Tuesday, 7/11/17, Public Square

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by | July 11, 2017 · 1:52 pm

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  1. Rick Liebst

    Can you imagine what it was like to be standing there watching as the World trade center collapsed? I am kind of feeling like we are seeing the collapse of the trump administration. One can only hope, but again there is the concern that a number of people are going to be feeling drug down with him. Made fools of and having bet on a horse that was lame and trapped in the starting gate.

    Kansas may be not that far behind, since the Neocons seem to have quite a bit of influence here.

    • I am old enough to remember what Nixon and Gang put this country through – and when Trumpublicans keep doing their cock strutting dance yapping about how there is no evidence after 6 months, I just have to shake my head in disbelief.

      Watergate took about two years (IIRC) to come to the point where legal action could be taken and then Nixon did the best thing for him – which was to resign and then President Ford pardoned him.

      But I often wonder – what if President Ford had not pardoned Nixon and just let the chips fall where they landed?

      I suspect Ford knew – and rightfully so – that any hopes of him winning the White House after he pardoned Nixon flew right out the window that Ford was watching from when Nixon flew off to his comfortable and safe home in California.

      Ford paid the political price for Nixon’s Watergate fiasco.

      But I don’t expect Trump to resign – but he might pull a Palin yet. You remember Gov Palin? She quit halfway through her governor job after losing the 2008 vice presidential campaign – and she quit her Governor job due to her being so persecuted by that mean media .

      Yeah – then Palin went on to bigger paying media jobs – and never once looked back . The MONEY was better out of public service to Alaskans.

      I suspect Trump never really wanted to win the White House – he is much better suited to simply using his name brand to make even more money off the sheeple – and manipulating the media to do so.

      It’s not much fun having to be in the White House making all those decisions when Trump could have been (and probably wanted to be?) on the sidelines throwing out his personal insults and spreading his political discourse to ruin a President Hillary Clinton.

      Maybe Trump will prove me wrong and he and his entire Trump Team are as pure as the white virgin snow.

      But – one thing for certain – Republiicans have total control of Washington and their hands are so tied they cannot even pass one piece of legislation.

      And that is just fine with me. On some level – that fact alone gives me hope for the future that our country is structured to weather any and all storms – of political misdeeds.

      • If I allowed myself to go into conspiracy theory land – one might wonder if Trump was really a Democrat plant to blow up the Republican Party – once and for all?

        Seriously – Republicans took their party to the lowest level of the political cesspool during the Obama years. These are the folks that actually bragged their #1 job was to make their President fail.

        And then they gleefully spread their Birtherism Lie in their feeble attempt to bring down the black man in the White House.

        That takes a certain breed of a so-called American – doesn’t it? Imagine – to hate one man more than you love your country.

      • Rick Liebst

        Yes, in a real sense it would have served two purposes. one being that it would have stressed that even the President is not above the law. The second being that in politics you are always being watched and nothing is ever a real secret.

  2. Has the entire world gone nuts – or is it just the United States?

  3. Rick Liebst

    I can foresee another war, those work so well to get the attention off the politics. Plus trump is so wanting to be a war time president. The neocons just do not feel like real men unless they are having someone else killed.

    • Sadly, I agree with you. Trump seems to have wanted to go to war even more than George W. Bush was pushed into his Iraq War via Dick Cheney.

      But – the question remains – will Americans united behind Trump to volunteer to go to his chosen war – I assume the North Korean nutjob will be the first target.

      With 9/11 fresh in the minds of Americans – GWB had a relatively easy time to get Americans to unite (at least for a brief moment) and be willing to sign up to go fight the dirty Muslims that killed our Americans.

      And I am not saying ALL of the country was united behind GWB – but right after 9/11 – GWB was given the benefit of the doubt by a larger majority than Trump currently has united behind him.

      Trump is the poster child of that old story about the boy that cried wolf. Trump has told so many damn lies that very few people (outside of his devoted hard core base) will even look up when he barks out something or even tweets.

      This is not a good situation -IMHO

      • And to think – Trump has only been in office for six months.

        Count them – SIX months.

        God – it feels like 6 years. Trump’s incessant whining, tweeting and intentionally hurling out personal insults and baseless accusations wear me out.

        But – I’ve never cared for the chaotic world that defines what a Teenage Girl Drama Queen’s life is really like – until she finally grows up.

        But DAMN – Trump is 71-yrs-old. It is way past time for this man child to grow up.