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climate change


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  1. I read the nuclear codes should be hidden somewhere Trump would never find them — in a science book.

  2. This is an excellent article full of facts, figures, and good info.

    The Uninhabitable Earth
    Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think.

    “In the jungles of Costa Rica, where humidity routinely tops 90 percent, simply moving around outside when it’s over 105 degrees Fahrenheit would be lethal. And the effect would be fast: Within a few hours, a human body would be cooked to death from both inside and out.”



    With religious advisers like this dude – who needs common sense?

    BTW – isn’t it interesting this dude believes God sets up governments – so this means that God set up the North Korean nut job in his government?

    So this dude is saying him and Trump knows more than God – and Trump has permission from God to undo what God did?

    This is why Religion and Politics should NEVER mix.

    • BTW – if that Jeffress dude believes God puts people into government power – then that means God wanted President Obama in the White House for 8 years – correct?

      Hmmm…..I wonder if this Jeffress dude was Trump’s right hand man in spreading the Birtherism Lie ?

      The Bible talks about the sin of telling lies – and I would think knowingly spreading the malicious Birtherism Lie (and about a fellow Christian, no less) for 8 years would be a very big NO NO in God’s book.

      The Bible also tells us how God cannot bless a believer unless they confess their sins and truly repent.

      Did I miss the day any of these Trump Evangelicals apologized to their President Obama and asked for his forgiveness?

      OH- and please note – this Jeffress dude is the preacher at a MEGA Church.

      Enough said??



    Instead of listening to his spiritual adviser that tells Trump God wants him to nuke North Korea because US is good and North Korea is evil – perhaps Trump should read this article and then THINK about what happens AFTER he gets to push that red button to send that big missile into North Korea?

    There has always been tension around the world and threats of wars from time to time – but this is the FIRST time our country has the unfortunate place in history where our president is a total idiot that only knows how to hurl out insults and threats – with no comprehension or understanding of what he has even said.

    Hell – Trump will deny he ever said any of those things if and when he is confronted about them.

    To know what a man will do in the future, look at his past.

    OH GOD – we’re in trouble….

    • BTW – If North Korea is evil and God wants Trump to destroy them – then what about Russia, China or even Saudi Arabia?

      All these countries have shown themselves to be just as evil – human rights means nothing to these countries.

      And if God hates evil – then why stop with North Korea? Let’s just nuke the entire world we label as evil?

      I wonder if this Jeffress dude – Trump’s spiritual adviser – thinks Russians, Chinese and Saudi Arabians are Christians and worthy of God’s blessings?

      He must – because I don’t see any of these Trump Evangelicals calling for their boy to nuke any of these evil countries.

      Evil comes in all colors, sizes and shapes – and countries. There is nothing more than evil than a bunch of self-righteous religious hellbent on getting what they want. They will step over their own mother’s dead body to pick up that shiny new dime.

  5. I am so sick and tired of everything – so let’s just sit back and watch as Trump and his Trumpublicans take us into World War III.

    If there is a God – loving or not – hopefully a bunch of these Trumpublcans will have the moral compass to actually do the actual fighting and dying this time – and not leave it up to the National Guard to do it – like in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    In the meantime, I know a lot of Americans are hiding cash money throughout their homes – and, yes, even in cans buried in the backyard.

    These are anxious times but the most worrisome to me is Trump in the White House.

    If his Evangelical Kristian God is so damn loving – then perhaps God can do something with his favored boy?



    Bottom line – China will ALWAYS defend North Korea?

    So – why did Trump’s daughter Ivanka get her coveted trademarks from the Chinese president when he visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago a few months back?

    Hmm…….perhaps Trump and Ivanka should BOTH stop having their products Made in China that they sell to their Make America Great Again crowd?

    I remember the Cold War days – that was my childhood. I also remember my Grandpa telling us kids that we should not be worried about the Russians – it was the Chinese we should be watching like a hawk.

    Perhaps Grandpa was correct?

    I wonder how these Trumpublican Evangelicals will handle China? Will they embrace these Atheists like they all embrace the Russian Atheists?

    It’s going to be a tough decision – because you know a lot of these Trumpublicans are making a lot of profit off the Chinese trade deals. Hell – look at Trump and his precious Ivanka – they are both making a lot of money off their products Made in China and yet they still preach about how much they love America and they are putting America First.

    Hell – just let Trump start World War III – the sooner the better. Then after he blows up our country, we can start to rebuild and this time – make it into two countries. No more government welfare for these Southern States that claim to be so God-fearing Christians but yet are nothing more than leeches that need to be burned off.

    President Abraham Lincoln should have cut off the Southern States without a damn dime when they lost the Civil War. That might have stopped all this nonsense.



    Locked and Loaded. Now where have we heard that phrase before??

    Hmm…..that infamous Russia Watcher up in Alaska.

    So – back in 2008, Palin was worried about Russians but yet Trump apparently has this love fest thing for Russians – even to the point where it was reported Trump thanked Putin for throwing out our US diplomats from Russia. Did all you see that news story?

    Trump actually thanked Putin for kicking out those US diplomat personnel – because Putin saved the US a lot of payroll money.

    Trump – if he is the new Messiah of a Loving God – then who the hell wants to go to Heaven?



    Now – who do I believe less – Trump or his spokesman – Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

    that is a very tight race between those two.

    Trump is the epitome of the boy who cried wolf. Trump has flapped his gums so many times, does anybody (outside of his adoring idol worshipers) even look up to take notice of his latest spew?

    As for Sarah Huckabee (Mike Huckabee’s daughter) Sanders – she is a paid shill – IMHO.

    The words she says is worth the money she is paid to say them.




    Trump threatens to start a war with North Korea and he is congratulating the Governor of Guam because this guy is going to be famous and Guam’s tourism is going to go up ten fold?

    Perhaps Trump does not think about the potential loss of life – or the potential threat to the rest of the world – because the ONLY thing that matters to him is how HE looks to the rest of the world – when he bragged that ‘they should have had me 8 years ago’.

    What arrogance – and ignorance.

    Excuse me – but Trump’s Evangelical Kristians claim that God put Trump into the White House to do his good work.

    Since when does God use an arrogant man as his representative for good?

    Jesus was NEVER arrogant – or ignorant. At least – not the real Jesus from the real Bible.

    I don’t know what the hell rewritten version of the Bible these Trump Evangelical Kristians are reading.

    This is my last post on this blog……