? Sadly though, it would seem the only one showing their level of stupidity is the fool who is yelling at the TV. LOL

  4. Here’s what we have coming, friends. It’s difficult to accept, but all signs point to this being republican strategy that just might work again, no matter who the Democratic Party nominates Trump could win a second term.

    Trump is toxically unpopular. He still might win in 2020.

    • Never say Never – especially when Americans have continued on this current path of worshipping MONEY – above all else.

      Oh – we might say we are a Christian nation that believes in justice, democracy and freedom for all – but that’s just what we on the outside.

      Take a good look deep inside people and it is a very dark and uncaring place.



    IF Jared Kushner’s family business is in such financial trouble – then why take a job at the White House and be sold to Americans as the person who can bring lasting peace to the Middle East?

    Since Trump tells us to no longer be politically correct – let me just preface my next comment in this way – – this is just how unpolitically correct I can say this…

    Jared Kushner went to Israel a few weeks back – my first unfiltered thought was – so, the Magic Jew Boy is going to go do his magic dance and suddenly all the Jews will return to their Homeland so these Evangelical Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives will all be ready for their Jesus to come back to Earth and take them all up to Heaven.

    Of course, all these Evangies will be laughing and cheering while the rest of us heathens – along with those Jews – will be stuck here on Earth to face our eternal damnation in Hell.

    NO – seriously – this is what Evangelical Christians preach – I was surrounded by this claptrap nonsense during my involvement in this Evangelical Christian movement.

    I always wondered why God chose to send his only son Jesus to be born a Jew so that these Jews would reject him – and in that way, the Jew Jesus will save all the White Evangelical Christians in America.

    I’ve said this before:

    Religion is a set of man-made rules to control people.

    Faith is Spiritual.

    NEVER confuse the two.

    My idea of God – aka Creator – is not a Supreme Being sitting on some damn golden throne in Heaven somewhere.

    To me – God aka Creator – is that spiritual sense of energy that we saw on display through the many, many videos and pictures of how strangers helped strangers during that hurricane disaster.

    I heard a news report today on Public Radio where a Mexican man who used his boat to help his fellow citizens from Houston get to safety – he said –

    In this time of such division and problems in our country – there is no white, black or brown during a disaster. There are only human beings who want to do the right thing.

    And then I heard the news report of how some gas stations are charging $9.00 a gallon for gas – if they are lucky enough to have gas brought into their station.

    $9.00 a gallon for gas? Nothing like gouging during the disaster – huh?

    Is that what passes now for capitalism and the American Way? Sad to say – in some circles (of which I think Trump represents) this is what is seen as acceptable.




    So – these ‘brown guys’ baked a lot of break during the hurricane and water rising in their bakery – knowing that people will need to eat after all this disaster nightmare.

    And yet they did not put out a sign charging $9.00 a loaf – or did I miss that part of the article?

    I have to wonder – would Trumpublicans even bother to talk to these three brown guys who did the right thing?



    If Trump really wants to save American taxpayer money – then he could tell his grown-ass kids to refuse their Secret Service security – couldn’t he?

    And how about stopping the Secret Service protection for Betsy Devos – head of Dept. of Education?

    Why can’t she be like the rest of us Americans and take the same risks when going out in public?

    It’s about time these FAT CATS in power get a taste of the real world. This ain’t no damn reality t.v. show


    Harvey came in and did his thing – what will Irma do ?

    Take a good look at the path of Harvey – now if I was uncaring and mean as some of these Evangelical Preacher and Televangelists that have previously spewed that previous hurricanes and tornado destruction was God’s punishment for our tolerance of gays – I could say that Harvey must hate the Bible Thumpers in the Bible Belt – it appears that West Virginia (again) will be in the eye of flooding

    or – maybe the simple fact is – there are two women who REFUSE to be groped by Trumpulblicans – Mother Nature and her twin sister Lady Karma.

    And these two strong women know exactly where to land their ass-kicking boots.

    • Trumpublicans won the election but they are losing the war – IMHO

      Well – that is fitting because these Trumpublicans are the ones who are so proud of their Confederate Traitors who declared war on their own country. The Confederates did win a few battles of the Civil War but they LOST the damn war.

      I wonder if Trumpublicans have even thought about that fact – their side is filled with LOSERS?

      And we all know how Trump feels about losers – don’t we? He’s tweeted his feeling enough times.

  9. I just listened to that blonde woman who has been the sidekick for Televangelist Pat Robertson for years on their CBN television show begging for donations to their Operation Blessing – International Disaster Relief fund.

    I listened as this woman – her name is Terry Mewheussen (sp?) state specifically that every penny of your donation will go to the victims of Hurricane Harvey .

    OK – how can one prove that this group does not put every penny to help the victims – or do they count the fund’s ‘administrative costs as helping the victims?

    I am asking a serious question – how can this woman sit there and state specifically that every penny will go to help the victims and then to hold her and her sidekick Pat – accountable for what she just said on national t.v.?

    I just find this so ridiculous that charity group from Virginia are taking in how much donations and we are to simply trust them that they do the right thing?

    Yeah – just like that Preacher Man Joel Osteen – that Mega Church Millionaire Preacher of Lakewood Church that is located in Houston. The church doors were locked – until the news hit the social media and spilled the beans.

    If you remember – this Joel Osteen said that he was tweeting people to give their donations to Franklin Graham’s charity group – Samaritan’s Purse. Again – this charity is based in North Carolina.

    There was not any body in Houston that Osteen could call and help the people in his own damn city?

    I’m not a huge fan of Red Cross due to their own problems a few years back and how their money was being managed.

    But you know what – I did see Red Cross blankets being used by people in the shelters while the news reporters were doing interviews.

    So I KNOW that the Red Cross was there passing out blankets and there were beds for these people to use.

    I don’t remember seeing any blankets (or anything) with the name of Samaritan’s Purse or Operation Blessing on any of the news stories.

    And you will have to excuse me if I don’t just trust Franklin Graham or Pat Robertson when they tell me what they do with my donations. These two men are the ones who also try to convince me that God chose Trump to be our president.



    When Trumpublicans scream against Globalism being their enemy – do these folks not recognize the danger of what just happened in this mega merger?

    Well – Trumpublicans also believe that Muslims moving from country to country and trying to take over the world is what Globalism is about.

    I do wish the one Trumpublican with the one working brain cell would get a damn dictionary – and then read it.