Thursday, 8/17/17, Public Square



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  1. Search for your address … Very cool L.A. Times map of continental U.S. shows the bands for 50%, 75%, 90% and total eclipse. Put your location in at this link and see what the eclipse will look like —

  2. While everyone’s attention will be focused on the sky, looking down can reveal another scene that not many have experienced.

    Spectators that look at the horizon during totality will witness the colors of sunrise and sunset around them in every direction.

    This 360-degree sunset effect is caused by the light from the sun in areas outside of the path of totality and only lasts as long as the face of the sun is covered by the moon.

  3. “Eclipse fever builds: From coast to coast, towns anticipate celestial event of a lifetime … Parades, parties and port-a-potties” — L.A. Times front-pager by science reporter Deborah Netburn:

    “[T]he moon’s shadow will race across the United States [during the day] on Aug. 21, tracing a 2,800-mile arc from Oregon to South Carolina. It will take about 90 minutes for the eclipse to travel from coast to coast, plunging a roughly 70-mile-wide swath of land into a twilight-like darkness in the process.”

    “Only in this so-called path of totality will the world grow dark enough to see the stars as the moon blots out the sun. The temperature will drop, crickets will begin to chirp and farm animals will lie down and go to sleep. If skies are clear, observers will be able to see the sun’s halo-like corona, which is usually obscured by the brightness of the photosphere.

    “An estimated 12 million Americans are fortunate enough to live in the path of totality. But for the rest of us, viewing the first total solar eclipse to stretch across the continental U.S. since 1918 will take some strategizing.

    NASA video showing the path:

  4. Our kindest and most comforting thoughts to our dear friend 6176 who lost his Mother. We love you, Vaughn!

    • 6176 – so sorry to hear this news. Please know I care and if there is anything I can do at this time – please, let me know.

      Much love to you and your family. Sending thoughts, prayers and positive energy/love your way.



    So – Republicans don’t particularly love their new husband – huh?

    Too bad – Republicans did the cock strut dancing through the streets while their boy spewed this very same nonsense throughout the entire GOP primary – so what is the big surprise now that Trump is being labeled a racist?

    Republicans have hog-tied themselves to Trump and tried to ram through all their proposed legislation through – and nothing has worked yet.

    And then Trump goes off the rails (even in his own fantasy world) and it appears that Republicans have very little hope to pass anything through the House and Senate to get to Trump’s desk to sign into law.

    This is EXACTLY why I don’t want Trump removed from office. I want him exactly where he is today – and hog tied to the KKK – Nazis – White Supremacists – White Nationalists – Alt Right. Let the entire world get a good look at Trump and his fellow Republicans – who will be lucky if they can muster up the needed votes to pass their farts from all that gas they have in their fat beer guts.

    Let’s not forget – if Trump gets removed – then Pence will be in the White House. Pence is very good at hiding under his cloak of Godly righteousness – and Pence does not have the reputation of being a flamboyant, media-driven, ego stroking and tweeting out personal insults/threats that his buddy Trump has done.

    Pence is more dangerous – IMHO. With Pence at the top of their Chain of Hell – Republicans might just get some legislation through the House and Senate.

    NO – let’s just keep Trump in the White House and let’s encourage him to be just as flamboyant as he has been for the past 7 months.

    God – has it only been 7 months since Trump was sworn in? It feels like it’s been an eternity.

  6. btw, totally off subject. As if we ever stay on subject. 😉

    I’m getting a brand new great-grandson today. Well, I suppose it could stretch into tomorrow since he is a first baby and we’re still in the first half of the process. All is well, granddaughter and grandson are working together well, they’re in good hands at the hospital, and we’re all anxious to meet our new little guy.

    • CONGRATULATIONS – what fun, excitement and you’ve got the best part – Great Grandma – you can skip the actual experience of labor and delivery and go right in for the loving, kissing and spoiling that new great-grandson.

      Sending my best thoughts and positive energy for the mother/father and baby. May they enjoy this special time in their lives.

  7. Rick Liebst

    I went to see my cartiologist today. everything seemed to be OK except he did change one pill.

  8. Rowley Todd waited until after midnight to be born, weighing in at 7 lbs 14 ozs and standing 21 inches tall. All is well, everyone is happy and healthy.


