Wednesday, 8/16/17, Public Square

facts of confederate


by | August 16, 2017 · 7:41 am

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    • To put this in context to what Trumpublicans can understand –

      Why would anyone want to celebrate and continue worshipping the monuments of the LOSERS of the Civil War?

      Trump is all about winning – correct?

      The Confederates LOST – aka they are L-O-S-E-R-S.

      On that premise alone – Trump should be calling for every monument of a Confederate Loser to be dismantled and melted down for the scrap metal value.

  1. Rick Liebst

    I am not sure how this all is going to end, far too much emotion. Far too much deep held feelings and beliefs to simply give way. I keep wonder what it must have been like in nineteen thirties Germany? The rise of Hitler and the third reich. There was the beer hall putsch, but are we heading to a open and armed conflict for the soul of the country?

    • But when we have self-professing Christian people supporting Trump in all his glory – then this white supremacy crappola has been emboldened. They used to hide their faces behind their pointed hat and masks – but not anymore. They seem to WANT to be known now – so they can bask in all their glory and give Trump credit for taking their country back?

      Let’s not forget who created the KKK right after they lost the Civil War – the White Christians.

      The KKK actively recruited in White Christian Churches – with the preacher man helping them.

      The KKK used the symbol of the Christian cross as their symbol of hate, intimidation and violence – a burning cross in your yard meant you were the target.

      Why do you think the KKK used the Christian Cross as their symbol – aka calling card.

      Not all Christians are evil – just like all Muslims are not evil.

      Pure evil comes in all colors, sizes, shapes, gender, religion and political parties.

      I have said several times – Trump is not the problem. It’s the Trump supporters who are the real problem here. It’s time to shine that spotlight on all these fine so-called God-fearing White Christians – IMHO

  2. If we are, Rick, it’s easy to know who has blood on their hands.

    • I don’t want Trump removed from office – I want Trump to be hog-tied to these White Supremacists, KKK, Nazis, White Nationalists and Alt Right for the rest of eternity.

      It’s not enough to get rid of Trump in the White House. Not when there are others just like him who have not been shown for their true selves.

      To get rid of cancer – the SOURCE of the cancer needs to be cut out.



    Mike Pence – there’s an old saying – you’re known by the company you keep.

    Did I miss the day when Pence EVER said Trump was wrong?

    Pence likes to claim he is such a God-fearing Christian man – but just saying those empty words don’t prove he is a ‘real’ Christian – IMHO

    Perhaps Trump and Pence have been seeing so much FAKE crap because they are simply seeing their own reflections?

    • Like I said above – I don’t want Trump to be removed from office – because then we would get Pence.

      At least with Trump’s penchant for letting his mouth spew with no filter, there is no doubt as to what side of history Trump will be on.

      With Pence’s mealy-mouth and his not being a media-driven drama queen – Pence would simply continue the path of Trump but yet will undoubtedly wear his FAKE cloak of Christianity while doing the same thing Trump wants done.

      I would rather deal with the devil I know than the devil who I don’t know.

    • Rick Liebst

      In a cemetery in Parsons Kansas is a statue of several individuals in military uniforms. each facing a different direction. A couple are dressed as Confederate solders. It is meant to honor the Americans gave their all for the country.

      • How can a Confederate soldier give his all for their country when they declared war on that same country?

        That is the issue here – not just war veterans – IMHO

  4. The above tweet by @BarackObama — from Saturday, amid the hate of Charlottesville — became the most “liked” tweet ever last night, at 10:07 p.m. ET, according to a Twitter spokesman.

    It’s the fifth most-retweeted Tweet ever.

    • I suspect this is yet another hole in Trump’s massive ego to know that Barack Obama does not tweet near as much as Trump and yet that black man has bested Trump yet again.

      Isn’t one of those Bible Ten Commandments about coveting being a huge sin? Trump seems to covet everything President Obama does….and says…..and especially Obama’s huge popularity – which extends to the entire world.



    Well….well…well…..look at this fine mess Trump caused – yet again.

    It appears Trump needs to take back his bigly braggadocious statement that he likes to check his facts before he makes any comment or statement.

    Hmm…….it appears Trump LIED when he said the counter protesters – aka Alt Left – did not have a permit and his favored KKK – Nazis – Alt Right – White Nationalists did have a permit – which made his white boys innocent of any wrongdoing.

    Perhaps Trump needs to check actual – and factual – FACTS before he spews his rhetoric – yet again.

    Did you ever think you would see the day when a sitting US President would publicly defend a bunch of KKK – White Supremacists – White Nationalists – Nazis?

    I wonder if these White Trumpublicans know that Trump’s daughter converted to be a Jew when she married a Jewish man – and they have Jewish children?

    WOW – this entire thing has gotten so STUPID – hasn’t it?



    The Republican Party sure loved Trump when he was their cheerleader shaking his pom poms to all those adoring crowds.

    But now that the cheerleader has turned into the Poster Child for the KKK – White Nationalists – White Supremacists – Nazis – and Alt Right – these Republicans are rethinking their handling of their boy Trump?

    All this chaos and drama could not happen to a more deserving bunch – IMHO

    Again I say – don’t remove Trump from office (not just yet) – give Trump more time to thoroughly implode the Grand Old Party – once and for all.

    It has been said that God works in mysterious ways – perhaps the ‘real’ God is working by allowing Trump to be in power – for a little while longer – just to make sure Trump does as much damage as he can to the Republican Party.

    Perhaps God remembers what these Republicans did to their fellow Christian by knowingly spreading that vicious Birther Lie and spewed their hatred for the past 9 years?

    IIRC – one of the Ten Commandments covers the big sin of telling lies and how the liar needs to ask for forgiveness and to make things right with the person they harmed.

    Did I miss the day any Republican apologized and asked their President Obama for his forgiveness for their malicious lies?