Sunday, 7/30/17, Public Square

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by | July 30, 2017 · 8:58 am

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  1. Rick Liebst

    LOL that was Hillary Clinton for me. Call it a hang over from the bad ole days. But as I have explained on my facebook. The choices were a socialist or a Hitler want to be? I had to go with the Socialist. I can not exactly say it is pleasing to be seeing his followers fall away. In many respects it is like they ave finally accepted the diagnosis of they have cancer. It now becomes to them what course do I take now? Fight this with all that is in me. Or to simply lay down and accept the future?

  2. Rick Liebst

    Another down fall for me it I guess my libertarian leanings seem to come out more then is wise for me. Diehard Ron Paul supporter, I am admitting that i enjoy trump shooting himself in the foot with the GOP. Bring egg on the faces of the religious right an’t so bad itself. This morning i was reading about another evangelist who is back pedaling and trying to say he never was a trump supporter since Donald is such a amoral man! He was hit by the tape! Then it was the classic , “ahh, well ahh…”.”.

  3. Here’s an idea I could support! I think it would solve problems!

    This voting reform solves 2 of America’s biggest political problems
    “Proportional” voting would reduce party polarization and the number of wasted votes.

    • Bob White

      Vox has changed; unfortunately. Keep it simple. No such thing as “wasted votes.” Let’s just try “democracy” at the national level with “national elections” replacing state involvment and their unfair, unblanced ‘electoral college.” The “Republic” is limited to those states; not our nation. Our nation is “democratic” where efvery vote counts. That simple.

      • One person – one vote. And a secret ballot should ALWAYS be the gold standard – not any of this Kobach demanding all kinds of voter information that he has NO right to knowing.

        When the secret ballot is gone – then there is no democracy – is there?

  4. BREAKING NEWS – the Mooch is out as WH Communication Director – just 10 days after getting the coveted beauty pageant crown.

    From the news reporting I’ve heard – it is said that John Kelly requested his removal due to Mooch’s boasting last week that he answers directly to the president.

    this same news reporting also said it is unclear if Mooch will be moved into another position at the WH.

    time will tell…..time will tell..

    The GOP three-ring circus is still in business…….

    • BTW – there was also news reports that Mooch’s wife filed for divorce last week – allegedly because of Mooch’s naked political ambition – and the fact that his wife (Wife #2) is not a Trump fan.

      Pass that popcorn …..

  5. Totally off topic (EVERY TOPIC), but I found it interesting. 😉

    Proportional Pie Chart of the World’s Most Spoken Languages

  6. Rick Liebst

    Every system of voting would have its pluses and pitfalls. A National vote would be, instead of the having to rig fifty states, you would just have to rig one election. The Neocons would have a field day!