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    • Bob White

      “we have met the enemy, and ——–“) I assume that 1/3 is an estimate? At this advanced point, it could be many more. And given such, who would actually call this a “Christian” nation? “Love one another;” who is kidding who? This government alleged to be a Democracy, is actually performing as a Republic. Voters are manipulated and they do not “decide.” The manipulators decide and control the government. And much more —- but this is enough, now, because it actually makes no difference.



    So – Texas Senators Cornyn and Cruz both voted against federal emergency relief for the Hurricane Sandy – and Mike Pence was in Congress when he voted against the federal money for Hurricane Katrina.

    My – oh my – look how the tables have turned now since it is precious Texas that got hit by Hurricane Harvey.

    Is there any doubt how these three Republicans will be the first with their hands out to that evil government they claim to hate so much – when it is THEIR precious Texas as the lucky lottery winner this time?

    Hell – I don’t mind my tax dollars being used to help people in real need. But let’s see how much these Republicans LOVE their Texas and how much their Evangelical Churches filled with Trumpublicans love their Texas so much.

    Let’s just see how many millions Texas gets – and then we’ll see how these same Republicans want to raise the debt ceiling – which that debate is coming very soon.

    I suspect I already know how Republicans will vote when it comes to their people getting federal funding for anything – and they will raise that debt ceiling without a single problem.

    Remember every damn year in Obama’s two terms when these same Republicans claimed to be so budget-minded that they could not possibly raise the debt ceiling.

    Hmmm……..look at what these two-faced hypocrits do now…

    After all – Republicans are very good at their motto:

    Do as I say and Not as I do.



    Perhaps Trump’s one major accomplishment will be his total demolition of the Grand Old Party?

    NOW wouldn’t that be something to talk about?

    I saw an article yesterday about talk of Republican John Kasich and Democrat Hicklenlooper from Colorado (?) teaming up for the president/vice president ticket in 2020.

    I need to go find that article and post it…

    Maybe after the total abysmal failure of Trump – 80% of the country that is not Far Right and Far Left – will get their sh_t together and support some common sense.

    During the 2016 GOP primary – I was impressed by John Kasich when he was on the debate stage and Trump and several other Republicans started doing their reality t.v. schtick – with all their craziness on display.

    John Kasich looked at the media camera and said – this is nuts.

    Maybe by 2020 – the ‘real’ Americans will have their fill of all this Craziness and start to look for ‘real’ solutions.

    And simply electing a Democratic White House will NOT fix this problem.

    Do we really want to go through another 4 or 8 years of what the loser Republicans did to President Obama?

    I don’t think our country will survive that – again.



      This is not the article I read yesterday, but this one does explore what might happen if Kasich and Hickenlooper do unite.

      Any thoughts?

    • OR – will Trump lead America into the global scene as ‘just another country’ and our US president will not be called the Leader of the Free World?

      Trump seems to think that just because we have the biggest military on the face of the Earth – that makes us the best and #1.

      NO – that just means we have spent a lot of taxpayer money on the military. It does not mean we are the strongest – or the smartest.

      The Bible Story about David and Goliath should be preached by Trump’s Evangelical Preacher Boys and Televangelists –

      By everything on paper – Goliath should have had no problem in defeating little David with his sling shot as his own weapon.

      But what did David do with that one slingshot in his hand?

      Just because you’re smaller and don’t have the ‘big guns’ – does not mean you cannot outsmart your enemies and win the victory.

      Is this something that Trump needs to learn the hard way?

      Trumpublicans always ridiculed President Obama for being weak and they always made fun of his ‘mom jeans’ – remember?

      Obama was strong where it counted the most – his intellect and his wisdom in knowing to not go into somewhere with guns blazing.

      There is such a thing as a quiet strength – and that is what we need.

      Evangelical Televangelist Franklin Graham has proudly stated that God chose Trump to be the president to save America.

      OH really? When did God ever use a man full of Hate, Arrogance and Ignorance to do his good work?

      Perhaps Evangelical Kristians are the ones that rewrote the Bible.

