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  1. Priorities are wrong – IMHO

    I wonder what all those Evangelical Christian Leaders talked about when they met with Trump in the Oval Office this past Monday and then they laid hands on him and prayed for/with him?

    Did these representatives of Jesus advocate for our tax dollars be used to help strengthen families, strengthen every American by making health care affordable and accessible?

    How about making it possible for Americans to get a living-wage job with health care insurance benefits – so Americans won’t need to depend on Medicaid or taxpayer-subsidized Health care?

    WWJD – probably throw up

    The Bible talks about false prophets in the end times. Is that what we saw in the Oval Office on Monday with their hero Trump?

    Or are they just a dime-a-dozen money changers that we have seen so many times before??

    The only time Jesus lost his temper was when he ran the money changers out of the Temple.

    Maybe it’s time for Jesus to return to Earth just to use his whip on those money changers – yet again?

  2. I had an argument with my mother yesterday. She is upset because the French President Macron invited Trump to visit and then went out of his way to treat Trump so nice – and even shook his hand so many times. My mother thinks the entire world should treat Trump like the red-headed bastard child at the family reunion.

    OK – my mother is 85 yrs old and is set in her ways – but I tried to explain to her that the French President is simply being politically smart. And if the entire world turned their back on Trump – then he would run to Communist Leader Putin even faster and start World War III

    Maybe I am seeing this in a different light – but I do think the French President acknowledges that Trump is way out of his league when he suddenly won the White House – and now Trump has to do the job as leader of the United States. Macron may be quite a bit younger – but I suspect Macron knows more about World and American History than Trump.

    And the United States is a major player in the world and we do have a rather large and powerful military. Which is nothing to sneeze at.

    I think Macron is following that old saying – keep your friends closer, but keep your enemies closer.

    Or – is Macron simply manipulating Trump to make France the ‘new leader on the block’ – and Trump is too naïve (?) or just plain D.U.M. to know he is being played like a $2 fiddle? Macron is positioning France to be the emerging new leader on the world stage?

    Or – is Macron simply feeling sorry for Trump and trying to throw him a lifeline to keep him in good standing in the NATO group?

    Or – maybe Macron is reading the writing on the wall of American Politics and he suspects Trump will not last very much longer as the leader of USA.

    Perhaps Macron is simply running out the clock and trying to put a good face while the Titanic Trump is slowly taking on more and more water?

    I found an article about this topic – and I’ll post it as a reply to this comment.

  3. Bob White

    “sicko govmt! want socialzm & Bern-knee ——


    Warning – this is quite lengthy to read. But it shows a view that I think is more common all around the country.

    And it’s not just about guns – it’s about how Americans view their own way of life.

    It’s the Us vs Them mentality – but it also shows how factual history is not always known – which is a big factor in why I think so many Trump voters got duped on Donald.

    Trump did tap into a huge group of Americans who are frustrated, tired, unemployed or under-employed and they are simply trying to put food on the table for their families to survive.

    I’ve said this many times before – the issues Trump raised on the campaign trail are problems we need to fix – sooner than later. Illegal immigration, jobs, health care and unfair trade deals.

    But I don’t see Trump as the person to deliver any change on those issues.

    Just the opposite – I see Trump as the poster boy for the Corporatization of America – which is my biggest issue of all.

    As for guns -during my childhood, every house had a gun. But we also had the brains the Good Lord gave us to know we did not strap it across our bodies and do the cock strut through our local grocery store.

    People had more common sense – common respect – and common dignity – back in those days.

    And yet what does Trump always promise? To make America Great Again – which implies – let’s go back to the good old days.

    OK – I’m all for that. Back to the days when doctors made house calls and did not live in gated communities.

    Back to the days when Preachers were not millionaires and churches were not these MEGA Churches with Mega Million-dollar budgets just to keep the damn place operating.

    I’m all for going back to the good old days – but how many of those Evangelical Christian Leaders who praise Trump and was there with their hero this past Monday be willing to NOT have their Mega Churches and all those tax-free millions?

