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  1. From Axios:

    “One of the casualties of the first six months of the Trump presidency is a common understanding of what is normal in our politics. It’s easy to grow numb to abnormal actions, words and tactics. But even our readers who love or feel loyalty to Trump need to remember:

    It’s not normal for the presumptive nominee’s son to take a meeting with a Russian lawyer who claims she has dirt compiled by Russian governmental forces who want to see your guy win.

    It’s not normal for the President to sign off on a public cover-up of that meeting when confronted with the facts.

    It’s not normal for the President to hold a Cabinet meeting that consists of his staff gushing over him.

    It’s not normal for the President to undermine his West Wing staff by continually asking friends and visitors for their opinions on various replacement options.

    It’s not normal for the President to make a deal with his Russian counterpart for an “impenetrable Cyber Security unit,” let his Treasury Secretary out on a Sunday show to enthusiastically defend the idea, then pull the plug that night after ridicule from fellow Republicans.

    It’s not normal for the President to interrupt his day to watch the press briefing on TV, and critiquing the answers à la “SportsCenter.”

    It’s not normal for the President to obsess about cable-news coverage of himself, and instantly react to stories before checking the specifics.

    It’s not normal for the President to irritate and offend key allies by failing to re-articulate the country’s devotion to their alliance, only to offer the reassurance weeks later, after the damage is done.

    It’s not normal for the President to publicly criticize the mayor of London on the basis of flawed facts, right after a terror attack that killed seven.

    It’s not normal for the President to attack TV news hosts by name, including a personal attack on a woman’s intellect and appearance.

    Be smart: It’s just not normal.

    Why it matters: We’re getting inured to the daily whirlwind. Each day’s jaw drop or outrage seems to be topped by tomorrow’s. Keep your head, even if all about you are losing theirs.”


    Interesting reading – seems this female Russian lawyer had been turned down for a visa to enter the US – but yet was given special permission for the stated purpose to help her Russian client in an active court case here in the USA.

    But yet this Russian apparently had the capability to hobnob in Washington DC?

    Oh – and to meet with Donald Trump Jr in June 2016 with the promise of giving Trump Jr all that dirt on HIllary Clinton.

    What was it that Trump Jr said – if it is what you say, I love it (or something to that effect)

    But to see Trump and his supporters dismiss all of this as – just politics as usual – it makes me ask the burning question –

    I thought Daddy Trump’s entire message to the American People is that he is not a politician and that he was going to drain the swamp of all those corrupt politicians,.

    And yet what is Donald Trump SR doing since all this revelation of his son’s – and son-in-law’s – meeting with this Russian lawyer with the promised dirt on Hillary? nothing to see here – move on.

    Yeah – that swamp is not drained and, in fact, it’s been filled even more with Russian Communists that apparently get into the highest places in Washington DC.


    Read this article – pay close attention to the last paragraph about President Obama.

    These Evangelical Leaders are the reason we have TRump in the White House today – IMHO (which this article says 81% of White Evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016)

    But it’s that last part of the last sentence – these Evangelicals saw Obama as NOT one of their boys – not a ‘real’ Christian – not someone with a ‘real’ faith.

    There it is – still today – that these White Evangelical Leaders are still pushing that known Birtherism LIe that they spread for 8 years?

    Excuse me – but the Ten Commandments include one that talks about Not telling lies – doesn’t it?

    Oh – just call me silly. I forgot – if White Evangelical Leaders spew all their crappola – I am supposed to just believe it and not question it – is that the deal??



    Bless this man’s good heart – President Jimmy Carter may not have been the most effective president, but he was certainly the most honest and sincere president we have ever elected.

    My husband and I were married on December 23, 1976 – so I remember Jimmy Carter’s election and inauguration like it happened yesterday.

    I also remember four years later when Reagan teamed up with Jerry Falwell SR (a White Evangelical MEGA Church preacher boy) and they intentionally set out to smear the good name of President Jimmy Carter.

    Hmm……history repeated itself when Jerry Falwell JR teamed up with Donald Trump to win the White House via the Electoral College route. Which means – Trump lost the Popular Vote by 2.9 million.

    But yet – as we see from the picture I posted above – how many White Evangelical Mega Church Preachers were bragging about praying with and for Trump?

    I’ve often wondered how the country would be different if history had taken a different path .

    For example:

    What if John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated?

    What if Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy not been assassinated?

    Nixon would have been a president that did not delve into depths of paranoia?

    What if Reagan had not made the choice to sell those war arms to Iran through the Iran Contra Scandal?

    What if Donald Trump had not thought getting dirt on Hillary from the Communist Russians was simply ‘opposition research’?

    Come on folks – when was the last time you thought meeting with Communists was a good thing???

    Especially when you claim to be such God-fearing and morally superior Evangelical Christians? Communists are known to be ATHEIST – for God’s Sake.

  5. Bob White

    Today’s Post tells/shows it all. None of them were “elected.”

  6. Rick Liebst

    Ok you all are just to tame , lol I come here from facebook where I am a lowlife , no good druggie/ Commie/ Socialist , pinko traitor.