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  1. This is an absolute must read, full of insight and rich nuggets of truth. It’s not long.

    How the Bible Belt lost God and found Trump

    • It does my heart good to know there are others who think the same way I do about these Trump Evangelicals.

      But I think it has more to do with the fact about MONEY and POWER.

      All these mega churches require a lot of money to keep their doors open. What better way to keep their collections plates full than to preach the Us vs Them idealogy?

      And I fully believe the election of President Obama (twice – and winning both Popular Vote and Electoral College) was when these Mega Churches hit the mother lode for their collection plates.

      Why else would these Good (?) God fearing Christians maliciously spread that Birtherism Lie – and then vote for the King of the Birtherism, Lie Movement – aka Trump?

      Jerry Falwell Sr teamed up with Reagan to ruin the country with his Trickle Down Economics – which is when corporations (money) was given all the power and people were given the huge bill to pay for our own destruction.

      Is it more than a coincidence that Jerry Falwell’s son was the dude that ran to endorse Trump first – and defended Trump at all costs?

      Mega Churches are nothing more than Exclusive Country Clubs and all tax free.

      The Bible also talks about False Prophets – perhaps Trump Evangelicals are more suited for that role??

      But one thing is for sure – Trump evangelicals are the MOney Vendors that Jesus an out of the Temple. BTW – that was the only time Jesus lost his temper – wasn’t it?

      Makes you think

  2. Rick Liebst

    I could almost compare it to if your were to suddenly realize that the person you thought were your parent. actually is some stranger you have no idea who they are or what they were wanting from you. That is becoming a slow feeling for at least some of the trump supporters. Since many within the people of my facebook friends and family are also Trump supporters. I get torn between trying to educate them. And better off just letting that sleeping dog lie. I am starting to have the reputation of being a troublemaker and a malcontent. Not to mention being anti faith too. But where is your end duty? If you were to see a relative or friend grabbing their car keys after getting totally drunk. Which is the greater duty that you would owe them?

    • At this point – I really don’t care if Trump and his Trumpublicans run their damn car off the highest cliff.

      Perhaps that is what needs to happen to wake up the rest of Americans?

      These White Evangelicals are only 34% of the voters – when has 34% ever won any election?

      Sen. Jeff Flake from Arizona has written a book about how the Republicans have lost their Conservative beliefs.

      And in an interview, Flake acknowledged that when the Birtherism Lie was being spread by his own fellow Republicans – people should have stood up and said that was wrong.

      Flake also said that when Republican Joe Wilson yelled out ‘You Lie’ to President Obama during the first State of the Union address – that fellow Republicans should have stood up and said that was wrong.

      WELL DUH…..Flake ….tell me something I don’t know already;

      But – when asked if Flake would ever leave the Republican Party – he said NO.

      In fact, when the interviewer (Chuck Todd (?) on Meet the Press) pointed out to Sen. Flake that he himself had voted with Trump many more times than several other Republicans – Sen. Flake excused his voting record saying that it was only votes for personnel matters – no real legislation.

      So – I guess the only motive for Flake’s book is to make PROFITS before he retires from the Senate and gets his full pension – paid for by taxpayers??

      This is what is wrong with our government today – too many complacent people who cannot seem to muster up the real courage to say OH HELL NO when immoral people are in control?

      I don’t know the answer how to fix things – unless it is just let Trump drive the Trump Train off the nearest cliff – and take his 34% of the White Evangelicals with him.

      My only request is – can I get a front row seat to watch??

  3. Bob White

    Wrong: I believe today’s post “got it all wrong.” Again, the Bible says “God is love” (1 John 4:8). Much of the Bible is in error when God is referred to as “him,” a noun. “Love” is a verb. Today’s post makes the same error. “Money,” too, is a noun and is in error, again. “God is love;” a verb. In essence, the Bible is about “love” (an action), and Jesus’ fundamental teaching is about “love one-another as you would love yourself.” Such has forever been a mystery to humanity, and it still is histoically reasonable that such might be understandable during ancient history, e.g. B.C.; but, today, 2017 A.D., it is ridiculous.

    • Sad to say – too many of these Loud-N-Proud Christians are those folks who believe they do follow Jesus’ teachings – they claim to love the sinner but hates only the sin.

      Trouble with that is – these same folks also LOVE the sinner who is unrepentant and even brags about their sins – as long as that sinner is ‘one of their boys’. – Oh – and that sinner has some money to throw into the mega church preacher’s pockets.

      You betcha Wink-wink

    • You know Bob, I hadn’t ever thought about it like that, but now that you shared I agree completely! God is Love and that is an action verb.

      When I read the piece I linked to in the first comment of this thread I realized that there is evidence everywhere that, “American Christianity involvement in politics is no longer about moral character. It’s policy positions on things that bother evangelicals” as the piece said. Too many have let their faith become nothing like love and all about what they judge as sin and their desire for the punishment of those who commit those acts they call sin. NOT about love for God, yourself, or your fellow man, but about punishment. THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE!

      • I took the graphic above as sarcasm. But to me – anybody with an I.Q. above that of a slug would know that Jesus preached love – forgiveness – healing – compassion – respecting the other person’s self dignity.

        Religion and Politics are two of the most destructive and polarizing words in the universe.

        WHY in the HELL would anyone want to mix them?

      • Bob White

        fnord, thank you very much for readng my reply. But most of all, thank you or your reply.

      • Bob – if I offended you with my reply by saying I took this graphic as sarcasm – and you took it another way – I apologize.