    BTW – while growing up, I had friends who were Jewish and Catholics (I was raised Baptist – so even the Catholics were seen as ‘foreign’ to us) .

    But you know what? I never heard anyone being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Most people just kept their religious beliefs to themselves and everybody seemed to get along quite well.

    Perhaps those Evangelical Christian Trump supporters should look at their history of pushing THEIR particular view of Christianity down everyone’s throat – and their leader Jerry Falwell Sr teaming up with Reagan to use the power of the government to really push their particular view of Christianity through laws?

    That was a very big turning point in our deep political divide. Politics and Religions should NEVER mix.


    It appears Pope Francis and his allies are on the same page as I am in my opinion of these Evangelical Christians that are the worshippers of Donald Trump.

    Of course, I have seen a lot of Trump supporters demonize Pope Francis and call him a ‘fake’ Catholic.

    Now – I have my disagreements with the Catholic Church (just as I have my differences with all organized religion. But – this Pope Francis the first Pope I am willing to listen to – and agree with most of the time.

    Isn’t it ironic how this article calls out Steve Bannon as the top guy who is pushing for Americans to be ruled by the Bible – well, his version of the Bible.

    And this is why I have such dislike and distrust of organized religion.

    Every person has the right to their own religion – but they do NOT have the right to change our laws to make ME worship the same way as they do.

  6. How the Rich Gain and the Poor Lose Under
    the Senate Republican Health Care Plan

    A family making more than $200,000 a year would gain $5,420 on average by 2026, while a family making less than $10,000 a year would lose $2,550 if the Senate Republican health care bill becomes law, according to a new analysis.

    See graph here —

    The analysis, from the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center and the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, looked at the combined impact of changes proposed under the draft Republican plan, including repealing Obamacare taxes, cutting Medicaid funding and changing the system of government subsidies for people who buy their own insurance.

    Taxes would decrease for families earning $50,000 or more a year in 2026, when the law’s provisions would be in full effect. Families with incomes above $1 million a year would pay about $50,000 less in taxes.

    The cuts to Medicaid would hit the poorest families hard. Even though some would be able to take advantage of new subsidies to buy health insurance, the researchers found that, on average, their benefits would decline substantially. Those making less than $30,000 a year would take three-quarters of the total losses.

    More than 80 percent of the tax cuts would go to families with incomes above $200,000 a year, and more than 58 percent would go to those making more than $1 million a year.

    The Republican plan eliminates taxes that Obamacare imposed mostly on the rich, including taxes on investment income and wages above $200,000. (The money from cuts to other Obamacare taxes, including ones on medical devices, prescription drugs and indoor tanning, would go to the population more broadly.)

    Senate leaders have said their bill may be revised in the coming days, and have said a vote may take place next week.

    • Did I miss the day any Republican proposed to create high-paying American jobs that provide health care insurance as a benefit?

      Did I miss the day when any Republican proposed to allow Americans to legally buy prescription drugs from foreign countries and have them be covered by their health insurance coverage? I suspect Canadians would love to make money off of Americans.

      Oh – and why not really think outside of the box and allow foreign health insurance companies to set up shop inside America’s borders – much like the grocery chain Aldi?

      Aldi is a German corporation who has announced plans they are on track to become the third largest grocery store in America.

      Wow – imagine that – to really have competition in the health care business.

      And why wouldn’t this be possible? Trump bragged that he got a great deal with China trade and one of those concessions from that deal was that China could set up their own Chinese banks inside America’s borders.

      If Chinese banks can come inside America and do business – why not health care providers?

      BTW – Republicans have not said much about going after fraud within the current health care system – or the ever-increasing prices for health care.


    Wow – nice to know we have such a Bigly and Awesome President that knows how to be the King Twit on the Twitter

    I listened to that Caputo – the former Trump Advisor – on the show ‘Face the Nation’ this morning.

