Sunday, 8/20/17, Public Square



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22 responses to “Sunday, 8/20/17, Public Square

  1. I needed some laughs. đŸ˜‰

  2. Don’t let them tear down this statue of Donald Trump. He is part of our history.

    • Not JUST t a statue …….

      A GREAT statue

      An AWESEOME statue

      A BIGLY statue

      The most BRAGGADOCIUS statue in the universe


      The BEST statue in the history of all statues – second only to maybe Abraham Lincoln (well, maybe Lincoln’s out of favor now because he did free those slaves – you know)

      Trump and Trumpublicans are all legends in their own minds



    Perhaps there is hope coming from within the Evangelical Christians after all?

    I hope NPR and the rest of the media follow this story.

    Pay close attention to what Jerry Falwell Jr said about why he defends Trump – it is because he is willing to call out terrorist groups by name.

    OH REALLY – did I miss the day when Trump called the KKK and Nazis at the Charlottesville VA rally all domestic terrorists?

    Yeah – I didn’t think so..

  4. Serious comment —

    I think Trump has intentionally – and very calculated – made his White House a three-ring circus with all these 24/7 drama meltdowns we have witnessed.

    I know…I know…Trump’s mouth is unfiltered and then his teenage girl’s penchant for hurling out those infamous personal insults he calls TWEETS to his PEOPLE – are all very good at one thing – they keep that shiny object moving at all times – doesn’t it?

    And what happens when the media and people are focused on the shiny object? Trump does whatever the hell he wants to do – which is to make as much money off his White House title as he and his family can make until they get caught red-handed and then Trump can now join his buddy Bannon over at Breitbart and sit on the sidelines making millions while throwing out the same damn nonsense they have thrown out for the past 7 months.

    But …in the private sector – there is no limit to the millions Trump and Bannon can make off their people – you know – those Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives.

    There is one bright spot – it’s been reported Bannon wants to start a Breitbart network which is right of Fox.

    OK – perfect. Let Fox News and Breitbart battle it out and Democrats/Independents need to sit back and watch the elephants throw their dung at each other.

    When is Mueller and the Russian probe going to be wrapped up? Has anybody heard?

  5. Hutchinson News Editorial Cartoon