Saturday, 7/22/17, Public Square



by | July 22, 2017 · 9:38 am

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  1. Rick Liebst

    Quite a thought considering you are are God-less socialist heathens ! Ok if this was posted on a trump site that is what the response would be. Me I guess I must be a Godless heathen too.

    • There is a BIG difference between true Christians and Church Goers – correct?

      Organized Religion is set of man-made rules to control people.

      Faith in God is Spiritual.

      NEVER confuse the two.

      And for God’s Sake – NEVER mix religion with politics. That is what is wrong with our politics – IMHO

  2. On a serious note – Trump looks like he is not having fun. He no longer waves to the cameras and claps for himself – unless he is the STAR at his own Trump Rally – which he has demanded – yet again – to soothe his massive ego.

    BTW – have you noticed how Trump seems to have put on weight? Not a good sign – IMHO

  3. Joyce, Rick’s wife, says this on Facebook: Rick is having a heart cath at 9 they plan on doing one or 2 stints this morning prayers are welcome thanks



    Proving – yet again – Republicans are very good at campaigning but LOUSY at governing.

    I wonder if Republicans have heard of the old saying – won the battle but lost the war?

  5. Rick Liebst

    Well its me, I am free now the bandage is off the wrist and I can drive again! It is only hurting when I bend it much. LOL I will be so glad if all this helps others that have the same condition. Believe me this being a lab rat is not seeming to be worth it!
    OMG it seems almost hourly now that Trump and his administration is shooting themselves in the foot. Even Fox news is starting to take issue with him.

    • Glad to see you’re back driving and feeling better. The Trump REality show is going as smoothly as I predicted.

      I suspect if Trump tries to fire Jeff Sessions – that is when a lot of Republicans will suddenly find their backbone and stand up to him. Sessions has been a Congressional Swamp Critter for many years before Trump crashed the GOP Party – and I suspect Sessions will be there long after Trump either voluntarily resigns or he is kicked to the curb.