    He was sitting there and complaining because he being called a traitor (he claimed) and that he served in the US Army (I think?) in the Infantry. He went on to say that anybody who serves in the military for their country should never be called a traitor – or to get death threats.

    Further – he said that people need to dial down the rhetoric before people get hurt.

    WTH…….why not tell Trump to dial down his fake and hate-filled rhetoric?

    BTW – read this article and Caputo lived in Russia during the 1990’s and has worked for some Russian company trying to improve Putin’s public image here in America.

    Oh come on……is there anybody from the Trump Gang that does not have a damn tie to the Russians?

    Another person on the Face the Nation panel made this comment about Trump’s supporters.

    He said there is this movement on the Right where Russia is now portrayed as a Christin nation who is working hard to rid the world of Radical Islamists?

    Hmmm…….now that sounds familiar – doesn’t it? How many times has Trump used that argument as to why the US needs to partner with Russia? To rid the world of those evil Muslims?

    OH – and that guy also said that Russia is run by a totalitarian dictator – but that fact seems to escape the ones on the Right – which are Trump’s core supporters.

    WOW – it all comes back to these Evangelical Kristians that ran to endorse Trump – and then bragged about their laying on hands and praying with their hero this past MOnday – doesn’t it?

    Let’s think for a moment – why would any Christian want to partner with a known Atheist foreign country – to start their much-desired Holy War?

    This is yet another reason why Religion and Politics should NEVER mix.


    Think I might check this website out…….imagine, a Democratic and free trade store….

    We’ll have to watch this one…or has anyone seen this before now?


    Caitlyn Jenner – aka Bruce Jenner – – Senator

    Any thoughts, comments or predictions?



    One lesson to learn from current GOP three ring circus – governing takes more than just being known as only the opposition to party in power.

    Personally – I believe anytime all three branches of our government is in one party’s total control – it is bad for governing.

    Perhaps this is the wisest thing our Founding Fathers did ? To set up a checks and balance structured form of government?



    6176 – isn’t this what you’ve been saying for a long time? When Trump promises to bring back all those manufacturing jobs – why would corporations want to pay people when they can just use robots?

    Robots are the perfect employee –

    never takes a lunch
    never takes a break
    never takes sick leave
    never takes a vacation
    and ….never talks back to the boss

    Oh- and there is only one actual physical person needed – the guy with the oil can and the IT knowledge to keep those robots working 24/7.

    Isn’t this basically what Hillary Clinton told those coal miners in West Virginia and Kentucky – that their jobs was not coming back in any real way and they needed to be retrained?

    BTW – just take a look at the marketing advertisements for all these new tech gadgets like Alexa (Dish TV is currently running an ad) .

    This is the device that sits on a table in your home and you just tell it what you want and POOF – like magic – it gets done.

    In the DISH TV advertisement – a family is sitting down on the couch and tells this device what genre of movie they want to watch and POOF – there it is – without having to be bothered with menial labor – such as getting off your fat butt and turning on the t.v. or changing the channel.

    I remember my childhood – we did not have the t.v. remote control – let alone just being able to sit down and just bark out a command – and have it done.

    WOW – is this really what our world needs?

    Americans are already obese (some morbidly) and not in the best of health. It appears Americans are also into believing reality t.v. is the ‘real’ facts.

    Are humans just destined to become extinct because we are too smart to create this Artificial Intelligence – but dumb enough to think we can control it?

    • There is something to say about the healthy effects of work on people. It gives people a sense of purpose – a feeling of satisfaction with a job well done and the overall self-dignity and self pride that comes with the knowledge we are contributing to our society.

      Or is this just an old-fashioned idea?

    • Yes, this is what I’ve been saying for a while. It only makes sense, and might well be the single largest consequence of the “Living Wage” campaign. Note that as robots become more efficient, they likely will become more economical to purchase and operate. Further, don’t forget that $15 per hour costs the employer a minimum of $16.15/hour, when the employer’s share of FICA is considered. This makes automating production even more attractive, becoming even more attractive when the costs of any fringe benefits are included.