    Perhaps the younger generation of the Rupert Murdoch family gives world a reason to hope – a reason to think that Fox News has had a belly full of their own outrageous conduct and behavior during the Obama years.

    Oh – Rupert made a lot of money during those years – but let’s review some of the highlights of Rupert’s reign on Fox –

    Roger Ailes – run out of the company under cloud of sexual harassment accusations.

    Bill O’Reilly – run out of the company under cloud of sexual harassment accusations.

    Didn’t that Bill Shine (Roger Ailes’ mini me (?) also leave Fox under a mysterious cloud?

    Fox News may still have a wide audience – but it appears to be the same audience that Trump calls his base – those Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives who truly believe that General Robert E. Lee is on the same moral equivalency of First President George Washington.

    With logic like that – what could possibly go wrong?



    Take special note of the narrative that is coming from the ‘good people’ at that KKK – White Supremacists – Nazis – Alt Right and White Nationalists rally.

    The narrative is the same as Trump spewed in his infamous meltdown press conference on Tuesday – there are ‘good people’ in the Alt Right group and they are not racists.

    Read the part where this dude was asked why didn’t he leave the VA rally when he saw all those Nazi and White Supremacists. His response was – we were not going to allow the Nazis to hijack their cause.


    So – he kept marching with his lighted torch standing next to these Nazis chanting their hatred for Jews because he was not the bad guy – is that really what this dude is trying to say?

    There is an old saying – you’re known by the company you keep.

    IN other words – if your lily white butt is in that group of torch-carrying Nazis – then guess what, you’re one of them.



    Trump can call out terrorists in Spain – but yet in Charlottesville VA – those White Supremacist, Nazis, White Nationalists, Alt Right are just ‘good people’ who were there to protest the removal of some damn statue?

    I call B.S. on that….

    BTW – If it had been a black person from the counter protester crowd that drove their car through the crowd and killed one person and injured many more – do you think Trump would have come out and called that person a terrorist?

    Enough said..



    Earth to Proud Confederate Southerners – the KKK has used your Confederate Flag for years – if you hated racism and KKK so much – then why didn’t you speak up at that time?

    BTW – when you’re marching along with a bunch of torch-carrying KKK-costumed white people and Nazis chanting about how they hate the Jews – here’s a thought – get the hell out of there.

    JEEZUS…….if your lily white butt is not with the KKK and Nazis – then you won’t be blamed.

    Don’t buy this narrative from these Confederate Southerners – they are only trying to ‘normalize’ themselves as those ‘good people’ that Trump spewed about in his infamous meltdown press conference.

    Like I said – if your lily white butt is marching alongside of those KKK and Nazis – then you get the blame.

    You’re known by the company you keep.



    I was surfing the Internet news and came upon this trailer for the next Pixar movie. Hmmmm…’s about a Mexican kid going to the Land of the Dead – aka After LIfe.

    I wonder is Trump’s Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Kristians are going to get their tight-white panties in a twist over this movie and cause another big stink – like these folks tend to do every time some movie comes out they don’t approve of.

  14. When Trump blamed both sides for the Charlottesville death and violence – it made me think of something we’ve also seen from Trumpublicans – this idea there is no such thing as legitimate rape, sexual assault or beating up a woman.

    Trump IS the perfect example of when a man beats a woman and then turns around and says to his victim – look at what you made me do.

    So – why are we so surprised that Trump and his fellow Kompassionate Kristian Konservative Republicans have all clapped, cheered and continue to defend their boy Trump?

    It’s time for the bullies to be shown the exit door – and if they don’t want to leave, then tell me to do as their Loud-n-Proud ancestors did – go invade another country, steal the land away from the natives and then continue to claim how ‘persecuted they are’.

    Maybe Putin and Russians will welcome these KKK White Evangelicals into their God-fearing Christian Country?


    Does Trump know his Nazi – KKK – Alt Right – White Supremacists – White Nationalists from Charlottesville last weekend demonized and criticized the police officers?

    Did I miss the moment when Trump called ‘his’ people anti-police agitators?


    Did this guy really NOT know – or is this his loop hole to crawl through now that he has been found out?