      OH – wait a minute – their cheerleader Phyllils Schafly and her son did just that thing – remember? Google the Conservative Bible project

      It takes a lot of arrogance to rewrite the Bible – that so manh Evangelical Kritstians have been claiming to be the true word of God for so many damn years.



    Is it possible Trump is intentionally trying to divide the GOP? Or is that just the cherry on top of his Chaos Sundae?



    Didn’t Texas secede under Gov Rick Perry? Oh yeah, I forgot, Rickie changed his mind when he realized how much federal money the state got from that evil government all those Loud-N-Proud Texans receive every single year.

    Hell – I have learned one thing from Trump and Trumpublicans – I don’t want my tax dollars being used to help Texas.

    I would rather let their Mega Churches pay for it and let them create a Gofundme page.

    If Trumpublicans don’t want to pay taxes for things they don’t agree with – then that same right should be extended to me.

    OH HELL NO…..Texas can just GO…

    • Maybe Trump can pass the hat at his next Cabinet Meeting – and let all his Billionaire Friends donate to help Texas?

      Hey – that’s never been done before…..



    So – Kasich says a definite ‘NO’ to the unity ticket with Democrat Hickenlooper for 2020?

    But he has not ruled out his own run for president in 2020. Hmm…….perhaps the ‘real’ Republicans should focus on Kasich and if they were smart (big IF?) – these same Republicans will start to stick it to the Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives which are Trump’s core base – and then dare these KKK Trumpublicans to go out on their own – and with the arrogance of Trump, these morons might just think they have God’s permission – and anointment – to do just that.

    Democrats need to just keep watch on what happens and when the time is right – the ‘smart’ ones will see what can be done to politically ‘box in’ Trumpubilcans.

    But who knows – the 2018 midterms will be a calling card as to what is happening.

    OR – just let the damn Trumpublicans continue to start their much-desired Civil War – and this time when the Kompassionate Krisitian Konservatives get beat (yet again) – they will be banished from American soil forever.

    Abraham Lincoln should have cut off the damn Southern White Christian Confederate traitors without a damn dime – and put them on a bunch of sailing ships – in the lower quarters this time – like where the black slaves were kept on their journey to America.

    Let these KKK Trumpublicans find a new world they can land on and try to steal the land from those natives. With any luck, they will land in North Korea – or maybe Russia.

    Wow – if Russia – wouldn’t that just be Lady Karma kicking them in their santicified, holified and self righteous lily-white butts?

    OH – but these Trumpublcans should be thrilled to be in Russia . After all – according to Trumpublicans, Russia is filled with such a fine God-fearing Christians – isn’t it?



    Has Trump never heard of Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane SAndy? So – when Trump says there has never been anything like Hurricane Harvey – is he just spewing FAKE news or he is really this stupid?

    Oh – I guess the biggest difference between Texas and New Orleans is Texans are White Republicans and New Orleans were poor black and poor whites who were in that Superdome (?) all that time

    I wonder – since Texas Senators Cruz and Cornyn voted against funding relief for Hurricane Sandy – and even demonized Gov Chris Christie for daring to embrace President Obama when Obama showed up there – in person- and offered federal help immediately.

    Does any of this ring any bells with anybody other than me? I still remember how Republicans crucified Chris Christie because he dared to physically embrace President Obama.

    DAMN all Republicans. This is why I have become even more cynical and cold hearted when it comes to Republican Red States are hit by severe weather.

    LET these Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Mega Church Preacher Boys and their cousins Bubba the Televangelists send them their tax-free millions for recovery.

    Why should my tax dollars be used to help Texas Republicans??



    Well, look here -seems I am not the only person wondering why these Mega Church Preacher Boys are not stepping up to help the victims in their own city of Houston.

    Joel Osteen……..isn’t this the same preacher boy that reported their Sunday offering of about $650,000 was stolen one weekend – but his response was that he was not concerned about it because his church had insurance that would cover the loss?

    All I can say is – at sounds like an inside job …….but then again, I am a cynical person when it comes to these Mega Church Preacher Boys – and their cousins Bubba the Televangelists.