      An aside. Radiologists may be among the first professionals to be replaced by machines. Computers analyze X-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, and PET Scans better (more accurately) than humans, not to mention more quickly and economically than human doctors. Expert systems will likely replace many attorneys, accountants, engineers, e.g., in the near future for many of the same reasons. My cardiologist and I had a wonderful discussion about this very thing three weeks ago.


    Since Trump and his Evangelical Christians are so much for religious freedom – what do you think Trump and Gang will say about this group of nuns?

    But, then again, this group of nuns did read Pope Francis’ words – and Pope Francis has made his feelings known about Trump’s actions and words.

    Interesting case to watch??

  13. Rick Liebst

    I generally come here from facebook for some sanity. I find it thoughtful here so what the hell is wrong with me? LOL I can express my opinion and not be called names. honest differences are accepted, i wish I could access it on my cell phone. Anyway, I have to admit some enjoyment at watching trump implode. He is taking the Neocons with him, since they are defending him and showing their true colors doing it. Also it is slitting the GOP into the factions. More Republicans are suddenly realizing they are facing the death of the party if they do not stand against trump. We have been so fracture since Reagan. Now finding more in common with those who have a liberal leaning. It is simple common sense I keep having to refer back to. Well I am not really looking forward to more of the rotor -rooting. It will mean having to deal with the more trouble walking since they go through the artie in the leg.

    • Because SCOTUS said so. Sorry, I don’t recall the cite.

      Here’s how an asset forfeiture works, in general. The law enforcement agency files an action for forfeiture against the asset. The caption of such a case might read State of Kansas vs. Twenty Thousand Dollars of United States Currency. The person(s) from whom the property was taken are also named as a party, alleging that s/he (they) might claim an interest in the subject property. These defendants then must: a) retain counsel at their own expense (remember, this is a civil action, no Constitutional right to counsel) while a prisoner awaiting trial (normally, cannot afford bail, because all their money is in custodia legis due to the underlying criminal action; b) demonstrate that they are lawful owners of the property (Fifth Amendment problem, often); c) said property is not the proceeds of the alleged crime or acquired with the proceeds of the alleged crime (an affirmative defense, shifting the burden of proof from the State to the defendants); and d) show that they are entitled to return of the property over any claims of anyone else (often difficult, as many such folks have secured obligations in arrears, such as car loans. the lenders having a general security interest in nonexempt assets of the defendant debtor). Oh, these forfeiture actions often go to trial well before the underlying criminal action.

      There’s more I could add, but I’m sure it’s clear how unfair these actions are. That said, most folks don’t contest because they are guilty of the underlying crime, an important fact to remember.


    I wonder if Republicans see the irony that their GOP health care bill (2nd attempt) vote had to be delayed due to one of their fellow Republicans’ unexpected health care treatment?

    Lady Karma must have her ass-kicking boots on – yet again?



    Republicans are very good at campaigning but LOUSY at governing.

    Surprised to see Jerry Moran must have found his backbone. Maybe he had his doctor’s help?

    And McCain’s statement – to work on a bipartisan bill ?

    WOW – I bet Mitch is so mad

    Excuse me – but isn’t Congress the place where both parties can propose bills and then BOTH parties work together – you know, compromise – for the common good of all Americans?

    Compromise is a dirty word to Republicans – especially those Tea Party/Evangelical Kompassionate Kristian Konservatives



    Trump is having a very bad first 6 months in office

    Why doesn’t Trump change this Voter Commission to a Check Illegal Commission – and go around to all these corporations who are knowingly hiring these illegals?

    Oh, wait a minute – that would make Trump having to go after his own Wealthy White Corporate Buddies.

    As Rosannadanna used to say…..never mind

    • Correction:

      Roseanna Roseannadanna

      Gilda Radner – bless her heart. She was such a great talent.

      I wonder what she would have thought of Trump actually getting into the White House. I can imagine Gilda playing the role of Kellyanne Conway – what do you think?