        From my perspective – Christianity has always been about God’s love and these Trump Evangelicals have hijacked the label of ‘Christian’ and has turned it into something so evil.

        To me – these Evangelical today are the ones who apparently don’t have the I.Q. above that of a slug – because how can anyone try to say that Jesus was a card-carrying Vulture Venture Capitalist is beyond my comprehension.

        I’ve said many, many times – my biggest pet peeve in the world is when people mix their religion and politics.

        Nothing good can ever come from that ….IMHO

    • My – oh my – who would have thought the Right would be in full support of this dude?

      Excuse me – but does anyone else find it more than offensive that these Right People are the ones yelling that employers have the right to do what they want with their employees – but when Google decided to fire this dude, then suddenly the Right don’t practice what they preach?

      Well…Well…Well.,….imagine that – not practicing what you preach. Where has that been a continual problem we’ve all see before??

  4. I found this fascinating. Not at all what I thought it would say.

    Conservative Or Liberal? Here’s What Americans Really Believe

  5. This is THE RUDE PUNDIT so it’s filled with profanity. It’s also filled with wisdom!

    Your Stupid Fight About Who’s a Better Democrat Is Stupid

  6. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/officials-no-foreigners-sale-sign-violates-civil-rights/ar-AApIXyr?li=BBnbfcL


    I’ve often thought about putting up a For Sale sign in my front yard and offering a 10% discount to the biggest family of Muslims – and 5% more discount if women wear burkas.

    That would be the worst thing I could do to my Evangelical Kristian neighbor – IMHO. This is the same God-fearing man that came out to argue with us about our property line when we first moved to the house.

    He screamed and yelled at us because he said our paperwork from the closing was incorrect.

    This man then bragged as to which Mega Church he belonged to – and that God has been very good to him. That was then when this Kristian had the nerve to ask my husband for a favor – he wanted to store his tractor in our huge Morton Shed.

    Can you guess what answer he got from us?

    A couple weeks later – we had a surveyor come out and mark our property lines.

    Well- Well – Well —— our closing paperwork for the sale of this house was correct – and Mr God-fearing Kristian Man STILL came out to argue with the surveyor. He was promptly told by the surveyor that if he removed any of the stakes this surveyor had just put into the ground – that he personally would see to it that he was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    The surveyor wondered as to why we were willing to pay for the survey being done when we had the closing papers spelling it out – even with a detailed map.

    As the surveyor commented when he left that day – good luck with that one.

    But what really frustrates me to my core is – it is people like this neighbor that has hijacked the name of Christianity. No wonder the world is looking at us like we are bunch of buffoons.

  7. http://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/glen-campbell-dead-at-81/ar-AApJyAK?li=BBnbfcL


    May the Wichita Line Man rest in peace. I wasn’t a huge fan of his music but I do remember his career. I also felt for his family when they had to watch their loved one suffer for years.

    For all the money in our great country, wouldn’t you think we could put it to better use like finding cures to life-taking diseases or finding medical treatment for diseases that we don’t currently have to offer patients?

    Hell – we cannot even get to the point in this country where we can agree access to health care is a right and not a damn privilege.

    And who are the folks most opposed to Affordable Health Care – can you say Trump Evangelicals? Which always begs the question – why did Jesus heal the sick for free and he even raised Lazarus from the dead.

    I wonder if Jesus ever regretted he never got the patent for his healing and raising dead people?

    If Jesus was a true Capitalist – don’t you think Jesus would have charged for his services and gotten that patent?

  8. The map above shows what the 2016 US Presidential Election results would have been if votes not cast for Hillary, Trump or one of the third party candidates had gone to fictional candidate “Did Not Vote.”

    Only 8 states + Washington DC, had high enough voter turnouts where one of the actual candidates won more votes than people who did not bother to vote. Iowa and Wisconsin for Trump and Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire and DC for Clinton.


    • Bottom line- how do we convince more Americans to vote?

      Just being Anti Trump will not do the job – IMHO.

      Democrats need to stand firm against Trumpcare – which will force Trump and McConnell to either put up or shut up.

      They have tried to put up their own GOP health care and got shot down – by their own people.

      • Several issues Democrats can focus on:

        1) Illegal immigration – admit it is a problem and start fixing it by going after employers knowingly hiring illegals and prosecute them – send a bunch of them to prison. Especially if the CEOs are Wall Street buddies.

        2) Job creation – high-wage jobs – not these minimum wage/low wage jobs. When Corporations get any subsidies or special tax breaks from taxpayer money – MAKE them hire Americans at a high wage – or else the CEO gives back all the taxpayer money – plus a penalty fine of 25%. Or the CEO goes to prison.

        3) Health care – for God’s sake – let’s open up the competition and allow Americans to buy their prescription drugs from foreigners- including Medicare patients. Remember when GWB pushed through the Medicare Drug Program and Republicans voted AGAINST allowing Medicare to negotiate the drug prices?

        4) Health care insurance – get it untied from your job and have a basic health care plan for every American guaranteed through the government – much like Medicare is today.

        Then – if you want to buy the bells and whistles – then YOU pay for it.

        And for those sick people who truly cannot pay the entire cost for the health care – make churches use their tax-free money to pay for the health care of all those folks. Just make a list of all churches and assign them a sick person and attach a note with these words – WWJD – heal them for free!!!

        BTW – if churches refuse to use their tax-free money to actually help sick people – then slap a tax on their income and real estate. About time these leeches get off their FAKE Kristian butts and actually do something worthwhile.

        But – this is just me…